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Automated Window Blinds

Luxaflex PowerView App For Controlling Duette Blinds from a SmartPhone

Voice activation is now a reality

With PowerView® Motorisation, the world’s most beautiful window treatments are now the most intelligent. Our innovative wireless system for automated window blinds now lets you control all your Luxaflex electric blinds from a handheld controller, wall-mounted switch,  or from your Smartphone or tablet.Luxaflex Wall Mounter Powerview Controller in Black

You can also set scenes and schedules to achieve perfect lighting, energy efficiency and everyday convenience. It’s all delivered automatically with Luxaflex automated window blinds PowerView Motorisation.

Just program PowerView®to move your Luxaflex automated window blinds to the exact position you want. Control and schedule them using the intuitive PowerView®App on your smartphone or tablet.

The new PowerView®system works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

Schedule Your Motorised Blinds

Want your blinds to open automatically at 7:30 am? Then lower at bedtime without ever touching them? Then the PowerView® scheduling feature is just right for you. Your blinds will move to your preferred positions throughout the day. Even when you’re not at home.

Voice Activated Blinds

With Luxaflex automated window blinds, voice activation becomes a reality. You can control your blinds by simply speaking to them.

Home Automation

Luxaflex PowerView Pebble
Luxaflex PowerView Pebble

Whether you are a home automation enthusiast or just getting started with connected devices, you can create a personalized whole-home connected experience by integrating PowerView Automation with compatible smart home systems.

The PowerView Hub integrates PowerView features with some of the most popular systems on the market. Each home automation control system has a unique path to integration.

Why not schedule an appointment at Edinburgh showroom at 67 Ratcliffe Terrace, EH9 1SU to see our Google Home Mini in action!

PS – Just Launched

PowerMotion Automated Window Shutters

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