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What Are The Best Colours For Shutters?

Best Colours For Shutters

If you’re looking at investing in window coverings for your house and need some help with choosing the best colours for shutters, then you’ve come to the right place.

There may be a smaller array of shutter shades and patterns available than there are with curtains or blinds, but there are more than enough colours to make choosing the best colours for shutters in your home a difficult one!

But worry not, we’re here to talk you through what’s available and the pros and cons of each to make that decision a little easier for you.

It’s Not All White

If you’ve been peering through other people’s windows to check out the colour of their shutters, you may be forgiven for thinking that white, white and some other shade of white are the only colours available. But you’d be wrong. Shades of white just happen to be the most popular. But in point of fact, you can choose shutters in almost any colour.

Certain shutters are also available in custom colours. So when you’re trying to decide on the best colours for shutters, your choice is pretty much endless!

For you, this may be great news. You can really go to town and find the colour you’ve been dreaming of. For others, the decision has just been made a whole lot harder, and you may be dreading the fact that you now have to scroll through hundreds of options to try and make a decision! Well, we’re here to help.

So How Do I Choose?

When choosing the best colours for shutters, it really all comes down to whether you want the colour to contrast or complement your room.

If you’re playing it safe and are simply looking for a neutral window covering that won’t fight the tones of your walls, then white and tones of white will probably be one of the best colours for shutters in your home. However, if you’re looking to make your shutters a feature of the room then you do have the option to go all out! 

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Things To Consider

It’s worth keeping in mind when choosing the best colours for shutters that the shutters you choose will outlast your next house redecoration. So, if you have big plans for some bright feature walls when you redecorate in a couple of years, it’s probably not a great idea to go bold with the shutters right now. You will either end up having to buy new shutters or with a pretty horrific mishmash of colours!

Another thing to consider when looking at the best colours for shutters for your room is what kind of atmosphere you want a space to have. If you’re designing your living room and you want it to be the epitome of calm and serenity, you’re probably best off avoiding bright colours that will change the ambience. However, if you want a room that feels more vibrant and energetic, then a splash of colour is probably the right option for you.

An easy thing to forget when selecting the best colours for shutters for your home is how the shutters will look from the outside in. It’s all very well making a room look a certain way within your house, but if your shutter colours clash with the exterior, it’s not really going to give your house the kerb appeal you may be looking for! You need to ensure they match the style of the exterior of your property.

Neutral Colours

It is easy to see why neutral colours are so popular and generally considered to be the best colours for shutters. Neutral colours look clean and crisp and help reflect the natural light into the room, making it feel brighter and airier.

Neutral colour shutters are also easy to work with when redecorating or changing the decor of a room. You can change the colours around them without having to buy new shutters. With a brighter, bolder colour, you may be more limited.

And if you feel like you need more vibrance in the room, you can just add bursts of colour with soft furnishings or pictures without worrying whether it’s going to match the colour of your shutters.

If your shutters match the colour of your window frames it can also help make small windows seem larger. Generally speaking, window frames are neutral colours, so shutters in a matching neutral colour with have this effect.

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Bright Colours

Choosing a bold, bright colour can make your shutters a great focal point for the room. So if you think your favourite shades of orange and shocking pink are the best colours for shutters in your home, then why not? Go ahead and make it a striking feature that will certainly be a talking point.

Shutters in bold or dark colours can also be used to help bring attention to certain features within the room. For example, if you match the colour of your shutters to an item of furniture or even perhaps a picture on your wall, this will highlight that item within the room. 

To see what colours we have on offer, you can check out our collection here.

Best Colours For Shutters

Custom Colours

We have a wide selection of shutter colours available to choose from, but if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, you can request a custom colour from us.

As mentioned earlier, it may be that you want to focus your decor around a much-cherished furniture piece, so are looking for an exact colour match. Or it may be just that you want a very specific colour that you’ve been imagining, and it isn’t anywhere to be seen. No need to panic – we’ve got you covered and can match your colour preference in the majority of shutter materials.

And Relax

That’s it! Hopefully, we’ve helped you get a clear picture of what the best colours for shutters are for your home. There are many colours of shutters available, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed. Using this guide you can narrow down the options to find the right solution for you.

Now you just need to decide what material you want your shutters to be! Luckily we have that covered too. Check out our previous blog – Plastic Vs Wooden Shutters – Which Should You Choose?

And If you still have questions then we really are here to help. Here at The Scottish Shutter Company we’re all about the personal touch, and with years of expertise, we are here to make finding the right choice for your home easy.

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