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Why Do Luxaflex Blinds Cost So Much?

Luxaflex Blinds

It’s no secret that Luxaflex products are more expensive than your average off-the-shelf blind. But why do Luxaflex products cost so much more? What makes them so special? And are they worth the cost?

We take a comprehensive look at the topic in this blog.

What Are Luxaflex Blinds?

Luxaflex blinds are top-of-the-range window coverings of the highest quality and innovation.

The cellular structure of Luxaflex Duette blinds, sometimes referred to as honeycomb fabric, works efficiently to retain your home’s heat. Not just that, but it provides stunning light diffusion throughout your spaces for a warm, inviting glow.

Luxaflex blinds come motorised for ultimate child and pet safety as standard, with an operating option of your choosing; manual operation, remote control and voice activation are a few of the choices available.

And you can forget the one-size-fits-all approach. Luxaflex holds its customers at the forefront of everything they do, and that means durable, made-to-measure blind solutions that perform perfectly and fit even the most awkward of window shapes and sizes. 

Types Of Luxaflex Blinds

The Luxaflex blind range is a beautiful catalogue of gold-standard window covering solutions.

Duette Blinds

Luxaflex Duette Blinds are constructed from those special honeycomb cells to form an insulating blanket for your windows, keeping the warmth in and your energy bills down. 

Made from high-quality, beautiful fabrics and available in three levels of transparency, Duette blinds softly shade your room and showcase a stylish pleat that looks stunning in every setting.

Luxaflex Duette blinds

Pirouette Shades

Luxaflex Pirouette shades are a new and improved alternative to traditional fabric blinds, and they exude elegance. 

The soft lines of their front-facing fabric vane construction mean that Pirouette shades move rhythmically and delicately as you open and close them, providing a floating effect and creating a relaxing vibe for your home.

The UV filtering technology of Pirouette shades also protects your home and everything in it – even when the vanes are open. They come in a huge range of exclusive fabrics, meaning there’s a Pirouette shade to suit all rooms. These blinds are made-to-measure for a perfect fit for every window.

Luxaflex Blinds

Silhouette Blinds

The magic of Luxaflex Silhouette Blinds is their unique design. Yearn for a perfect outside view? Silhouette blinds enable you to see straight through them when the vanes are open and create a soft shading effect when closed. 

The way Silhouette blinds work means you can bask in the daylight and get that much-needed vitamin D without the stark, awkward glare of full sunshine. What’s more, is that you won’t lose out on privacy. The smart white backing of Silhouette blinds obscures the view from outside in, giving you peace of mind that you aren’t overlooked. 
Luxaflex Blinds

How Much Do Luxaflex Blinds Cost?

When you’re updating your window coverings, you want to make sure it’s an investment that will last. Luxaflex blinds aren’t the cheapest on the market, but ask yourself… would you want them to be? Budget blinds might be kinder to your pocket, but they’re borne from low-quality materials and low-grade manufacturing processes.

High-performing, market-leading window coverings like Luxaflex blinds are more expensive than your average shading solution. These blinds are priced similarly to shutters per square metre.

However, there are so many combinations of stunning fabrics and operating systems, as well as the sizes of blinds you require, that the prices vary hugely depending on your choices.

But why? Why, exactly, do Luxaflex blinds cost so much?

Why Luxaflex Blinds Are Special

Luxaflex blinds will transform how you use your home.


Millimetre-perfect and customisable for windows of all shapes and sizes, Luxaflex blinds are custom fit to ensure proper and efficient shading of the spaces you love. 

Beautiful Pleats 

Luxaflex fabric is constructed in a honeycomb format. This incredibly efficient system of cells traps the heat you want to hold onto in the winter – the stuff you’re paying for – and provides a barrier against the hot summer sun when you’d rather stay cool. 

This means you’ll save considerably on your energy bills throughout the year. 

The Green Option

Who knew you could look after the planet when buying new blinds? Luxaflex blinds are made of the finest quality materials and are sustainably manufactured. The company has even joined forces with Bionic® Yarn to create the world’s first sunscreen fabric – a fabric made from an unbelievable 50% recycled ocean plastic waste.

Luxaflex Vs The Off-The-Shelf Alternative

Not convinced? Let’s compare Luxaflex to your run-of-the-mill budget blinds.

When you invest in Luxaflex window coverings, you come away with complete peace of mind that your blinds will last because Luxaflex provides a whopping 5-year guarantee. And most Luxaflex blinds fitted by our expert team have lasted even longer than that. 

The industry average? A mere 1 year!

Another huge benefit of Luxaflex technology is its fantastic privacy provision. Silhouette blinds particularly, with their gossamer-like backing, allow for total privacy without forfeiting fresh air and a lovely view. You don’t get that with off-the-shelf options!

The sheer luxury of exclusive Luxaflex fabrics is something to behold, too. Stunningly beautiful, high-performing materials that can be fully customised? Yes, please!

Home Automation

As if Luxaflex blinds couldn’t get any better! The Luxaflex system introduces the option of fully and elegantly automated window coverings to simplify daily life.

Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa as well as the specially designed Luxaflex phone app, your blinds can be operated in real-time at the tap of a button. Better yet, they can be programmed to automatically open or shut at an increment of your choice at different times of the day or in specific conditions.

Nursing the baby and need to lower the light levels? Stuck on a Zoom call, and a sudden glare from the sun is obscuring your screen? Live with reduced mobility and struggle to get up and around? Luxaflex has you sorted.

Add Pure Value To Your Home With Luxaflex Blinds

Luxaflex blinds sit on the expensive side of the scale because of how much they contribute to a sophisticated, modern and convenient home. Made of premium materials, the smart honeycomb cell system reduces your bills and enhances your day-to-day life. 

Want to know more about what we’ve got to offer? Read up on Luxaflex and much, much more in our brochure; click here to get yours today. 

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