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Introducing Room Darkening Shutters 😴

Shutter & Shade Room Blind from The Scottish Shutter Company

Shutter & Shade: Room Darkening Shutters

Shutters are great for helping to darken a room, but what if you want it darker?

Is Your Bedroom Too Bright?

Room Darkening ShuttersIf you need to sleep during daylight hours, particularly in the summer, then you’ll know how annoying light can be. Even if you have dim-out blinds on your windows. The light from outside leaks around the side and over the top.

Ideal for Shift Workers and Kids Rooms…

Our  Shutter & Shade range is also great for shift workers and a real boon in children’s bedrooms.

…Or Just When You Fancy a Lie-In or Watch TV without the Annoying Reflections.

As Spring turns into summer, your bedrooms get lighter much earlier in the morning and stay that way late into the evening.

An east-facing bedroom on a sunny Sunday morning can be a challenge if you’re planning to lie in until lunchtime.

Room Darkening Shutters

Room Darkening Shutter & Shade in a Bedroom from the Scottish Shutter Company

Window shutters are much better at darkening a room compared to blinds. However, if you need it darker, then our Shutter & Shade solution will work wonders.

Shutter & Shade

is an innovative shutter system with an integrated dim-out blind sitting right behind the shutter panels. When the shutter louvres are closed, and the blind is brought down, even the little shafts of light that peek through shutter louvres will disappear. Making for a very dark room indeed.

Not only does the blind block light from passing through the tiny gaps in the shutter louvres.

…With Insulation Thrown In

It also acts as an additional insulator to keep your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

…And It’s Colourful

The blind part of Shutter & Shade comes in twenty Shutter & Shade Blind Colours from The Scottish Shutter Companydifferent colours. It is a lightweight cellular fabric. And don’t worry if you decide to go for a bold colour. All your neighbours will see in the back of the blind which is in a nice boring neutral.


Shutter and Shade is available on our Antigua, Fiji and Sumatra shutter ranges.

Great for Home Cinemas & Annoying Street Lights

We’ve fitted Shutter & Shade in home cinemas – to make the viewing experience much more authentic and cinema-like as well as for some clients for whom the annoying glare of a streetlight is enough to keep them off their sleep.

Measured, Designed and Fitted by Us for You

All our Shutter & Shade systems are measured, designed and made to suit your windows.

Shutter & Shade

If light pollution keeps you awake at night or you need to sleep during the day, you can rest easy. The shutter frame overlaps the blind, creating an exceptionally tight seal.  You can bring down the blind, close the louvres on the shutter panels and drift off to sleep.

Shutters With Integrated Room Darkening Blind from the Scottish Shutter Company

Shutter & Shade will give you a stylish interior with the practicality of a room-darkening product – the best of both worlds.

You can see Shutter & Shade in operation at our Edinburgh showroom at 67 Ratcliffe Terrace.

Our showrooms are open by scheduled appointment only. You’ll get the complete and undivided attention of one of our shading experts for the duration of your appointment.

Shutter & Shade Video

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