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Shutters For A Door: Can They Work?

Sliding Patio Doors: Shutters vs. Blinds

Do you love the look of shutters on your windows but wondering what to do about your door?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have that consistent, clean and fresh look throughout your entire home? 

The good news is that we have a solution that we think you’ll love…

Using Shutters For A Door

Shutters don’t have to be restricted to just windows. 

As a product, shutters are incredibly versatile and can be used for all different types of doors as well as windows. Installing shutters for a door can make your space aesthetically pleasing whilst providing maximum privacy, security, and light control.

Sliding Glass Door

If you’ve got bi-fold glass doors or sliding glass doors, the large expanse of glass can sometimes leave a room feeling too hot or too cold. Adding shutters can provide an extra layer of insulation, trapping the heat or making the room feel cooler.

There are two choices of shutters for these types of doors: bi-fold shutters and by-pass shutters.

Bi-fold shutters for a door have more than one panel, each hinged together. They are shutters that fold back and sit flush against one another when closed and can concertina to the left or right when open.

By-pass shutters for a door are slightly different; there is usually a panel over one pane of the sliding door all the time. This is so that the doors can open and close with ease. You might find that sliding glass door shutters in a by-pass build are more durable than bi-fold shutters because there are fewer articulation points that could become damaged or broken.

French Doors

French door shutters are attached directly to the doors themselves – giving you access to the handle and locks, so the function of the door isn’t compromised. French door shutters optimise the light, and the adjustable slats allow you to control exactly how much light enters your room.

Wardrobe Doors

Shutters for a door on your wardrobes are usually more about ventilation as opposed to light control and privacy. The louvres on the wardrobe shutter doors provide excellent airflow, keeping your clothes or belongings free from damp.

shutters for a door

Why Shutters For A Door Makes Sense

As well as creating a beautiful aesthetic for your home, there are many advantages of installing shutters on your doors.

You have better light control as well as maximum privacy, and they are very easy to use, allowing you to have doors open, but the shutters closed. They are energy efficient, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and they offer excellent soundproofing.

One of the best things about shutters for a door is that they are much safer for kids and pets. They allow good airflow throughout the home without you having to worry that your child or pet is wandering off outside on their own. The ability to have the doors open but the shutter closed provides an extra layer of security and gives you peace of mind. 

Maintaining Your Shutters For a Door

Shutters for a door are very easy to care for; you simply need to use a cloth to wipe the shutters down as required

You can take a duster and clean between the slats, and you can use a brush for the ventilation holes and tracks. A solution of warm water and soap can remove tough grime, but make sure that you use a cloth to wipe everything dry afterwards.

It is not advised to use chemical cleaners as this could damage the shutter. Keep your cleaning solutions as natural as possible to protect the integrity of the shutter.

If you have by-pass shutters, you need to periodically check that the track is lubricated on the by-pass, as this will prevent any problems with sticking. You will also need to ensure that the hinges on a bi-fold shutter are secured nice and tight. If they become loose, then this could damage the shutter.  

How To Get Shutters For A Door

If you are interested in using shutters for a door in your home, then the first thing to do is to get in touch and tell us what you hope to achieve. 

At this stage, we will need some rough measurements of the doors and using this, we can provide an estimate. If you had pictures of the space, that would be very helpful.

If you are happy with the estimate, we can book a face-to-face consultation. This can be held in one of our showrooms, at your home, or online. We can discuss the entire project and your design options, and together, we can create the perfect shutters for your doors.

After taking accurate measurements and taking into account all of your design requirements, we will provide a finalised quote. This will be completely transparent, and there is no obligation to buy with us – we will never push you into a sale. 

If you are happy to proceed, then you will need to pay a 50% deposit, with the final balance due 7 days before installation. The size of the project will affect lead times, and this is because we only use the finest suppliers.

You are kept up to date with regular updates throughout, and we’ll contact you once your shutters have arrived to arrange an installation date. On the day, our team will arrive on time, expertly fit your shutters and treat you and your home with the utmost care. 

We have a keen eye for detail and will make sure that the project is absolutely perfect. We will also ensure that we leave your home clean and tidy.

All of our products come with a 5-year “Perfect Fit” guarantee. If you have a problem, we’ll solve it for you. It couldn’t be more simple, and you know your investment is protected for many years to come. 

If you like the sound of using shutters to cover any of your doors, then you can find out more by downloading our brochure.

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