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Bi-Fold Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors – Everything You Need To Know

Bi-Fold Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

Patio doors are a staple in many homes all over the UK. 

Their huge panes of glass let in a gorgeous amount of natural light, but can also prevent full privacy and efficient temperature control. Some homes want to be able to cover them, but boy, is it tricky.

Well, guess what? 

Shutters aren’t just for windows. Keep reading to find out about bi-fold shutters for sliding glass doors, as well as all the other options available…

The Patio Door Problem

Patio doors allow you to bring the outside in, and they make a stunning feature in our much-loved personal spaces. But they also present their own challenges which can get in the way of us fully enjoying their functionality. 

Here are the common problems we find with patio doors.


There’s no two ways about it. Patio doors are large. And big glass panes are difficult to dress!


Patio doors require space to operate; they require constant access, which can provide limitations for the function of the room. 


If your property is overlooked by others, privacy can be a huge issue. 

Light Management

Because of their size, the glare from the sun shining in through the glass is much harder to manage and can get in the way of important downtime after a long day. 


In good weather, you might like to leave your patio doors open. There’s nothing better than feeling the breeze on a beautifully sunny day, is there? Unfortunately, this can make some covering options unsuitable. 

Solving The Patio Door Problem

So, what are your options if you want to dress your patio doors?

1 – Curtains

Curtains for sliding glass doors are a cheap and easy fix. Coming in a huge array of colours and patterns, they can be an attractive solution for dressing patio doors, but they present several issues…


Curtains hanging down over open doors get blown around in the incessantly annoying breeze (and can even knock over trinkets and vases).


Purchasing curtains for large patio doors tends to be pretty expensive because they need to be on the longer side. 


Their length also means that patio door curtains often gather dirt and dust from the floor, look unappealing and require laundering far more often than you’d like.


We’ve all had a beloved pet do this or have at least seen a video of it happening… Floor-length curtains are incredibly appealing for animals (and occasionally children) to try and climb.

Tangle Risk

Like blind cords, long curtains pose a considerable risk to children and pets as they can become tangled – especially during a game of hide and seek.

2 – Blinds

Blinds offer more structure than curtains, so are often the go-to covering solution for patio doors. However…

Flappiness is STILL an issue with blinds. Roller and Venetian blinds are particularly unsuitable for this reason, and the noise flapping blinds make is incredibly irritating. 

Installing blinds for sliding glass doors can also look a bit strange due to the fact they need positioning high above the door to allow easy access.

3 – Shutters

Shutters for patio doors? Are we crazy?

Yes, shutters are typically known for windows, but they’re incredibly versatile and can be a stylish, functional solution for patio doors. Here are the benefits you can expect…


Because shutters can be made to fit any size, they are the perfect fix for large or awkwardly shaped patio doors.

Sleek And Sophisticated

Shutters are neat and tidy, offering clean lines, smooth silhouettes and no incessant flapping in the wind. 

Easy Access

Unlike curtains and blinds, shutters don’t obstruct access to the outdoors, meaning entering and exiting your home through your patio doors is a breeze. 

Bi-Fold Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

Bi-Fold Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

You might be wondering how exactly shutters work for patio doors that consist of more than two panes. 

Enter bi-fold shutters for sliding glass doors.

Bi-fold shutters are a patio door covering solution that can span any width or configuration of panels, and that’s because the shutters open and shut by travelling along a track. They can come in a variety of colours and wood stain options and can be tucked neatly out of the way when completely open.

Bi-fold shutters for sliding glass doors provide…

Supreme Light Control

Adjusting the louvres of your shutters means you can fine-tune the light levels in your space throughout the day. If you’re after full darkness for movie night, you can close the shutters completely, and slide them back along their tracks for sunshine.

High Privacy Levels

Louvred shutters enable you to maximise the amount of natural light entering your home without losing out on privacy because even open louvres protect your inside spaces from the gazes of passers-by. 

Thermal Efficiency

Shutters are one of the most energy-efficient patio door covering solutions you can choose. They create a seal of insulation around the expanse of panels, keeping the heat in in the cooler months and protecting you from the heat in the summer. 

How Do Bi-Fold Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors Work?

With sliding patio doors, bi-fold shutters provide a functional, stylish and tidy method of shading your space. 

Rather than being affixed to your window frames, the multiple panels of bi-fold shutters are fitted to a discreet track system. The panels slide back like a concertina as they open and close, to allow for plenty of light when open. This means that you can slide both your shutters and your patio doors back and forward to your heart’s desire without having to worry about obstructing the doorway, flapping noises, tangle risks or poor aesthetics. 

By-Pass Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

Unlike bi-fold shutters for sliding glass doors, by-pass shutters do not fold as they open and close but slide in front of or behind each other. This is made possible by mounting each panel on individual tracks.

Because by-pass shutters don’t intrude into the room, they work well for patio doors and come with all of the same benefits of shutters that we’ve covered above. It’s worth considering that you will need to ensure there is sufficient space on one side of the sliding doors for the opened by-pass shutters to sit when not in use.

What About French Doors?

Bi-Fold Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

French doors are full glass patio doors that open out rather than slide across each other. 

For this type of patio door, bi-fold shutters work well because they can be folded back on themselves when the door is in use, creating a seamless connection between inside and out.

Another consideration is S:Craft shutters, which can be made-to-measure and fixed to any sized door or window. Because they’re installed directly onto the door, you can operate French patio doors as usual and benefit from the light and privacy control offered by the louvres. 

Keen to find out more? Read all about S:Craft shutters here

Dressing Patio Doors Is A Doddle

Bi-fold shutters for sliding glass doors are a neat, safe solution that will keep your room free from glare, gazes and chills. 

Wondering whether there’s a style out there to suit you? Perhaps you’ve got a few windows that need attention, too. Download our free brochure to start you on your way to space-shading heaven. 

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