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Shutters For Patio Doors: Cost, Benefits and Style Ideas

Patio doors are fantastic – great wide expanses of light that bring the garden as close to the house as possible while still keeping out the rain. However, when it comes to covering them, people can struggle. Neither floor-to-ceiling curtains nor blinds can ever seem to get it right. In fact, the problem is so significant that many people simply don’t cover their patio doors at all, which is good if you’re planning to have your living room feature in a BBC murder mystery drama, but pretty poor for all other reasons.

Shutters provide a sleek and chic solution that lets you keep the outside out while effortlessly elevating your decor – what’s not to love? If you are thinking of shutters for your patio doors, cost, style, and practicality are likely to be three key considerations. Here at the Scottish Shutter Company, we have all the expertise you need.

Patio Door Shutters: An Overview

Patio doors are bigger than your average window and have a few differences, notably because they stretch to the floor and must be opened to allow passage. Patio door shutters take all this into account, providing a covering that is tailored to the task.

Sliding Patio Doors

The standard, perfect solution for large patio door layouts is to have the shutters on a track that runs on the inside of the doors. The shutters slide along this track in one of two ways: either bi-fold, which is where the shutters fold like a concertina to either side or bypass, where the shutters slide in flat layers behind or in front of each other.

Whichever bi-fold or bypass you choose is down to personal aesthetic and design criteria; both look fantastic and give your room a luxurious feel.

S:Craft Fitted Shutters

A different option we favour here at SSC is the S:Craft fitted shutters. These are bespoke sized to meet the exact specifications of your patio doors and provide an individual shutter covering that becomes part of each door. Perfect for classic French doors, they even have a cut-out for the handle.

S:Craft shutters for French doors are an exceptionally elegant solution that is efficient and beautiful.

Shutters For Patio Doors: The Benefits

When comparing patio door shutters to other cover options, the benefits are considerable.

Light Control

Nothing short of a brick wall is as good at keeping out light as customised shutters. Where both curtains and blinds leak light around the fittings and often through the material, solid shutters provide a solid barrier that’s tight to the edge. Louvred shutters can be opened as needed to let in light in stages and control the angle of the light, or the shutters can be pulled right back to let the brightness right on in.

Privacy Control

Shutting out the light also means shutting out the wandering eyes of anyone passing. Whether that’s a nosy neighbour on the other side of the fence or a stream of dog walkers who regularly use that footpath at the end of your garden, shutters make your home a more private space.

Noise Reduction

A solid barrier such as shutters does more than just keep out light. Far more than curtains or blinds, patio door shutters are an added layer of protection from outside noises, from the hoot of occasional owls to next door’s party. 

Energy Efficiency

Insulation is a key factor in keeping down household bills and doing our bit for the environment. Shutters provide the best barrier against heat escaping to the outside world, especially with patio doors where a large expanse of glass will be potentially problematic – even if triple-glazed.

Shutters for Patio Doors

Pet and Child Safe

Patio door shutters present a safe and secure environment. With seamless fittings, there’s no risk of shutters being pulled down or tripped on, which can be a worry with full floor-length curtains. 

Shutters For Patio Doors: Styling

Aesthetics is one of the top reasons for choosing shutters for your patio doors. While the most popular colours are white and grey, shutters can come in any colour to match your interior decoration or be left unpainted for that natural wooden look.

Perhaps you want your shutters to be a focal point for the room, or go the other way and have them slip subtly into the background. Our experts can help you decide how to best style your shutters.

Patio door shutters are elegant and exciting, a potential canvas to complement your room design. Consider white or cream shutters to look stunning with coloured furniture or rugs – or even a splash of colour from a vibrant pot plant; wood brings a natural warmth to the room, while bright colours present a bold statement similar to a feature wall.

Shutters For Patio Doors: Cost

All of these advantages do come at a premium. Shutters for patio doors cost more than both blinds and curtains, with an initial installation investment that can be significantly higher than for other window and door coverings. However, it truly is an investment, as well-cared-for shutters will last for many years longer than the alternatives and improve the value of your home. When looked at in terms of years, the cost of patio door shutters is mitigated considerably.

Several things will impact how much your shutters for patio doors cost, both positively and negatively. Look out for:

Cheap Online Shutters

In the positive column, cheaper is better, right? Unfortunately not. Shutters should be properly installed, and cheap online options rarely provide the benefits we’ve looked at in this article. Light control, insulation, and even safety can all be affected if the shutter quality is poor.

There are many risks when buying patio door shutters online – we recommend you avoid them, no matter how tempting the discount.

A local retailer will cost more, but you’ll be able to lean on their expertise and advice and examine the product before you buy.

Shutter Type

Whether you opt for bi-fold, bypass, or S: Craftfitted French door shutters will have an impact on your budget. Why not discuss the options with an expert to see what they suggest and look at some examples, virtually or in the showroom? There is no right answer when choosing your shutter; it’s down to taste.

Shutters for Patio Doors

Size of Shutter

It seems obvious, but it does need mentioning; if you have a lot of patio doors to cover, it will cost more! One of the biggest factors in the patio door shutter cost is just how many shutters you need.


Whether you fit them yourself or get in experts will look like a big impact on paper, but it is often best to opt for the professional installation. There’s a hidden cost to a DIY installation, not to mention the pain and frustration when it becomes clear it’s much harder than it looks. An inexperienced fitter can mean the shutters perform badly and are unsafe, not to mention the potential for accidental damage. You’ll be much happier with a professional fit.

At the Scottish Shutter Company, we include the installation cost in the overall shutter quote for easy calculation. Our fitted shutters for patio doors cost from £300 per square metre, but rather than estimate it yourself, why not request a no-obligation quote? We’ll come to you, measure precisely, and get you a precise estimate in no time.

How The Scottish Shutter Company Can Help

If you are considering patio door shutters for your home, why not speak to us at the Scottish Shutter Company? We’ve been in the business of shutters for years and have all the experience you need to make the most of this investment. Download a brochure today, or call us to arrange a free, no-obligation visit.

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