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Buying Window Blinds? Here Are 10 Questions You Should Be Asking

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Confused by your options when it comes to buying window blinds? Not sure where to start to ensure you get the window coverings you really want? Think your windows are too awkwardly shaped or sized for traditional blinds?

You’re in the right place! 

With so many different varieties of windows coming into style, from standard and bay windows to tilt & turn and large gable end windows, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your blind options.

Blinds are a functional, versatile choice for a home that needs that final finishing touch. 

They offer shade and temperature regulation in a suntrap room, privacy if you’re overlooked or light control if you want to block out light in bedrooms. And with no shortage of design and style, there’s a blind out there for your home – you just need to ask the right questions…

Why Choose Blinds?

This is the first thing you should ask. Are blinds right for your home? Blinds offer adjustable shading, letting you control how much light enters the room by covering the whole window or leaving it partially open. Blinds can be fabric or made of other materials such as wood, giving you a high-end finish in a style that suits your decor. 

Blinds can also give you the extra comfort of privacy if neighbours or passersby overlook your space. There are even top-down blinds that offer you the best of both worlds, allowing in light from the top of the window while keeping your room private. 

And to top it off, blinds are easy to maintain – with a simple wipe every now and again to prevent dust from building up – you can enjoy beautiful high-quality blinds for years to come without degradation.

Not sure if blinds are for you? Check out our blog post “Shutters vs Blinds: Which Should You Choose?” to help you decide…

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Will Blinds Keep the Cold Out?

The short answer is yes! 

Blinds create another layer of insulation inside your home. Trapping a small air barrier and getting in the way of cold air trying to come in through your windows. If you want to make the most of your blind’s insulation, consider the Luxaflex Duette. Its specialist honeycomb construction gives you an energy-efficient way of maintaining temperatures indoors.

Will Blinds Stop Condensation?

Blinds that are correctly fitted can prevent condensation buildup on your windows. With curtains, you might see a few drops of condensation on the window if the curtains have been closed and the temperature outdoors is lower than indoors. 

Still, with some blinds, you’ll see far less.

Blinds that are designed with built-in airflow allow the movement of warm and cold air, reducing the likelihood of harmful condensation on your windows.

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Can Blinds Be Cut To Size?

If you’re buying luxury blinds made to measure for your unique window, then there’s absolutely no need to cut your blinds to size. Whichever bespoke blinds you choose, our blind experts will visit your home and meticulously measure your windows to ensure a perfect fit.

The final fitting is done with care and precision, ensuring your blinds fit seamlessly.

Are Window Blinds Better Than Curtains?

When it comes to durability, blinds are better than curtains. Because they’re usually made from higher quality and more durable materials, high-quality blinds can last years with minimal wear and tear. In comparison, curtains can hold onto smells, dirt and stains and require frequent washing. 

Blinds can offer you more coverage, too, as curtains can leave gaps around the edges. With blinds that are made to measure, you can be sure you’re getting ultimate shading and insulation.

Which Blinds Are Best for Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Kitchens?

A full-coverage blind is best for bathrooms, leaving no gaps when closed fully. This gives you total privacy. When it comes to materials, choose synthetic options that can withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations.

For bedrooms, you can match your own style with a fabric or material that adds to the vibe of your room. Dimout blinds are a popular option for bedrooms, letting you rest and relax without the annoyance of the early morning sun or ill-placed streetlamps.

For kitchens, you want something that is easily cleaned.

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How Are Blinds Installed?

If you want your window blinds to work seamlessly, you must get them professionally fitted. When your blinds are installed professionally by our fitting experts, you’ll get the perfect fit and smooth operation. Your new blinds are measured to fit into your window space, fixing either to the window frame or the surround – this can depend on the design of blind you choose and your window frame type.

What Do Blinds Cost?

You want to know that you’re getting value for your money, so how much should you expect bespoke window blinds to cost? The final number depends on how many windows you have, the type of blind you choose and whether you have accessories or add-ons like motorisation or intelligent controls. 

But as a guide, high-quality, made-to-measure blinds can cost between £900 and £3,000 with measuring and fitting included.

Are Made to Measure Blinds Better Than Off the Shelf?

The blinds that transform your space and let you make the most of your home are ultimately the best window blinds. Bespoke blinds are designed and fitted with expert care that perfectly suits your style and needs. This makes them the best choice if you want to ensure you get the highest quality window blinds that will last through the years.

Do Blinds Keep the Light Out?Window blinds

When your dimout blinds are closed fully, they should block out most of the light coming into your room. To block the most light, look for blinds that use room darkening material and that totally cover your window.

However, there are also blind varieties that don’t block light; instead, they diffuse it. This creates an ambience in your room rather than near darkness. These can easily enhance your living space, allowing you to reduce glare, improve privacy, and control room temperature.

Ready To Ask Your Blind Questions?

With these ten questions to hand, you have what you need to start your search for your perfect window blinds. Your home deserves the best, so make sure you know whether you want to block light, insulate from cold, create a style statement, or even all three!

Bespoke window blinds fitted by professionals will make your space more usable and enjoyable, so it’s worth getting the blind experts in. If you’re ready to ask your blind questions, why not book a home visit or arrange to visit our extensive blind showrooms here? 

Your ideal window coverings could be just ten questions away…

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