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How Do Made-To-Measure Shutters Work For Awkward Windows?

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In the UK, ‘industry standard’ window sizes simply don’t exist. From tiny windows to weird and wonderful shapes, most houses have an unusual window as a feature, and they can be very awkward to dress well. 

Have you got awkward windows that need some sort of covering?  

Look no further. Made-to-measure shutters for awkward windows are the answer to your problems.

What Are Awkward Windows?

You only have to walk down the street to realise that houses in the UK are a mishmash of architecture. 

From cottages built in the 1800s to futuristic apartments erected in the last few years, there is a whole history of architecture sitting right on our doorstep, as well as within the walls of our houses. Converted barns, churches, mills and shops mean that our homes, more often than not, have irregular windows.

The most common unusual window is an arched shape, but other weird and wacky windows can be:

  • Triangular
  • Round
  • Raked
  • Church style
  • Bay
  • Gothic
  • Apex
  • Asymmetric
  • Floor to ceiling

Or your awkward windows might just be very, very small. We’ve got a whole blog dedicated to dressing tiny windows here – it’s worth a read.

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Shutters For Awkward Windows

They often look very beautiful, but covering an awkward window effectively is a challenge. 

Curtains and blinds can work in some instances, especially if just for show – some people use less full drapes, called dress curtains, which are hung for decorative purposes only. 

Most of us, however, are looking for window coverings that we can use; dressings that look great and actually shade the room. And here, curtains and blinds for awkward windows don’t cut the mustard. You’ll either only partially cover the window, as in the case of arched or apex windows, or you’ll have to hang incredibly oversized window coverings to fully cover the shape.

So what’s the solution? How do you dress awkward windows?

Made-to-measure shutters. Shutters for awkward windows are the only option that can be fully customised to retain and celebrate the shape of the feature window.

What Are The Benefits Of Shutters For Awkward Windows?

Aside from being customisable to suit your window, shutters offer a host of other benefits. The advantages of shutters for awkward windows include…

Superior Light Control

With the ability to manipulate the louvres of shutter panels, you can expertly filter natural light into your home and change the light levels easily as you wish. From fully open, to let that beautiful early morning sun wash over you in the morning, to fully closed to block out the moonlight at night, shutters provide next-level light control.

Brilliant Privacy

Retain that safe, homey bubble with made-to-measure shutters for awkward windows. The thick wooden louvres of shutters mean that they can be tilted to allow light in whilst maintaining full privacy from the outside world.

Thermal Properties

Shutters for awkward windows are more insulating than other window coverings, meaning they trap the heat of your home inside rather than letting it leak out. Shutters can lower your heat loss by up to 50% when fitted correctly and fully closed.

Awkward Windows

Style Versatility

Shutters can be any colour you wish and are perfect for full customisation. Blues, reds, classic whites… The world is your oyster when it comes to picking the colour for your shutters, making them easy to install into any interior design theme.

Strength and Durability

Shutters are easy to clean and last much longer than blinds and curtains. There are even 100% water-resistant varieties, perfectly suited to bathrooms and kitchens so that you can rest assured your shutters won’t succumb to moisture damage.

Value And Appeal

Shutters are a popular choice for good reason. Not only do they come with all of the benefits we’ve listed and more, but shutters enhance your home’s aesthetics both inside and out. You only have to open a magazine or watch the tv to see shutters adorning the windows of lovely houses worldwide. 

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What’s The Made-To-Measure Process?

Made-to-measure shutters are the bee’s knees. But some people worry that the process is a faff; surely it’s easier and faster to just buy something off the shelf!

Well, we’re here to straighten this out once and for all. The process couldn’t be easier, and here’s what it looks like…

1 – Realise All Windows Deserve Love

You’re awkward window is a piece of history and a very cool one at that. It’s a stunning feature of your home and needs something special to cover it – let’s go!

2 – Measure Up

Before you give us a shout, take rough measurements of your awkward window so that we can chat through options more effectively. When you call, we’ll book you in for a visit from our expert fitters for an accurate measuring session and discuss style and colour options with you in the comfort of your own home.

3 – Receive A No-Hidden-Extras Quote

Once our experts have tallied up everything you need to realise your awkward window dreams, we’ll send you a quote. Don’t worry, it’ll be clear and straightforward with no nasty surprises. 

4 – Time To Order

Keep in mind that the building of made-to-measure shutters is millimetre-perfect, so it takes longer than an off-the-shelf purchase to be ready. We know you’ll be eagerly awaiting your new shutters, so we keep you firmly in the loop with expected timeframes.

5 – Expert Fitting

Depending on the number of shutters being installed, this step can take between a couple of hours and a full day. Our professional fitters work fast and with as little disturbance as possible, leaving your home clean and tidy and looking fantastic by the time they’re done. 

So, Are Made-To-Measure Shutters For Awkward Windows Right For You?

Do you have an awkward window that is a pain to cover? Then made-to-measure shutters are the solution you need. Durable and aesthetically stunning, you’ll never have to stress about shopping for window coverings again.

At The Scottish Shutter Company, as members of the BBSA, we’re proud to say that no window is too awkward for us!

Book an appointment with one of our lovely team for a no-commitment chat today.

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