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Temporary Window Blinds

Temposhade® Instant Window Blinds

Temposhade: Your Ideal Temporary Blinds Solution

Temposhade transcends the ordinary definition of a quick fix; it presents itself as a sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solution tailored to suit your immediate window covering needs. Made from recyclable paper conscientiously sourced from sustainable forests, these temporary blinds stand as a testament to our commitment to responsible production. More than just fulfilling your need for privacy and light control swiftly, they also offer a unique blend of adaptability and style. Incorporating Temposhade blinds into your space not only ensures immediate coverage but also contributes towards a more sustainable future, as these products leave a minimal environmental footprint. The balance between convenience, sustainability, and design makes Temposhade the ideal choice for all your temporary window covering requirements.

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Perfect for Transitional Periods

Whether you’ve just moved into a new property or are awaiting the delivery of your custom-ordered blinds or shutters, Temposhade offers an efficient solution that ensures your windows are never left bare. Why compromise your comfort and privacy when a hassle-free solution is at your fingertips?

Innovative Light Control

Our Black Temposhade blinds are designed to give you the best sleep by blocking out most of the light. If you’re a light-sensitive sleeper, these blinds are the perfect temporary solution for your bedroom.

For spaces that require a balance of privacy and natural light, our White Temposhade serves as a perfect companion. It gracefully filters the daylight, keeping your rooms bright and welcoming while ensuring the privacy you need.

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User-Friendly Design

Temposhade blinds are incredibly easy to size, with no need for dangerous craft knives or complicated measurements. A simple pair of scissors is all you need to trim the blinds to your window size.

To facilitate an adaptable window covering, we provide hold-up clips with each Temposhade. These allow you to secure the blind in a raised position, letting in natural light when needed. Once you’re ready for privacy, simply remove the clips to lower the blind again.

Versatile Installation Methods

Depending on the surface you’re attaching the blind to, we offer adhesive tape and thumb tacks for easy and secure installation. Whether it’s a wooden window frame or a plasterboard surface, we’ve got you covered.

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Temposhade Thumbtacks

Thumb Tacks

Thumb tacks allow you to attach your Temposhade® to wood or plasterboard.

Sometimes you may need to attach Temposhade to a wooden window frame, or even a plaster board surface. The adhesive tape is not guaranteed for use on those surfaces, so we include some thumb tack to help hold the blinds in position.

A Commitment to the Environment

One of the things we’re most proud of is the reusability and recyclability of our Temposhade blinds. If you want to reuse them, simply cut off the top pleat and attach new double-sided tape. If it’s time to dispose of them, rest assured, knowing they’re 100% recyclable.

As part of our commitment to the environment, we encourage all Temposhade users to put their blinds in paper waste recycling bins once they’re done using them. Not only does this help conserve our planet’s resources, but it also reduces the waste going to landfills.

With Temposhade, you’re not just opting for a temporary window covering – you’re choosing a sustainable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Temposhade Double Sided Tape
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