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The Best Shutter Styles for Traditional Scottish Homes

Best Shutter Styles for Traditional Scottish Homes

Scotland is proud to be home to some of the oldest buildings in Europe, so we know a thing or two about architecture, style, and windows! Styles change through the ages, and this can be seen in the architecture that runs through our cities and countryside. Each period brought its own unique style—from the Scots Baronial to the Mackintosh ‘Glasgow style’.

When you live in a traditional Scottish home, it makes sense that you’d want to fashion the interior in a way that’s sympathetic to the house style – and that includes how you cover your windows. Shutters are a beautiful solution, lending a sense of timeless elegance to the property that’s hard to beat.

For an insight into the best shutter styles for traditional Scottish homes, read on…

Why Shutters Are Ideal For Traditional Homes

Window shutters complement a traditional property by bringing all the modern benefits of a superior window covering without disrupting the crafted aesthetic that your home possesses. Shutters offer:

  • The finest light control—Custom fitted for complete edge-to-edge coverage, shutters are better than any other solution when it comes to keeping out most light. During the day, the control offered brings the sunlight exactly how you want it.
  • Ultimate privacy – There’s nothing quite like a panel of wood to block out prying eyes! But shutters provide better control than that, giving you a daytime window covering that’s difficult to see even while it lets the light in.
  • SoundproofingShutters are as effective at blocking out unwanted outside noises as they are at controlling light.
  • Thermal insulation—One problem with older houses is the poorer insulation. Shutters are the best window coverings to keep the heat in and the energy bills out, or in the hot summer months, to keep the rooms cool while the sun beats down.
  • Low maintenance – Shutters are easy to clean and need little regular maintenance.
  • Perfect for awkward-shaped windows – Our custom shutters are tailored to fit your windows, no matter the shape. Curtains can only look on in shame!
  • Long lasting – Shutters are incredibly durable and will stay in tip-top condition far longer than the alternatives.
  • Adding value – While shutters are undeniably more expensive to install than blinds or curtains, the investment pays off as they make a home far more desirable and marketable.
  • Stylish – Few fittings are as eternally fashionable as shutters, from the Ancient Greeks (when they were made of marble!) to today.
  • Perfect for children and pets—Shutters’ solid nature and expert fitting make them far safer for both children and pets.
  • A window that’s both open and closed—If you enjoy the fresh air but want the security of a closed window, shutters provide the ultimate answer. With louvres that can be open to the breeze while remaining a barrier to both intruders and nosy passers-by, shutters are the perfect solution!

Of course, by this point, you know shutters are the answer you’ve been looking for – but what style do you need?

The Considerations for a Traditional Scottish Home

Traditional Scottish homes are not all the same. At the Scottish Shutter Company, we’ve fitted shutters for customers who’ve lived in cottages, Georgian townhouses, and Victoria terraces, to name a few. Each of these has unique features that need to be taken into account:


Cottages can have smaller windows and those of irregular shapes and angles, making custom shutters an ideal solution. Often, they feature thatched roofs that are perfectly complemented by window shutters, decorative stone lintels that are emphasised with shutters, or mullions that beautifully suit the shutter style.

Georgian Townhouses

With large sash windows, Georgian townhouses enjoy ample light when the sun’s out. Shutters maximise the level of light that reaches the room while also countering the glare when it gets too much. With some decorative touches, custom shutter solutions are also often called upon to ensure no window is left without a uniform look.

Victorian Terraces

Bay windows and ornate doorways make Victorian terraces perfect for fitted shutters, which provide additional privacy. Shutters’ insulation helps shore up weak spots for heat escape, making Victorian terraces far more energy efficient.

Our Top 3 Best Shutter Styles for Traditional Scottish Homes

Solid Panel Shutters

For traditional homes, the look of a solid panel shutter can’t be beaten. The perfect shutter for providing almost complete blackout in bedrooms, solid panel shutters are available in stained wood. Choose from 27 standard colours or use our custom colour option to match your interior decoration perfectly.

Solid panel shutters don’t have louvres, so lack some of the light control properties provided by other shutter options, but for those looking for a clean and smooth beauty to their window covering that has minimal maintenance, there’s really nothing better. Plus, you don’t get better insulation for your windows than this!

Full Height Shutters

Best Shutter Styles for Traditional Scottish Homes When most people imagine a classic shutter style, they think of the full-height shutter. With solid louvres that provide superior light control, full-height shutters are a favourite for discerning homeowners. Like their solid panel cousins, full-height shutters can be custom-shaped to fit any window, providing a covering for round or angled windows that alternatives cannot offer.

It’s a cosy style that works as well for cottages in the countryside as it does townhouses. You can open the window to let in the breeze while having complete control over window shading and security.

The only real downside to full-height shutters is that though they significantly darken the room, they fall short of a full blackout. This is where Shutter & Shade comes in – a light blocking blind integrated into the shutter froma to enhance light blocking

Café Style Shutters

The charm of café style shutters means they’re great for adding a touch of character and privacy to lower windows in traditional homes. A half-height shutter, café style shutters add a dynamic visual element to any room and work well with additional soft coverings, like blinds, for additional light control and aesthetic quality.

Designed more for low-level privacy and light filtering, plus their incredible look, café style shutters lack privacy, insulation, and of course, full light coverage, but are a premium design choice for kitchens, contemporary living rooms, and even basements.

Best Shutter Styles for Traditional Scottish Homes

Choosing the Perfect Shutters for Your Traditional Scottish Home

When looking for shutters, pictures simply can’t do them justice—but they do help! The best idea is to get inspiration in the early stages of your research from any avenue; take a look online (our website is a fine start) or just walk around and see what other houses have benefitted from shutter installation. You can request our brochure for more ideas.

And then, it’s time to come in and meet us. Our expert advisors will talk you through your options with an idea of your home’s aesthetic and features to make sure we help you pick the best—plus, there’s nothing quite like seeing the shutters up close in the showroom. Our installation teams are specialist professionals who will do all the measuring and install the shutters for a perfect fit—it’s guaranteed!

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