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The Pros & Cons Of An Awning Valance


Thinking about adding an awning valance to your patio? Ready to make your outside space even more functional? Not sure where to start?

A patio awning adds so much to your outside space. Make room for the extended family to relax outdoors, create space for entertaining or simply realise your ultimate vision for your home. But the usability and luxury don’t end there. 

There are many ways you can enhance your awning, from LED lights to patio heaters, making them a staple of your garden usage. An awning valance is one of these additions, but is it right for you?

When it comes time to put the awning away, there’s one problem that many don’t consider…

What Is A Valance?

Many awnings come with the addition of a valance. This is an extra piece of fabric that elegantly drops down from the main canopy on the front edge. Now, at first glance, you may wonder about the purpose of this addition, but as you’ll find out, it can play an important role in making your patio space the most inviting and usable space it can be.

But there is one consideration to take into account if you’re thinking about having a valance. The common issue people have with their awning valance is that when their awning is retracted, that valance can hang out of the cassette like a dog’s flapping tongue

This may not be much of a problem for some, as it can be tied or folded back neatly with only a little more effort. However, just like the other extras available with the Luxaflex awning range, there is a simpler solution!

The Advantages Of A Power Valance

Sun Shading & Comfort

Your awning offers respite from the sun, giving you a comfortable and shaded place of sanctuary and calm, but as the sun moves across the sky, its angle changes and light can creep in. 

This can mean needing to adjust the placement of your furniture to avoid any unwelcome intrusion of light. This is where your awning power valance comes in handy. It acts as a reliable shield against the unrelenting creep of the sun. With your valance, you can enjoy uninterrupted shade.

Rain Runoff

Nature works to its own agenda, and sometimes that means sending a downpour when you’re trying to enjoy a cosy evening out on your patio with friends. While it might be appreciated under your awning in the summer, when you might enjoy the splash of cooling rain, it’s no fun getting soaked by driving rain or cold on cooler days.

Here, your awning power valance proves its worth again, creating a protective barrier and preventing rainwater running off the edges of your awning from sneaking underneath and ruining the fun.

Preventing Breeze

Time spent outdoors is hugely rewarding, whether you’re working in the fresh air, enjoying a book or using your extra space to exercise. But none of these delightful activities are made better by a sudden gust of wind. 

An awning power valance creates a barrier between you and the wind, ensuring your time outdoors goes uninterrupted by blusters.

Enhanced Privacy

If privacy is your priority, a power valance is your secret weapon. It’s a discreet and stylish way to create a little more privacy for your outdoor space, shielding you from prying eyes and providing you with a sense of seclusion.

Hold In Heat

Staying toasty on chilly evenings or brisk mornings can be a smart way to make your outdoor patio space all the more functional. Even if you don’t decide to add a patio heater for your awning, having a valance will ensure you or your guests stay warm and cosy by retaining the heat in the space.


The Problem With An Awning Valance

We know a valance comes with numerous advantages, most of all making your outdoor space all the more inviting and functional. But it’s not without its challenges. Here are some common disadvantages some people find with an awning valance.


With some awnings, the valance may hang out of the cassette casing when it’s retracted. For many people who choose a full cassette awning, meaning that the awning fabric is totally hidden when retracted, this can be a huge downside. 

If you’re unable to hide your valance, it might mean a less appealing look. While functionality is always key for any patio space, aesthetics play an undeniable role, too, so this is crucial to consider. 


When the valance material is left out and exposed to the elements, it could become slightly discoloured, or the fabric may weaken over time. These signs of normal wear are inevitable with fabrics exposed to the weather on a daily basis, but with a valance, it can be particularly noticeable. 

Risk Of Damage

As you may imagine, an extended valance in extremely windy weather can act like a sail. The large section of fabric would catch the wind, increasing the potential for damage. It could put increased stress on the structure of your awning. As well as this, it’s important to note that the flapping of the valance in violent winds may be a source of annoyance and noise.

Solving The Awning Valance Problem

If you’re feeling disheartened at those common awning valance issues, don’t worry because there is an innovative solution. Luxaflex, a company renowned for its commitment to excellent awning design, have created the Formosa Max.

The Formosa Max valance retracts independently, tucking away so it’s safe and protected while not in use. That means no more flapping in the wind, damage from the sun or unsightly hanging fabric! 

The elegant Formosa Max has both motorised and manual options, catering to your specific preferences. With the motorised option, you can retract the valance with the press of a button, with the absolute minimum of effort or disruption. If you prefer the hands-on option, the manual version gives total control over the valance’s positioning. 

Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning with Power Valance

Make More Of Your Awning Space With Simple Touches

When it comes to awnings, attention to detail can elevate your patio space from functioning to stunning and effortless. The new awning valance from Luxaflex lets you get the most from your awning and your outdoor space.If you’d like to see our awning and valance options, download our brochure for free here.

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