Silhouette blinds


silhouette blinds

What’s wrong with a roller blind? One of the challenges with conventional translucent or dimout roller blind is when they are down, they are down. So how about a roller blind that lets you see the outside world? Even when the blind is down.

But also one which allows you to control privacy and glare? Well, that precisely what the Silhouette blind from Luxaflex does.

A Silhouette shade will take harsh sunlight and transform it into soft, beautiful natural light in your room. Those soft 75mm vanes will diffuse and spread the incoming light evenly filtering out brightness, glare and UV rays.

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Our unique Silhouette® Screen fabric range can soften the intensity of the suns rays, cutting thermal heat by 25% and with the vanes closed cut 99% of UV rays, protecting furniture, floors and art.

The elegant bottom bar ensures our 75mm vanes hang crisply, enhancing the clean precise lines of Silhouette’s design.

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winning finish

Shimmering metallics, intricate threads and diaphanous sheers, our expanded fabric range offers limitless design options.

On trend colours from charcoal grey and pretty pastels complement our range of neutral classics.