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Window Insulation: Could Shutters Save You Money On Your Heating Bill?

Window insulation

Are you looking for smart ways to save money on your heating? Want to find out how shutters could reduce heat loss in your home? Looking for window insulation? You’re in the right place.

Windows are responsible for around 18-30% of the total heat loss in your home. This is a considerable contribution to your heating bill. You’re constantly losing warmth through your windows, even with double glazing.

Shutters might be an unexpected way to save money and keep the heat in, but we’ve put together everything you need to know.

How Shutters Help With Temperature Control

How exactly could shutters improve temperature control in your home? Shutters are an effective way to improve window insulation and keep your home at a consistent temperature year-round. This is because high quality and well-made shutters block any heat that may escape through your windows.

It works the same way when you want to keep the heat out. Sunlight and atmospheric heat can’t get inside your home as easily through windows, keeping your house interior cooler for longer.

Shutters are better insulators than curtains or fabric blinds because of their construction, usually wood or vinyl. When it comes to the technical side of temperature control in the home, it’s an insulator’s R-value that matters. 

What’s R-Value & Why Should You Care?

R-value is a measurement of resistance to the flow of heat. The higher the number, the better, which means a material provides better insulation.

Plantation shutters that are expertly installed have a 4.0 R-value when made of wood. Meanwhile, standard roller blinds achieve an R-value of 1.5, which gives you an idea of the difference shutters can make. 

When it comes to window insulation, there are insulating blinds, like Luxaflex Duette, that have a unique internal honeycomb structure that helps insulate your home. But back to shutters… 

In short, the internal construction of shutters means they keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 

Windows Insulation

Warmer In Winter

On a chilly or even icy day, you wouldn’t leave your windows wide open, especially if your heating was on. Having your windows open and exposed would allow precious heat to escape outside. You’d be wasting energy – and money – on heating.

Without shutters, this is basically what you’re doing. Shutters create a thermodynamic barrier, making it harder for heat to escape your home. Even the most energy-efficient windows are still a source of heat loss.

Shutters that are properly and securely installed become your last line of defence against the cold and offer additional window insulation. 

Cooler In Summer

On hot days you want to create an airy and cool atmosphere within your home. Shutters can help with this in a unique way. Solar shading with shutters manages the amount of natural sunlight entering a room to regulate temperatures indoors.

In the summer, you can use solar shading to your advantage by keeping shutter louvres closed on the sides of your home facing the sun.

Manipulating the amount of sun entering each room, allowing the exact amount of warmth and light to filter through your shutters, instead of each room simply being flooded with daylight or blocked out entirely.

How To Use Shutters To Maximise Window Insulation In Your Home

To maximise how energy efficient your shutters can be, you can follow these steps daily:

  • Open louvres in the morning to make the most of the early sunlight
  • Keep louvres open during daylight or sunnier hours to use the natural warmth of the sun to maintain heat inside
  • Close louvres before sundown to reduce heat loss
  • Keep louvres closed on overcast and cold days to maintain internal temperatures

Window Insulation

Types Of Shutters For Window Insulation

Plantation Style
If energy efficiency is a priority for you, then plantation-style shutters are a winner. Properly fitted, this style of shutter provides reliable and noticeable thermal insulation by creating a barrier to hold warmth inside while also being adjustable.

Full Height
Full height shutters are the obvious choice if you want to prevent heat escaping or cold creeping in. Because these shutters cover the entirety of your window, any small draughts are stopped in their tracks.

Solid Panel
A solid panel shutter provides an unbeatable layer of protection against the cold and the glaring sun. The panel construction means less opportunity for heat to make its way out through your windows but also gives you the flexibility to concertina the panels to adjust for light and airflow.

Other Benefits Of Shutters

Shutters are a stylish and practical solution to adding an extra layer of window insulation to your home. Regulating temperature and saving you money on your energy bills isn’t all shutters can do for you. 

They also:

  • Reduce UV damage – Your home and furnishings are important to you, so protecting them from damaging UV rays is essential. Shutters are often adjustable, allowing you to control the amount of light entering a room.
  • Add value to your home – Shutters are a permanent and stylish addition to your property, providing sun, heat and sound protection for years to come. This adds value to your property and enhances the overall appearance of your home for future buyers.
  • Offer sound insulation – In homes close to noisier areas such as roads or schools, shutters can provide a much-needed layer of sound insulation when installed properly.
  • Create a timeless look – Our shutters are available in a vast range of styles and materials, but all of them are timeless and effortlessly stylish. Shutters will be a constant staple of design in your home. 

Window Insulation

Could Shutters Save You Money On Your Heating Bill?

The real question is – can you save money on your heating bill with shutters?

The answer is a resounding yes! Shutters can reduce heat loss in buildings by 51% when used and installed correctly. The heat loss reduction that shutters offer is almost equal to installing double glazing.

Shutters really are an energy-saver’s best friend. You decrease the need to keep your heating on by retaining warmth indoors. 

This gives you the knock-on effect of saving money on your next heating bill. Don’t forget this works in the warmer months, too, as you’ll be able to maintain indoor temperatures and reduce the need to have electric fans on.

If you’d like to discover which type of shutter we recommend for your home, arrange an appointment or request a quote. We’re here to help you choose the shutters that feel like they were made for your home. 

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