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Smart Eve MotionBlinds – Could They Work For You?

Smart Eve MotionBlinds

Ever heard of Smart Eve MotionBlinds? Smart technology is booming because it makes our lives easier. You must have come across it by now. Because when you can remotely control and preset schedules for your lights, thermostat, audio equipment and doorbell, there’s more time to do the things you enjoy. 

But aren’t these luxuries just something you see on TV? Don’t they live in the land of the rich and famous? 

Put simply, no! Smart tech is accessible to everyone, and it’s gaining popularity by the day. A convenient home setup, where your devices and appliances work for you, is much more affordable than you think…

Cue smart Eve MotionBlinds, the window coverings you didn’t know you needed.

What Are Eve MotionBlinds?

Smart Eve MotionBlinds are blinds that can be controlled by your voice or an app so that you can operate them remotely. Stuck at the supermarket and want to wake up the teenager? You’re so cruel! But, with MotionBlinds, you could open their blind from exactly where you’re standing in the queue…

And guess what? You’re not forfeiting style or design when you choose MotionBlinds, either. Smart Eve MotionBlinds can be made-to-measure from high-performing and beautiful fabrics, providing a millimetre-perfect fit and blending in seamlessly to homes of all styles.

Just A Gimmick Or Actually Useful?

Choosing smart Eve MotionBlinds for your home means…

Safer Living

One child under 5 years of age dies every week from an accident in the home. Don’t risk your blinds being one of the causes. With no dangling cords, chains or rods to get hold of, smart Eve MotionBlinds remove the risk of strangulation for children or pets who live in or visit your home that can be so typical of standard blinds. 

Convenience And Accessibility 

The bodily actions required to operate regular blinds, and the getting up and down from chairs and sofas to do so, can be a real strain for people living with reduced mobility. It might even be downright impossible. For everyone in the house, smart Eve MotionBlinds automate the process for sheer convenience and ultimate comfort.

High Performance And Durability

The smart technology of MotionBlinds reduces the risk of damage to your blinds which constant handling causes. With no-touch operation, your new smart Eve MotionBlinds have a long life ahead of them, so they’re an investment for the future. 

Full Remote Control 

Don’t want it to look like the house is empty? Operate your smart Eve MotionBlinds from anywhere you like using an app on your phone or tablet. Wake the teen, get the kids’ room ready for bedtime or lower all blinds to combat the glare on the tv in an instant.

Smart Eve MotionBlinds

A Smart Ecosystem

Pairing your smart Eve MotionBlinds to best known smart home systems means you can also link up to other smart devices in your home, creating a web of smart technology that speaks to each other and takes easy living to the next level. 

How Do Eve MotionBlinds Work?

Smart Eve MotionBlinds use the most advanced technology on the market to simplify your life. A small motor powers the blinds that respond to a controller or app signal. Eve MotionBlinds do so much more than standard motorised blinds, though…

Super Simple Setup

Getting your MotionBlinds up and running couldn’t be easier, just download the app and scan the code that comes with your kit. That’s it. No registration, and no tracking.

Simple Voice Activation

Eve MotionBlinds can be operated with your voice, making them accessible to everyone in the household and bringing your interiors to life. 

Complete Remote Control

Want full control even when you’re not at home? Smart Eve MotionBlinds are the answer. Operate your blinds from anywhere you are through the app on your phone to maintain the utmost privacy even when you’re not there. 

Low Maintenance And Long Life

The motor in each MotionBlind is battery-operated, so there’s no need to hook them up to the mains. The best bit? These high-performance batteries are easy to take out when needed and only require charging annually for a couple of hours before you’re good to go again.

Effortless Automation

Put your blinds on autopilot and set a daily routine that responds to your needs. Save preset routines for days of the week, seasons of the year or weekdays and weekends to make the most of pure convenience. 

Who Are Eve MotionBlinds Good For?

These are a fantastic option for you if you… 

  • Enjoy simplicity
  • Struggle with fiddly blind cords or moving around your home
  • Love the latest gadget and new technology
  • Have kids who you want to keep safe (and wake up and send to bed on time!)

Do you tick any of those boxes? We’re willing to bet you do! These blinds can transform the way you live your life, inside and outside of your home. Pair them with other smart tech around the house for the full experience of utmost convenience and fewer niggling to-dos. 


Eve MotionBlinds are revolutionary, an incredible marriage between form and function. The benefits of full remote control make your home feel luxurious and quickly become indispensable.

On the fence about upgrading your window coverings? Want to see some MotionBlinds in the flesh, or give them a feel? Click here to book a virtual appointment or visit our huge showroom for expert advice and a friendly ear.

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