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Judith D'Ambrosio

Daughter Judith drives the business forward.

Judith will usually be the person you speak with and hear from regarding giving you pricing information.

She will work with you to ensure you get the products and services you require.

Judith also has the unenviable task of managing our diaries and scheduling your appointments.

Judith successfully divides her time between running the business and looking after David and the kids.

Don’t be too surprised to get an email from her late in the evening when the rest of the family has gone to bed.

David Browne - Director & Co-Founder of The Scottish Shutter Company and a Luxaflex Window Shading Expert
David Browne

David (along with his wife June) set up this fantastic family business over three decades ago.

Today’s business is quite different from the small company it was all those years ago. But underpinning it are the same business ethics and service that the business was built upon.

As well as making sure all the background systems function efficiently, David is also Project Director. He works closely with Architects and Developers to help plan shading systems for new homes.

David is an engineer with a background in computer-aided design (CAD).

So it’s no surprise that your unusually shaped shutters will be subject to David’s CAD skills.

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June Browne

June founded the Company, along with her husband David, in 1987. This was The Fabric Shop in Dundee’s Perth Road. The Fabric Shop became known as “Dundee’s Curtain Shop”. The blinds and shutters came later.

The incredible demand for shutters and blinds meant that the curtain side of the business has been discontinued.

June has now retired from the day-to-day activities of the business.

She now devotes her time to her family. That’s grandchildren Chloe & Olivia, her two Tibetan Terriers, Lottie and D’Arcy, and of course, husband David.

They’ve been married for over fifty years.

David D'Ambrosio - Technical Director at The Scottish Shutter Company
David D'Ambrosio

David is Judith’s husband and, along with Judith, is driving the business forwards in leaps and bounds.

David is the guy who will visit you to measure and design your shutters and blinds.

David is also one of the UK’s leading experts in window blind automation.

He sits on the management committee of our national association – The British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) and is the current Vice President.

He is also the association’s go-to person for all things shutters.

When he’s not working, he’s very passionate about rugby and cars and is enjoying golf again. Mainly down to having moved into their new home, which shares a boundary fence with the 18th fairway of the local golf club.