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Wooden Shutters: The Pros & Cons

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Shutters have been used in homes for centuries, but shutters as we know them now have been growing in popularity throughout the UK.

They’re chic and stylish, adding a timeless appeal to any room. They can be a dominant feature or allow other furnishings to take centre stage.

It’s this versatility that means shutters are vying for the top spot as best window treatment.

Even though wooden shutters are the most commonly bought shutter, we’re weighing up the pros and cons so you have a clearer view of your window treatment options.

Get To Know Wooden Shutters

Different shutters use different wood, and each wood type offers its own range of myriad benefits and specialist uses. How different can wood types really be? Well, here are the options we offer at Scottish Shutter Company to give you an idea…

Antigua: High-density MDF with an extruded polypropylene coating for a longer lifespan and lightweight feel.

Bermuda: Painted MDF with shutters made from ABS (high-quality plastic) for a lighter weight.

Fiji: Made from fast-growing timber, offering a classic and durable wood look.

Samoa: Available in either ayous with a painted finish or white teak for a stunning, seamless finish.

Cuba: Hardwood shutters crafted from MDF for a simple and stylish shutter.

As you can see, the choice really is yours when it comes to wood types, but what about wooden shutter types? Well, there’s ample choice here too. The different types of wooden shutters include…

Full height – These shutters reach from the very top to very bottom of your window, giving you a clean and sophisticated look whether open or closed.

Tier on tier – This type of shutter is made of two sets of panels, with one set sitting atop the other. They’re designed specifically for enhanced privacy and light control, allowing you to customise your ambience.

Cafe Style – These shutters cover only the lower section of your windows (with around two-thirds of the window covered and a third left exposed at the top). This means you can enjoy privacy without blocking out the sun!

Solid panel – Solid panel shutters are a timeless favourite for homeowners who want the maximum levels of privacy, insulation and light control. 

To all of these options, we must add that custom-made and properly fitted wooden shutters are the best way to go if you want that truly elegant and quality look. This also helps eliminate any pesky gaps around the edges of poorly fit or mismatched sizes of shutters.

Wooden Shutters: The Pros

Wooden shutters are a popular choice – and have been for decades – for good reason. They perfectly blend aesthetic appeal with functional advantages, giving you the look and the usability you want for your home. Here’s a closer look at some of the key benefits wooden shutters can bring to your living spaces…

  • Elegant Looks
    A natural wood finish goes a long way in terms of appearance. The timeless look never goes out of style. From warm, earthy tones of oak to the cool, peaceful vibe of white teak, there’s an option for every aesthetic preference.
  • Longevity
    There’s no argument; wood lasts the ages. Choosing wooden shutters isn’t just a stylistic choice; it’s an investment in quality that will remain in your home for years to come.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Wooden shutters contribute to your home’s overall energy efficiency! By acting as insulators against escaping warmth in the winter and incoming heat in the summer, your wooden shutters can help you save on your energy bill.
  • Privacy, Light control & Soundproofing
    If you love creating the perfect ambience in your own space, then wooden shutters can provide you with the holy trinity of shutter function. With better privacy, light control and soundproofing, you can cultivate the calm and enjoyable atmosphere you want.
  • Perceived Added Value To Your Property

Because of the long-lasting and timeless nature of wooden shutters, you get more for your money than any other window treatment, as wooden shutters can actually increase your property’s curb appeal.

  • Easy Upkeep
    The beauty of wooden shutters is their low-maintenance beauty! Keeping your wooden shutters looking their best is never a chore. Just dust and wipe down occasionally.

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Wooden Shutters: The Cons

We love wooden shutters, but we know it’s important to consider all the potential drawbacks that might mean wooden shutters just don’t work for you. Here are some of the most important aspects to think about…


Getting quality wooden shutters is an investment in your home. Because shutters of good quality are made of reliable, sturdy materials and designed with much more care and attention to detail, the cost is comparatively higher than blinds or curtains.

Humidity Sensitivity

Because of the nature of wood, wooden shutters are not ideal for wet or humid environments like bathrooms, as they may warp or become damaged over time. Our Java range however is ideal for high humidity areas. 

Limited Style

If you prefer vibrant patterns and an endless choice of colours for your window treatments, then blinds may be the better choice for you to enjoy full self-expression.

Professional Installation

Wooden shutters undoubtedly require expert installation, especially if they’re custom-made for your windows. That’s why it’s important to get professional fitters to get the most out of your wooden shutters. 

Light Blocking

Most wooden shutters can provide excellent light blocking, but most are unable to offer total blackout levels of light control unless paired with a room-darkening blind.

Alternatives To Wooden Shutters

If, after reading that, you’re unsure whether wooden shutters will be the right fit for your needs, don’t worry! You still have other material options when it comes to quality shutters. These materials offer similar benefits with a slightly different look:


This material is ideal for rooms that often get humid and damp or where your shutters are likely to get splashed. They can be treated with a wood effect, and vinyl is an extremely durable option.


Aluminium shutters are also suited to wet places and can even be used outside. While this material doesn’t have a wood appearance, it does look chic and modern and enhances your home security even if your windows are open!

Embrace Elegance & Functionality…

Wooden shutters are a classic for good reason. They suit most spaces and last for years. But for those rooms where wood isn’t ideal, there’s still a solution that means you can enjoy shutters in any room you want.

The first step toward finding the wooden shutters that you’ve been envisioning is to download our free brochure containing all your options so you can browse and compare at your own pace.

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