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Shutters For Windows & Doors: 13 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Buy

Shutters for windows

Looking for new window coverings? Considering buying shutters for windows or doors? Deciding whether to install shutters on your property is a big decision. You need to know the essential details to make the best choice for your home.

Not sure where to start with shutters?

As the experts on shutters and blinds, we’ve put together all of the questions you should ask before you purchase.

What Are Shutters? 

Let’s take it back to basics. Interior window shutters are window coverings that offer insulation, light control and easy maintenance without curtains or blinds. They consist of one or more panels with adjustable horizontal slats (louvres) set inside a frame. They provide shade and insulation to your room. The slats can be adjusted to reduce or increase the level of sun cover you desire. 

Shutters for windows can add value to your home because of their sturdy and reliable structure and complement most decor and design styles. 

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Types Of Shutters Explained 

If you’re not sure what your options are, these are the styles we have to offer at The Scottish Shutter Company. 

Full height shutters – cover the full height of your window with a symmetrical and streamlined effect. 

Cafe style shutters – these include an unshuttered section at the top of your window to maximise light while still providing privacy.

Bay window shutters – designed and fitted perfectly to your bay window using sectioned shutters.

Bi-fold shutters – include tracks which allow you to fold the shutters aside, bringing more diversity to your space.

Tier-on-tier shutters – top and bottom panels give you flexibility while letting you make the most of the natural path of the sunlight.

Wardrobe shutters – are specially designed to provide either solid panels or fixed louvres to your wardrobe or dressing room.

French door shutters are made to your design. These shutters fit seamlessly onto your glazed door, including specially designed cutouts for handles or locks.

Solid panel shutters – a traditional shutter design crafted from solid hardwood. They may be concertinaed to the sides to adjust the shading.

Made-to-measure – our shutter experts can create a customised solution for your unusually shaped windows.

Conservatory shutters – are available in various styles and also benefit from an additional UV protective layer.

Skylight shutters – offer practical coverings for your skylights, cooling your room and protecting furnishings from sun damage.

Why Choose Shutters For Windows?

Shutters provide more than just sun protection. Bespoke shutters can fit almost any size or shape of window while still looking tidy and picture-perfect. Making them the ideal choice for awkward shaped or sized windows or gable ends. 

When it comes to insulation and light control, shutters offer excellent protection and flexibility, allowing you to decide how much heat and light to let into your home. 

Shutters are a popular choice just for aesthetics too. Modern looking, with a wide range of styles and colours available, shutters offer a luxury look and high-quality feel to any interior design. 

Compared to blinds or curtains, shutters are easier to maintain and offer a more permanent solution. They are built to last even through heavy use, meaning you will enjoy your shutter investment for years to come.

Shutters for windows

Which Shutters Are The Best? 

This is a difficult question because the answer is down to your personal preference. There’s a vast range to choose from, and each shutter style is suited to different situations. For example, there are shutters for wardrobes, and small windows, for partial shading or complete privacy. Carefully consider what you want to get from your shutters before choosing.

Generally speaking, the full-height shutter option is our most popular because of its style versatility and beautiful, clean aesthetic. Still, the right shutters for you will really come down to your windows, your needs and your preferences. 

Part of what we do here at the Scottish Shutter Company is to help you to craft the perfect shutter solution for your home. We’ll visit you, take meticulous measurements and provide you with a custom design that’s everything you ever dreamed of for your home.

Shutters for windows

Will Shutters Reduce Noise?

Road noise, children playing in gardens, and barking dogs can be frustrating. Shutters can help soften the impact that exterior noise has on your home. 

While shutters won’t entirely stop all noise coming in, if you choose styles such as solid-panel or full-height shutters, you will undoubtedly notice a reduction in outside noise when your shutters are closed. Shutters are not built to be soundproof, but they help create a more peaceful environment inside your house.

If noise reduction is a big issue for you, talk to our shutter specialists about the material options for your made-to-measure shutters.

Will Shutters Go Out Of Fashion?

Shutters offer a timeless effect. Unlike many curtain designs, shutters are a classic style that’s been around for many centuries. Functional window and door coverings are an essential aspect of home styling. Luxury shutters are one of the most beautiful ways to bring shade and privacy to your home. 

When purchasing your shutters, make sure you’ve considered all of our style options and pick the one that will complement the design of the rest of your property. 

