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The Story Behind Our Award Win! BBSA Best Shutter Installation Award Winners

Judith & David D'Ambrosio with their award for Best Internal Shutter Installation 2022
Judith & David with the award

If you’ve ever won an award, you know how we feel today! Last week Judith and David put on their glad rags and made their way to the prestigious Whittlebury Hall for the President’s Ball – and the annual BBSA (British Blind & Shutter Association) awards. 

The night was filled with good food, dancing, glitz, and glamour, but the best part was that we scooped first prize in the “Best Shutter Installation” category! 

The BBSA awards are highly competitive, with independent judges choosing the worthy winners. To be crowned winner of the “Best Shutter Installation” is a great honour, and we’re really proud of all our team, whom it wouldn’t have been possible without. 

But that’s not all… 

With thousands of happy customers, we cannot help but feel grateful to you because your success stories got our family-run business to this exciting point.

The BBSA is the national trade association for companies that manufacture, supply and install exterior and interior blinds, shutters and awnings. So you can see why this award means so much. 

Big awards aside, there’s a story at the heart of this win that you might relate to.

Bungalow Upgrade In Need

BBSA Best Shutter Installation Award Winners

We responded to an enquiry from Lynne, and it turned out we were the only shutter and blind company to bother to respond to her emails. 

Lynne was remodelling a beautiful bungalow, but she had a problem – two overlooked windows in desperate need of stylish and bespoke shutters.

Lynne didn’t want just any off-the-shelf shutter or blind, though; she had a vision for the space and needed help to achieve it. Her dream shutters were not typical box bays, despite both windows being box bay windows. 

The shutters should be solid panels and provide room darkening, heat insulation, and privacy with a tier-on-tier construction to allow daylight in.

No Mounting Surfaces, No Problem

BBSA Best Shutter Installation Award Winners

Enter problem number two – the windows were present, but there were no mounting surfaces as this was an in-progress building project. So did we give up or tell Lynne it would be too much effort? 

No, we got to work alongside her architect and builder, frequently consulting their ideas and plans to create a functional, perfectly engineered, gorgeous shutter design. 

There were plenty of challenges, but there was one more problem to overcome. Because custom shutters have extended lead times, we decided to coordinate closely with Lynne. We completed the designs and ordered the shutters before the mounting surfaces were in place, so Lynne wouldn’t have to move into a bungalow without shutters. 

On-time and with a team of three expert fitters, the installation went smoothly, and Lynne was delighted. In an email, she said,

“What a job you all did, they look amazing!!  I am so pleased, and the difference in heat already is quite incredible. Thank you again to the whole team; please pass on my thanks.”

It’s incredible to think that if Lynne hadn’t messaged us, she might’ve still been waiting for one of the other companies to reply to her initial enquiry.

A Final NoteBBSA Best Shutter Installation Award Winners

The BBSA wanted to recognise our work with Lynne,  and we’re so glad they did! We want to thank all of our lovely customers especially. 

We hope that more people (like you) can feel reassured that no matter how awkward the window or how precise your vision is, we can help create the customised, luxury shutters you’ve been wishing for.

A key characteristic of wood shutters is that they are easy to maintain, just with regular dusting. A feather duster is ideal for this – an Ostrich feather if you can get one. They can also be cleaned, if necessary, with ordinary soap and water. You’ll never have to oil, sand or refinish your shutters.



Picture of David Browne

David Browne

David is Co-Founder and Project Director at the award-winning, Best Family Business 2020 – the Scottish Shutter Company. David has over 35 years’ experience in running and growing small businesses.




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