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Which Shutters Are The Best?

If you’ve been looking at shutters, you might have seen the different types available. But which shutters are the best?

While choice is usually a good thing, sometimes it can end up confusing you. Navigating your shutter options shouldn’t feel like a stressful operation, though. After all, there’s only one type of shutter that will fit perfectly into your home and elevate your space in all the ways you want it to.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help you find out which shutters are the best for your particular space and your unique requirements.

Why Shutters Are So Popular

First things first, you’ve probably chosen to look into shutters for a reason. Curtains and blinds are solid options, but they don’t compare to shutters in a few regards, and that’s because shutters are a totally different solution for your windows.

They bring together the very best of both worlds, the two things every homeowner aspires to nail, and that’s aesthetics and practicality.

You can easily think of them as your house’s fashion accessories – as well as an important aspect of your home life that absolutely must be functional. If you think it sounds hard to balance the two, you’re right, which is why people are so often impressed by shutters.

Whatever your interior style, you can find shutters that will blend in without effort or that will stand out and make a statement! Either way, your shutters can work into your style and scheme. 

Shutters are, without a doubt, the right choice for a home that wants both style and function. They can be made to fit any window size and shape flawlessly, and you can get a unified look all around your house. 

And if safety is a concern for you, shutters are your ideal choice, especially for households with pets or kids. There are no tangled cords with shutters, just simple, easy operation. The best part? Your shutters will be with you for the long haul. They are built (and installed) to last the years and become a permanent feature of your property.

So, to summarise, in your hunt for which shutters are the best for you, you’ll love shutters because: 

  • Elegant style suits any decor
  • Versatile
  • Pet and child-safe
  • Very long lifespan

Which Shutters Are The Best?

Finding your perfect match isn’t as hard as it may seem. Yes, there are various types, styles, materials and colours, but you’ll know what’s right for you when you factor in what matters in your home.

It’s certainly a personal journey since deciding which shutters are the best is totally subjective. Each style of shutter has its own character and benefits. For example, some people might prefer the relaxed, cottagey style of cafe shutters, while others simply adore the traditional look of solid panel shutters.

The answer really does depend on you. So what are your options?
Let’s look at each style…

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe Style shutters adorn the lower portion of your windows while still ushering natural light in the top portion. They’re ideal if you’re craving a perfect balance between improved privacy and connection to the outdoors. 

Full Height Shutters

These shutters envelop the full height of your windows (no matter the shape or size) to give you the ultimate level of privacy and light control. They’re popular in ground-floor rooms or bedrooms for this reason.

Tier-on-tier Shutters

Tier-on-tier is the epitome of versatility, giving two separate panels that you can operate independently to customise your light control and ensure your shutters are doing what you want them to do at every moment.

Solid Panel Shutters

Nothing says timeless elegance like solid panel shutters. They boast full-length coverage, just like full-height shutters and are excellent at room darkening, so they’re often chosen for bedrooms or children’s playrooms. 

Best For Room Darkening

All shutter styles, apart from cafe style, provide good room darkening; however, some light can creep in. 

If you’re longing for a full darkening effect, solid panel shutters are the best shutters for near-total darkness. 

This way, you can block all light that would otherwise penetrate the room – a well-fitted shutter won’t allow any light around the edges. 

But this achievement does come with a trade-off.  You have all or nothing – if you want to change your t-shirt in the middle of the day and close your shutters, you’ll need the lights on to navigate your room!


Best For Privacy

Privacy is a pivotal feature for almost all shutter styles. Even the cafe style still allows you privacy with its covered lower section. So how do you choose?

Well, each shutter style has its own privacy benefits.

Because full height and tier-on-tier options cover your whole window, they’re ideal for rooms on the ground floor and rooms that need enhanced darkness and complete privacy.

Cafe-style shutters can suit rooms where you want some privacy but also want to enjoy a view or to let in light. They’re best suited to rooms where you don’t need to sleep, such as kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, as you won’t get that light-blocking effect as you would with solid panels, full-height or tier-on-tier.

shutters for privacy

Best For Thermal Control

Which shutters are the best for thermal control? Again, whichever style you choose – apart from cafe style, that is – will help you keep heat inside in cold months and keep sunlight out in hotter months.

The thing to bear in mind is that shutters with louvres mean you can deflect sunlight. 

So you don’t have to be in darkness on a glorious day. You can keep the glare of the sun out while still allowing gorgeous daylight in. This gives louvred shutters the edge over solid panel shutters, which, while brilliant at insulating a room, mean being in darkness in summer if you need them closed.

It’s Not Just About Style…

As well as differing styles, you can also choose what material your shutter is made from.


PVC shutters are crafted to thrive in humid and damp environments. They’re best suited to humid rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.


If thermal control is a priority for you, then wood shutters emerge triumphant. They’re best suited to rooms where you want thermal control, such as bedrooms and any room you’ll spend a long time in!


Beyond giving you a stylish finish, they’re the perfect way to add an extra layer of security. They’re best suited to those seeking a discrete and stylish way to secure their property.

Choosing Which Shutters Are The Best For You…

Deciding you want shutters is the first step to elevating your home, but knowing which shutters are the best for your home means you’ll love your investment for decades to come. Embark on your shutter decision journey by downloading our free shutter brochure with everything you need to know to make your choice.

Your search for the perfect shutters starts here.

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