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When Passion Meets Perfectionism

Our Quest for Excellence & How We Respond to the Unexpected

In any story, there’s bound to be a twist. It’s the unexpected turns and the unforeseen challenges that keep life, well, interesting. But at Scottish Shutter Company, every challenge is a lesson, an opportunity to showcase our commitment to our craft and our valued clients.

We are no strangers to words of praise, be it through the many five-star reviews we’ve received or the awards that honour our dedication. We’ve built a reputation on trust, quality, and exemplary service. Yet, as with any tale worth telling, only some chapters are smooth sailing.

An Unexpected Challenge

Our ever-reliable and talented fitting team recently stumbled upon an unexpected challenge during one of our installations. Picture the scene: Our team had turned up, ready to fit a set of shutters, only to find that there had been an unusual error made by our manufacturing folks in China. As you might expect, our stomachs sank. Perfection is our pursuit, after all.

A Bit of Context

Before we proceed, let’s offer a bit of context. Our shutters are crafted in China and transported via sea freight to our shores. In this instance, sensing the urgency and importance of the situation, we decided to air freight the replacements to rectify the problem swiftly.

An Unexpected Email

However, what happened next took us by surprise. Our client penned a rather unexpected email expressing their dismay in no uncertain terms. The email’s tone was out of the ordinary for us. While the content’s essence was understandable – after all, our client had expectations we typically meet and exceed – the intensity of the message was startling. We’ve been fortunate to have built strong relationships with our clients over the years, and this was the first time in our almost four-decade history that we had received feedback of this nature.



Even more puzzling was that, while the email was being composed, our fitting team was still on-site, diligently installing the other shutters. They were receiving commendations for their professionalism and service.


Rapid and Compassionate

In situations like these, a rapid and compassionate response is our mantra. Judith, ever the beacon of professionalism and grace, immediately reached out. But our client preferred a written resolution over a call.


This experience gives us a pause for thought and an opportunity to reflect. Firstly, we understand that everyone has their own way of expressing dissatisfaction. While we found the reaction intense, we respect our client’s feelings and perspective.


We Are Human

Secondly, and most importantly, we are human. While our track record is exemplary, there’s always room for growth and improvement. These rare occasions push us to be even better, fine-tune our processes, and strive for even greater heights of excellence.


The Silver Lining

But here’s the silver lining and the message we want our current and future clients to take away: At the Scottish Shutter Company, we don’t just sell shutters. We sell a promise. A promise of quality, dedication, and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Even when we falter, we rise, learn, and ensure that the story ends positively.


In the spirit of transparency, we share this tale not to justify but to reaffirm our commitment to you.

Mistakes can happen, but it’s how we respond that defines us.


To our dissatisfied client:

Thank you. While the feedback was unexpected, it has provided us with an invaluable opportunity to introspect and grow. Our promise remains unbroken, and we will always strive for perfection in our shared journey of turning houses into homes.


To our future clients:

Expect nothing but the best from us. And know that even when things don’t go as planned, we will move mountains to set things right. Because, at the end of the day, your happiness is our success story.

August 2023
Picture of David Browne

David Browne

David is Co-Founder and Project Director at the award-winning, Best Family Business 2020 – the Scottish Shutter Company. David has over 35 years’ experience in running and growing small businesses.




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