Who Installs Shutters For Windows? 

For a high-quality result, you need luxury, made to measure shutters professionally fitted. While some people choose to DIY their shutter fitting, this is often a big mistake. Even a single millimetre out on the fitting can significantly impact the functionality of your shutters. They may hang awkwardly or not quite open and close as they should. 

Only our shutter and blind experts install our shutters in your home. This is because shutters are a permanent fixture. Our shutter experts know precisely how to fit your shutter securely while taking great care of your home.

If you plan to install your own shutters, beware of causing unnecessary damage to your windows, walls or doors.

Shutters for windowsWhy Plantation Shutters Are So Popular 

Plantation shutters set the standard for shutter flexibility. They offer privacy for townhouses and road-facing windows and a range of shading depending on slat size and how you adjust your panels. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Better insulation 
  • Flexible light control 
  • Sound reduction 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Great for allergy sufferers
  • Pet and child safe 
  • Timeless and classic design


Can Shutters Be Fitted To Any Window? 

Our shutters can be fitted to almost any window shape or size, even the awkward ones! This is especially true if you choose our made-to-measure option, ensuring you get a bespoke fit for an individual look.

In fact, at The Scottish Shutter Company, we love a good challenge! We’ve created made to measure solutions for some really tricky windows, and doors – from floor to ceiling glass to gable ends and strangely shaped windows. Struggling to find shutters for your awkward windows? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.

Are Shutters For Windows Blackout? 

Shutters generally do not provide total blackout shading. Because of how shutters are constructed, using horizontal slats or folding sections, some light ingress may likely be visible. 

However, styles like the solid panel shutter can give you intense shading on even the sunniest day. They give good light control, but they allow you to be in charge of how much light comes into your home. 

If blackout is something you really need, consider our room darkening shutter option instead. Learn more about room darkening shutters here… 

Shutters for windows

Are Shutters Better Than Blinds? 

Shutters and blinds have different benefits and, because of that, are better suited to different situations. For example, if you want to have a greater variety of fabric choices with the option to change your room decor quickly, then blinds may be the better choice. 

Shutters also have a variety of styles and finishes to choose from but are a more permanent addition to your decor. If you want a cornerstone of your interior design, shutters make a stylish and reliable choice.

Are Shutters For Windows Expensive? 

Shutters are a permanent fixture in your home and require careful tailoring and fitting, making them the more expensive option out of shutters or blinds. However, while they’re the higher cost option, they are built to be durable and will add value to your property. 

Like many home improvement additions, shutters for windows should be considered a long term investment in your home. 

How Much Do Shutters Cost?

Luxury shutters for windows are designed with long-lasting quality in mind. For that reason, you can expect to receive the calibre of product that you pay for. If you’re curious how much it would cost to add shutters to your windows or doors, you can request a quote here. 

As a rough guide, luxury shutters for a window approximately 850mm wide x 1900mm tall would cost between £460 and £890 depending upon the timber selected. Learn more about how much shutters cost here… 

Are Shutters Good For Insulation?

Shutters for windows give you a layer of sturdy insulation against sound, UV rays and high or low temperatures. Because of the structure of shutters, they will never be impenetrable, but they are highly effective at keeping heat out of rooms that would otherwise catch the sun. And likewise, when closed, they can keep warmth inside a room for longer.

With heating bills soaring, shutters can offer an excellent way to help prevent heat loss and reduce the cost of heating your home. 

Where are Your Shutters Made?

All the major shutter retailers in the UK have their real-wood plantation shutters made in China by leading company, NienMade. In fact, NienMade supply all the leading UK wood shutter suppliers – John Lewis, Clement Browne, Hillarys, Edinburgh Shutter Company, Acorn Shutters, S-Craft, Shuttercraft…

And of course, us here at The Scottish Shutter Company. 

But we’re a little bit different. 

We design all our shutters for windows here in Scotland for NienMade to then manufacture them. We are meticulous when it comes to design detail and measurements and we don’t just send the measurements to the manufacturer, we send detailed drawings. We don’t want our factory making decisions – that’s our job. So, your shutters will fit perfectly.

Learn more about where our shutters are made here… 

Ready To Take The Next Step? 

With all of these questions answered, you should now be in a strong position to decide whether shutters will be the right solution for your space. If you’d like to visit our showroom or talk to one of our shutter experts, you can arrange an appointment here.

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