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Sliding Patio Doors: Shutters vs. Blinds

Bi-Fold Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

Thinking about updating your decor and feeling stumped by your sliding doors? Need a solution that’s practical and stylish?

Read on because there’s more than one way to shade your sliding patio doors…

All About Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are a stunning feature of homes all over the UK. 

Consisting of two or more panels, sliding patio doors blur the line between inside and out. At around 2200mm tall, they flood the room with natural light, framing the view of the outdoors and allowing you to rest in the peace of it.

Because they slide across each other rather than swing open, sliding patio doors create far more usable space than other options, such as French doors. They also enable you to ventilate the room simply without obstruction. 

Sliding patio doors in a property provide a way of enjoying the outdoors all year round, whether you’re basking in the streaming sunlight or cosying up to watch a thunderous storm. But their unique way of opening can present a problem…

How do you shade sliding patio doors?

The Problem With Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors let in an abundance of light, and that is a huge bonus. But they do present some problems. 

Windows and glass doors can leak heat, so a room with sliding patio doors can feel cooler than other spaces in the house. When the doors are open, they can create too much of a breeze, and when closed, they can be more difficult to insulate properly, leading to increased energy costs. 

All that daylight can work against you, too, wreaking havoc with pesky glare on furniture surfaces, flooring and TV or other electronic screens. 

And finally, sliding patio doors do not provide much privacy. Their tall glass panels leave you exposed to overlooking houses, meaning it’s difficult to feel comfortable in your little bubble. 

So, what can you do?

Sliding Patio Doors: Shutters

That’s right! Shutters aren’t just for windows. Sliding patio door shutters make such an impact that they’re a firm interior design favourite.

Shutters are a shading solution that is comprised of a frame and either horizontal louvres or solid panels. Louvred shutters provide impressive levels of light control because the slats can be angled. 

Typically, shutters are wooden, but there are plenty of styles on the market that are water-resistant for high-humidity rooms. They are made to measure, which means they can be installed snugly on each window or door panel.

Sliding Patio Doors: Shutters vs. Blinds

Shutters: The Benefits

Here are the benefits of opting for sliding patio door shutters…

Energy Efficiency

Shutters retain the warmth in the winter and keep the burning sun out in the summer, helping to maintain an ambient temperature all year round and decreasing the need to spend on heating and air conditioning. 

Perfect Privacy

Sliding patio door shutters can be closed even when the doors themselves are open, keeping everything you love safe from view. 

Enhanced Safety

With no dangling cords posing strangulation risks, sliding patio door shutters are safe for pets and kids, as well as being stylish and super functional. 

Smooth Air Flow

With your patio doors open and shutters shut, you can enjoy the breeze thanks to the adjustable louvres. It’s much nicer than flapping curtains or rattling blinds! 

Pest Prevention

Using shutters to dress patio doors can prevent flies and other pests from entering your home. 

Light Control

Sliding patio door shutters provide unbeatable light control thanks to the system of louvres that can be angled with ease. The angle of the louvres is typically adjusted by twisting a discreet wand. 

Shutters: The Drawbacks

What other considerations must you make before settling on shutters for your patio doors?


Made-to-measure shutters are undeniably a more expensive patio door covering solution, but they look incredible and are far longer lasting. 


Sliding patio door shutters can be prone to marks from sticky fingers because they are so accessible to small people. The good news is that they are much easier to clean than the glass! 

Sliding Patio Doors: Blinds

Blinds have been used to shade sliding patio doors for decades. The vertical blind is often used, but it’s not the most practical solution as it flaps in the wind, can discolour, and, for some, has less aesthetic appeal.

Fear not. Here are two creative blind solutions that look stunning and offer some brilliant innovation…

Sliding Patio Doors: Shutters vs. Blinds

Luxaflex Duette Blinds

Luxaflex Duette blinds are solid with no gaps and feature a smart honeycomb cell construction that provides insulation for your inside spaces. They can be made in 3 different pleat widths, three different opacities and a huge range of fabrics, enabling you to achieve a soft shading effect that works for you.

This blind solution works beautifully with sliding doors because each blind panel is custom-made and fits perfectly. Some can be installed without fixing screws.

Our SmartCord®, LiteRise® and PowerView® systems prioritise effortless operation and safety for children and pets.

Luxaflex Duette: The Benefits

Here’s what to expect from your new Duette blinds.

Insulating and Energy-Saving

The honeycomb structure keeps the heat and cold out, balancing the temperature of your home all year round. 

Luxury Finish

Duette blinds provide an air of class and sophistication and come in various colours and patterns. Have a say over light levels by choosing from 3 levels of opacity. 


The SmartCord®, LiteRise® and PowerView® operating systems provide optimal comfort and are safe for children and pets.

Luxaflex Duette: The Drawbacks

Thinking of choosing Duette blinds for sliding patio doors? Consider these factors…

Difficult To Clean

Duette blinds comprise large fabric panels pleated into a clever honeycomb structure. They’re stunning to look at, but it can be tricky to keep them looking as good as new at ground level, thanks to sticky fingers and shedding pets.

Luxaflex Silhouette Blinds

Luxaflex Silhouette Blinds enable you to fully appreciate the outdoors even when your blinds are lowered and provide excellent light diffusion.

Their iconic vanes, which span the width of the blind in a soft, curved manner, mean you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the outside without fear of passersby looking in. 

Luxaflex Silhouette Blinds: The Benefits

Silhouette blinds are a competitive choice for sliding patio doors.

Enhanced Privacy

Sliding patio doors present a privacy problem, and Silhouette blinds have the answer. The special white backing allows you to see out but obscures the view into your home, making Silhouette Blinds ideal for overlooked locations.

Something For Everyone

Silhouette blinds come in fabrics and colours to suit any style. Every Silhouette blind stunningly diffuses daylight thanks to the gossamer-like sheers of the fabrics involved.

Made To Measure

Enjoy the perfect fit of fully custom blinds for patio doors, shading your most loved spaces effectively and providing privacy without compromising on the view.

Luxaflex Silhouette Blinds: The Drawbacks

They can transform a room, but what are the disadvantages of Silhouette Blinds?

Require Protection

Silhouette blinds are delicate and need to be looked after. Kids, pets, and furniture moving around at floor level pose risks to the blinds and their system of vanes that work effortlessly to provide top-notch privacy.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Like Duette blinds, Silhouette blinds for sliding patio doors might get grubby and aren’t as easy to clean as shutters.

What You Need To Consider When Selecting Sliding Patio Door Shutters or Blinds

Before you make a decision, weigh up your needs along these factors.


How much usable space is available? Unless you opt for sliding shutters, you’ll need to factor in space for the shutters to swing open. Blinds are more space-saving. 


Are your patio doors overlooked? How much privacy do you require? For properties in more rural locations, this won’t be an issue at all.

Door Use

Do your patio doors get opened and closed frequently? How much foot traffic does the room experience? For doors that are constantly used, shutters may work better due to their inherent sturdiness and durability. 


Cost is important. Shutters tend to be the most expensive patio door covering solution, but they last the longest and add value to your home.

Overall Aesthetic

This is a personal one. What sort of style are you trying to achieve? The patterns and colours of Luxaflex blinds might suit your interior design dream, or the strong lines of shutters could be right up your street

Shutters Vs Blinds… Which Will You Choose?

Sliding patio door shutters can be the centrepiece of your room, but if shutters aren’t for you, our blinds are just as stunning. You’re truly spoilt for choice!

Still unsure? We don’t blame you. Why not take a look for yourself and download a brochure

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