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Shading Triangular Gable Windows

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The Challenge

Shading gable or triangular windows can pose significant challenges in the UK. They are prone to solar heat gain, glare, privacy concerns, and ultraviolet (UV) bleaching. These unique architectural features add aesthetic appeal to modern homes but require careful consideration when mitigating the harmful effects of excessive sunlight. Here, we will explore the challenges associated with shading such windows in the UK and discuss potential solutions to address solar heat gain, glare, privacy, and UV bleaching.

Triangular Window Blinds – read on…

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Getting Too Hot

Solar Heat Gain

Gable and triangular windows are susceptible to increased solar heat gain due to their large surface areas and angled orientations. In the UK, where summers bring intense sunlight, this can lead to uncomfortably warm interiors and increased cooling demands. Various shading techniques can be employed to combat this, including external shading devices such as louvres or overhangs and interior solutions like blinds.


Gable and triangular windows often create intense glare, especially when the sun is at lower angles. This can cause discomfort, hinder visibility, and affect activities like computer work or watching television. One effective solution is using adjustable shading systems, such as blinds or shades, that allow occupants to control the amount of incoming light. These shading devices should be carefully positioned and adjusted to minimize glare while allowing sufficient natural light penetration.

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Maintaining privacy is another challenge associated with gable and triangular windows. Their unique shape can make it difficult to install conventional window treatments. Traditional curtains or blinds may not fit properly or obstruct the window’s distinctive design. Privacy films or frosted glass can offer an effective solution by obscuring the view from outside while still allowing light to filter through. These films can be applied directly to the window or incorporated into double-glazed units for enhanced privacy.

Ultraviolet (UV) Bleaching

The UV radiation that enters gable and triangular windows can cause fading and bleaching of interior furnishings, including carpets, furniture, and artwork. To protect against UV damage, homeowners can consider using UV-blocking window films or installing UV-protective coatings on the glass. Moreover, choosing materials and fabrics that are UV-resistant can help mitigate the effects of bleaching. Regularly rotating and relocating vulnerable items away from direct sunlight can minimize UV damage.

UV Bleaching
Triangular Window Blinds


Shading gable and triangular windows in the UK requires careful consideration of multiple factors, including solar heat gain, glare, privacy, and UV bleaching. Employing a combination of external shading devices, solar control glazing, adjustable interior shading systems, privacy films, and UV-protective measures can help address these challenges effectively. It is crucial to balance preserving the aesthetic appeal of these unique windows and ensuring occupant comfort and protection. By implementing appropriate shading strategies, homeowners and building occupants can enjoy the benefits of natural light while minimizing the adverse effects of excessive sunlight in the UK. Here are some of the triangular and gable shading solutions we provide here at The Scottish Shutter Company

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are an excellent option for shading gable and triangular windows. These shades feature a unique cellular structure that traps air within the cells, providing insulation and helping to regulate heat transfer. Cellular shades come in various designs, including those tailored explicitly for shaped windows. They can be custom-made to fit the precise dimensions of a gable or triangular windows, ensuring maximum coverage and effective shading.

Sona Motorised Cellular Translucent Gable Blinds
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Internal Wooden Window Shutters

Internal wooden window shutters provide an elegant, timeless shading solution for gable and triangular windows. These shutters consist of hinged panels that can be opened or closed to control light and privacy. Wooden shutters can be customized to fit the unique shape of gable or triangular windows, enhancing their visual appeal. They offer excellent light regulation and insulation properties while adding a touch of sophistication to the interior décor.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a versatile shading solution that can be adapted to fit gable and triangular windows. They have vertical slats that can be rotated to control light and privacy levels. Vertical blinds are available in various materials, including fabric, vinyl, or aluminium, offering different degrees of light filtration. They can be customized to fit the shape and size of gable or triangular windows, making them a flexible option for shading these unique architectural features.

Vertical Blinds on a Shaped Gable Window
Metal Venetian Blinds on a Shaped Gable Window

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic choice for window shading and can also be adapted to fit gable and triangular windows. These blinds consist of horizontal slats that can be tilted to adjust the amount of light and privacy. Venetian blinds are available in various materials, such as wood, aluminium, or faux wood, offering different aesthetic and functional options. They can be customized to fit the angled shape of gable or triangular windows, providing effective shading while allowing for light control.

External Shading

Microlouvre is an external shading solution designed to address solar heat gain and building glare. It consists of a panel of tiny, angled louvres mounted externally on gable and triangular windows. The angled louvres effectively block direct sunlight while maintaining outward visibility and allowing diffused natural light to enter the interior. Microlouvre efficiently controls solar heat gain and glare without compromising the unique architectural aesthetics of shaped windows.



The very nature of shaped windows means that each and every window needs to be priced individually. To do this, we need some rough sizes and some pictures of your windows. However, we’re sure you want to get an indication of the cost even before getting in touch with us. So here are some guidelines. 

Per square metre costs:

Manually operated vertical blind: from £150

Manually operated Venetian blind: from £180

Microlouver External shading £450

Real Wood Window Shutters – £630

Motorised, insulating, stack to the slope cellular blinds – £650

To get the square metre area of your shaped window for pricing purposes, it’s simply the maximum width in metres x the maximum height in metres (i.e. as if it was a rectangle). 

These prices include accurate site measure, installation and VAT. But remember, to be more precise, you need to send us some rough sizes and pictures. Not all shaped blinds will work on all shaped windows. It’s a product that needs to be individually designed by us to fit and work correctly. 

Designing or Building a House with Gable Windows?

If you’re building a house with gable windows, you or your architect should speak with one of our experts first. The design of your gable window dramatically affects the price you’ll pay to shade it. (Especially if your architect is designing a flat top gable for you 🥴)

We can work with you at the design stage to make sure you get the correct shading solution at the right price.

Gable Window - Architect's Elevation Drawing
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