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Q1: How Much Do Stunning Shutters Cost?

How Much Do Shutters Cost

“How much do shutters cost?” you ask. Its a question we get asked a lot.


An Investment

You may be familiar with window blinds but are considering shutters for the first time. So, it’s quite natural to want to understand the size of your investment in window shutters. So how much DO shutters cost?


Because it is an investment.


In choosing shutters for your home, there are a lot of decisions and choices to make. So, in truth, the cost of shutters depends. But we’ll try to give you some guidance here and answer the question: “How much do shutters cost?”


Window Shutters Are More Robust

 Window shutters are much more robust than window blinds and therefore last much longer.

Modern window shutters have many different names such as plantation shutters, window shutters, wooden shutters and shutter blinds to name but a few. Here, we’ll use the generic “shutters” to cover all the various names.


Types of Shutters

It’s important to understand that there are many types of materials used in the manufacture of shutters. Such as vinyl, composite or faux wood, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), and real wood.

Vinyl shutters and faux wood shutters, whilst relatively low in cost have several inherent drawbacks. Which is why these products don’t form part of our offering.



Our entry-level product is Antigua which is made from high-density MDF with an extruded polypropylene coating. There are nine popular shades with a choice of five louvre widths. Antigua is not suitable for larger or shaped windows.



Unlike Antigua, Bermuda is a painted MDF shutter with louvres made from ABS. This reduces the shutter panels’ weight compared to an Antigua shutter and provides a more natural finish than Antigua.

You have a choice of twenty-three colours in the Bermuda range with ten optional hinge colours. Again, there are five louvre widths to choose from.



Cuba is our entry-level hardwood shutter. Cuba frames are made from MDF whilst the shutter panels themselves are made from real hardwood panels. As with Bermuda, Cuba has a choice of twenty-three paint colours and is available in four louvre widths. Cuba is suitable for larger windows.



Fiji is made from a sustainable, stable and quick-growing timber. Whilst Fiji gives you a choice of twenty-three paint colours, it is also an ideal timber for a classic wood stained look. You have twenty-seven stain finishes to choose from.

However, if you fancy something different, then Fiji also has a custom paint option. This means you can have your Fiji shutters finished to match your décor. Even if that is bright purple. 

Fiji is available in five louvre sizes and is ideal for large shaped windows such as shaped gable windows, arches and portholes.



Samoa is our top-of-the-range product. Samoa is crafted from stylish Ayous species if you opt for a painted finish. 

Another name for Ayous is Obeche. It is the lightest low-cost utility hardwood in general use. 

If you opt for a stained finish, we use a sustainably sourced white teak to enhance the grain’s beauty. 

As with Fiji, the Samoa range give you a choice of twenty-three paint colours and twenty-seven stain colours in five louvre widths. Like Fiji, our Samoa range can be custom coloured. Samoa is also ideal for unusually shaped windows.

Samoa is exceptionally robust and hardwearing in its construction. It is suited to huge windows and is ideal for large shaped windows such as shaped gable windows, arches and portholes.



Java is the only dedicated water-resistant shutter available. It is intended for wet rooms and high humidity areas such as swimming pools. Indeed, anywhere where there are high condensation levels or a chance that the shutter panels may be exposed to water. Java is made from

Java Shutters from the Scottish Shutter Company are great for wet areas
Java – Great for Wetrooms.

ABS; a high-grade plastic used in the manufacture of motorcycle helmets.




Portchester, made from corrosion-resistant aluminium, is our extremely durable security shutter range. The Portchester range has a patented Italian locking system. There are three standard colours to choose from, although Portchester can also be custom coloured. The louvre width is 89mm and can be configured as a hinged, bi-fold or bi-pass system.

Portchester shutters can be fitted internally or externally.


So, How Much Do Shutters Cost?

Pricing of each of the ranges above is particular to each application.


We would encourage you to send us pictures of your windows and doors with some rough dimensions. That way we’ll be able to give you an accurate price.

Please send your pictures and sizes to [email protected]


However, to at least give you a rough idea of how much shutters cost, then we’ve assumed this window. It’s a bathroom window and it’s approximately 850mm wide x 1900mm tall. There’s an intermediate rail as well as visible tilt rods. There are two shutter panels. The left panel hinges open to the left and the right panel hinges open to the right.


In each of the ranges above the approximate cost would be:Bathroom Shutters from The Scottish Shutter Company


Antigua: £460


Bermuda: £520


Cuba: £590


Fiji: £680


Java: £735


Samoa: £890


Portchester: £1,650


Hope that helps answer your question.

We’re happy to answer other questions you may have – just give us a call.

We can also do virtual appointments.


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David Browne

David Browne

David is Co-Founder and Project Director at the award-winning, Best Family Business 2020 – the Scottish Shutter Company. He is an Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Business Coach with over 30 years’ experience in running and growing small businesses.

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