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Shutters vs Blinds: Which Should You Choose?

Shutters for windows

Shutters vs blinds – which are better? Deciding on the correct type of window covering can be confusing and stressful. Are blinds or shutters better for your home? Which style should you choose? What are the benefits and drawbacks of shutters and blinds? 

The good news is that shutters and blinds each have clear benefits, making it easy to decide which will be perfect for you. Finding the ideal window covering for your home starts with understanding your options, and that’s where this article can help.

What’s The Difference Between Shutters Vs Blinds?

When you’re looking into shutters vs blinds, the most significant difference is the construction. Shutters are permanently fitted to your window frame for a seamless effect. Blinds are more simply fitted either within the window recess or above it. 

Both options give you different benefits that will suit varying needs, but a good shutter and blinds expert will be able to advise you on which is right for you. 

Benefits Of Shutters

They look great… 

Our luxury shutters come in a range of styles so you can create a cohesive design within your home. When it comes down to it, shutters offer a timeless look that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Control temperature…

Keep your home warm in the colder months and cooler in the hot months. Shutters are an effective insulating layer, giving you better temperature control indoors.

Easy to maintain…

When correctly installed, shutters are easy to maintain without the need for replacements or constant maintenance.

Light control…

Depending on your chosen shutter style, you can adjust the amount of light that filters into your rooms. By opening and closing panels or louvres, you have total flexibility.


Your shutters are with you for the foreseeable. Built for durability and use, your shutters also come with a 5-year guarantee. 

Shutters for windows

Benefits Of Blinds


Blinds offer another layer of insulation against the outside world. They can insulate you from unwanted noise, light and adverse temperatures. Our Luxaflex Duette Shades also have a unique honeycomb layer for added insulation. 

Light control…

Blinds, particularly Venetian blinds, give you control over the atmosphere in your home. Quickly and easily create a brighter or shadier effect by adjusting the slats or raising and lowering the blinds to different levels.

Can be changed more easily than shutters…

Our luxury blinds are more easily removed and changed than shutters would be. Because of their simple fixtures, blinds don’t need to be permanent and may suit you if you want more flexibility in future.

More colours & styles to choose from…

Our blinds come in a range of colours and styles, so you’ll be sure you’ll find the blind style, fabric, and print you’re dreaming of.

Cheaper – but not as durable…

Blinds are generally the lower-cost option due to their simple and fuss-free design and installation.

Shutters for windows

Drawbacks Of Shutters

Don’t completely block out light…

Shutters are a strong and insulating window covering, but they don’t guarantee a blackout effect. This is because the structure of most shutters involves panels and slats, which can let in small amounts of light even when closed fully.

Can’t be easily changed…

Our shutters will be expertly and carefully fitted to your window frame, making them difficult to change. They become a permanent feature rather than a changeable furnishing. 

Must be installed professionally or risk a bad fit…

If you don’t have your shutters installed by experts who have been in the industry long enough to know the pitfalls, you’re taking a significant risk. Poorly fitted shutters can lead to light ingress and even damage your window frame.

More expensive than curtains or blinds…

Shutters are the ultimate in window covering options, giving you the best of both worlds with style and function. That’s why they’re more expensive than your other choices.

Downsides Of Blinds

Don’t provide blackout coverage…

Most blinds cannot give you total blackout coverage. This is usually because of how blinds are fitted within or just above the window recess, meaning there will be slim areas where light can escape.

Easier to damage…

Compared to sturdier shutters, blinds may be more easily damaged if used improperly. It’s best to keep pets and young children away from blinds.

Difficult to clean…

Blinds can be more challenging to clean. However, plenty of gadgets and cleaning appliances are now on the market to help with this.

Can fade in the sun…

Blinds may fade after being exposed to the sun’s rays continuously. But quality blinds will still last a long time, just not quite as long as shutters.

Shutters Vs Blinds: The Costs

When it comes to costs, shutters and blinds have some key differences.

Shutters are the more expensive option in general because they require more materials and more careful fitting. You’re also receiving shutters designed and built for durability, meaning you will be able to enjoy your shutters for longer. 

Shutters also increase the value of your property because they are a permanent and desirable feature for home buyers. So, you could argue that the higher cost is balanced by the perceived value increase of your house.

On the other hand, blinds are less expensive while still giving you most of the functional benefits of shutters. They are usually lower cost because of the materials and simplified structure and installation. 

Shutters Vs Blinds – Which Should You Choose?

So shutters vs blinds – which is the best choice? Now you know the benefits and drawbacks of blinds and shutters, you can begin to narrow down which is right for you. To recap quickly, shutters are a permanent, timeless and higher-priced option. Shutters are not easily changed and must be fitted professionally.

On the other hand, blinds come in an exciting variety of colours, styles and materials, giving you more design freedom. Blinds can be more fiddly to clean and may damage more easily if you don’t use them with care. 

So, which option sounds better for your home? If you’re still unsure about the differences between blinds and shutters, then get in touch with our expert team. To make the right choice for your home, we believe all you need is reliable information, and that’s where we can help! 



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