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Shutters For Shaped Windows – Do They Work?

Shutters For Shaped Windows

Shaped windows can seem like a nightmare to cover – after all, the idea of hanging curtains on a slope or rising above an arch is clearly ridiculous. With a shaped feature window, using a curtain can lead to awkward coverings that block out the wall around the window and lose the very shape that was a feature in the first place.

What about shutters for shaped windows? Do they work? Can they work?

The answer is an emphatic ‘yes’.

Shaped Windows: An Overview

Why are there shaped windows anyway? After all, when you drew a house as a child, chances are it had standard rectangular windows replete with curtains. Isn’t that good enough?

In truth, windows can really change the look and style of a home, and now, more than ever before, architects and homeowners are looking for ways to put a personal stamp on a property.

While windows serve a practical purpose, allowing natural light and air into a room, their shape can have a huge positive effect, dictating how that light illuminates the room and gives it character. Sometimes, a regular rectangle simply won’t do.

Window styles that are common today and can be problematic for basic curtains or blinds include:

  • Arches
  • Triangles
  • Circles
  • Diamonds
  • Gables
  • Church style
  • Bay
  • Raked
  • Floor-to-ceiling

Shutters For Shaped Windows

The solution to covering these stunning-yet-tricky window shapes is shutters. They can be customised to suit, cut as a bespoke fitting to the exact size and – most importantly – the shape of whatever window you have.

Not only that, using shutters for shaped windows provides a whole host of other advantages:

The Advantages Of Shutters For Shaped Windows

Light and Privacy Control

Let’s face it – the reason you want to cover your windows is because there are times when you need to block the outside and the sunlight completely.

The light control you get with shutters on your shaped windows is second to none. Unlike curtains and blinds, there’s no light seepage from the edges. The shutters, designed to fit perfectly, do exactly that, blocking the light entirely.

What’s more, it’s all under your control. With a louvred shutter, you can adjust the light coming in to give you a degree of control far finer than any curtain.

When it comes to privacy, there’s not much better at ensuring no one can peek in than closed shutters – it’s like trying to see through the wall!

Energy Efficiency

One of the most important considerations for window coverings is how well they keep the heat in and the cold out. Shutters are an excellent insulator, with the edge-to-edge nature of the fitting ensuring that no warm air is escaping where it shouldn’t.

Using shutters for your shaped windows means your energy bills will drop. There is simply no possible way to get curtains or blinds to provide a comparable level of energy efficiency.

Though shutters do tend to have a more expensive initial installation cost, the savings on your energy bills will be significant.


Put shutters on your shaped windows, and you will enjoy a warm, beautiful aesthetic that mixes a modern look with timeless tradition. Shutters have a vast range of colour options, so matching them with your interior decor is easy. 

With many designers choosing to use shutters as an extra feature to your home, there’s no denying the beautiful look of expertly fitted shutters enhancing your shaped windows.

Durability and Longevity

With only minor maintenance, shutters are extremely long-lasting. With a range of materials that includes waterproof options for kitchen and bathroom use, shutters for shaped windows will keep working optimally for decades.

Investing in shutters for your home will give you years of trouble-free use.

Modern Installation

Aligned with the growing trend towards technology and smart homes, shutters can be fitted with electric opening and closing mechanisms that integrate with your home system for remote, scheduled, and voice-activated use.

This advantage is perfect when considering shutters for shaped windows that are placed in difficult-to-reach locations. Those high gable windows or stairwell port-hole windows can have their shutters opened or closed at a mere word or set to let in the light during the daytime and provide privacy automatically at night.

Shutter automation technology is perfectly safe, with sensors to ensure nothing is trapped or damaged during operation.

Considerations Before You Buy

Nothing is without its downsides, however. Before you commit to shutters on your shaped windows, it’s worth thinking about the following:

  • Cost – There’s no getting around the fact that a bespoke shutter installation is more expensive than blinds or curtains. With all the advantages listed above, it should be easy to see how shutters are an investment in your home, and the cost is offset over time, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to swallow! It’s important that you have considered your budget before buying shutters for your shaped windows.
  • Beware cheap alternatives – The internet is filled with companies offering shutter solutions for a cheaper price, but this is usually a false economy. Cheaper shutters will often have a poor fit, be difficult to install, and fail to have the longevity you are expecting. It’s always best to speak to a professional before purchase.
  • Professional installation – From the early measuring to the precise fitting, there is a lot that can go wrong with shutter installation, especially when you add the complexity of shaped windows. It’s recommended that you don’t try to undertake a DIY fitting of your shutters, as without the proper training and experience, it’s far too easy to turn a beautiful set of window coverings into a costly mess.

Shutters for Shaped Windows with SSC

At the Scottish Shutter Company, we’re experts at fitting shutters to shaped windows – whatever the shape. So whether you have some elegant sloping windows to match your roofline, or a decorative star-shaped feature for that unique look, why not speak to us about your shutter options? Contact us today or download a brochure to see the range of options on offer. 

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