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What Are The Best Shutters For Privacy?

types of shutters

Shutters are an incredibly efficient way of achieving privacy in your home. And better yet, they also bring a multitude of other benefits along for the ride…

Installing shutters can make your home more energy efficient, reduce noise pollution, offer superb light control and even increase the value of your property. 

So if you’re after shutters for privacy, you’ll be glad to know they perform second to none. But which shutters work best to keep you in your cosy little bubble?

First, let’s look at what’s out there on the market.

Types Of Shutters

When you’re installing shutters for privacy, you need to know about the different types available, so here’s an overview. 

Full Height Shutters

Not all shutters cover the whole window, but full-height shutters do. Sitting elegantly across the window from top to bottom, full-height shutters for privacy work well, and their louvres can be adjusted throughout the day.

Half-Height Or Cafe-Style Shutters

Half-height shutters, commonly referred to as cafe-style shutters, cover the bottom half of a window. Café-style shutters provide an exquisite balance of privacy and light control because they can protect you from the outside world at eye level whilst still letting the sunshine stream in from above. You can read more about them here.

Tier-On-Tier Shutters

Tier-on-tier shutters are sometimes also known as double-hung shutters, and for good reason. These styles of shutters are constructed from two (or more) independent louvred panels that cover the whole window, meaning you can adjust the light and privacy levels of each as you wish.

Tier-on-tier shutters can’t be beaten on adjustability. Find out more about how they improve light control in our comprehensive blog

Solid Panel Vs Louvred Shutters

When you’re thinking about installing shutters for privacy, which will work better? Solid panel shutters or louvred shutters?

Solid shutters have no adjustable or moving parts, meaning you’re in full darkness with them closed and full light when they’re open. These shutters are fantastic for privacy… Half of the time.

Installing louvred shutters for privacy provides a higher level of flexibility when it comes to how much can be seen from the outside. This is because the view from the outside is distorted when the louvres are angled to let the light in. 

Which Is Best For Privacy?

It’s a tough one to crack. You might think that opting for solid panel shutters for privacy is the way to go – after all, they cover the entire window!

But what if you want outward visibility during the day as well as that much-needed privacy? What if you’d still like to feel the warmth of the afternoon sun, without worrying that passers-by can see into your home? 

Let’s weigh up the options…

Cafe Style

Cafe-style shutters are louvred shutters that cover the bottom half of a window. They are very on-trend and suit most sizes of windows.
best shutters for privacyThe Pros

With half-height shutters like these, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunlight streaming in through the top half of the window all year round. Not only do cafe-style shutters look super trendy but they provide full privacy at eye level without ever compromising on light.

The Cons

Because cafe-style shutters don’t give you full coverage, they aren’t the best-rated shutters for privacy. From higher angles, where it’s possible to see in through the uncovered top window, there’s a sure lack of protection from onlookers, so choose another style for bathrooms and other rooms requiring 100% privacy. 


Tier-on-tier shutters consist of two louvred panels that can be operated individually. Each window, therefore, has four separate adjustable panels. 
best shutters for privacyThe Pros

Tier-on-tier shutters are the gods of versatility when it comes to light control and privacy. With multiple units at play, that can each be opened or closed as your light level and privacy needs change throughout the day, you’ve got full control. They also look incredible and can be made from a wide range of durable materials.

The Cons

Whilst the flexibility tier-on-tier shutters give the user is top-notch, they can truly overpower small windows because their strong composition can block out a lot of the light. And because they’re made up of lots of moving parts, they can also work out to be more expensive.

Solid Panels (Full Length)

Light or dark. Open or closed. There’s not much else to solid panel shutters, but they do look extremely sophisticated, especially for larger windows and older properties.

Best Shutters For Privacy (5)
The Pros
If you’re looking for window coverings that truly block out the light, you’ve found them! When solid panel shutters are closed you can enjoy 100% light blockage AND privacy. 

The Cons

When it comes to solid panel shutters, it’s all or nothing. There is no sliding scale of light control whatsoever, so though they’re great shutters for privacy, you lose out on your vitamin D. 

(There is a solution here. Try pairing solid panel shutters with curtains or drapes for increased privacy levels when the shutters are open).

Traditional Shutters

Traditional shutters are full-height, louvred shutters that provide full window coverage and look traditionally chic. 

best shutters for privacy
The Pros

This type of shutter is a great all-rounder. Adjustable louvres from top to bottom mean you can enjoy and adapt privacy and light levels as you wish. 

The Cons

Compared to tier-on-tier shutters, traditional shutters aren’t as manoeuvrable. You’ve still got a lot more control than with cafe-style or solid panel shutters, but not half as much as you could have. 

Your Choice Of Shutter Has To Suit Your Needs

If you’re happy with choosing between daylight and no light, solid panel shutters for privacy work extremely well. 

In reality… This is pretty unlikely. Experiencing daylight is something we intrinsically need; it lightens our mood and kicks our bodies into go-mode. So for control over privacy without forfeiting sunshine, opt for louvred shutters – either full height or their tier-on-tier cousins. 

Still unsure which style of shutters will work for your home? It’s difficult to make this sort of investment without having experienced the products in the flesh. Book an appointment to get up close and personal with our extensive range. 

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