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Replacement Windows

Well-worn windows - in need of replacement

Planning a Window Makeover? –

Replacement Windows – How We Can Help 

Replacement windows Required 2Ah, it seems the time has come! You’ve realized that your weary, decaying windows deserve a retirement party. So, you’re considering throwing them a farewell bash before ushering in a new era of shutters or blinds.

You could have one too many chilly mornings thanks to your single-glazed window. Or you aim to save some pennies by switching to energy-efficient double glazing. Or your beloved timber windows, a sentimental relic from a bygone era, have started showing their age, hinting that it’s time for a window facelift.

Whatever your reason, one essential tip from the home decor wizards (that’s us!) is: install your new windows first before the blinds or shutters come waltzing in.

Why, you ask? Every window has its unique charm and quirks, and the new ones might have a different interior finish than their predecessors. For us to deliver the perfectReplacement Windows Urgently Required blinds or shutters, we must measure up the newly installed windows rather than rely on their ancestors’ dimensions.

It’s like hoping a newborn will fit into their great-grandparent’s clothes! Plus, it’s not fair on your window supplier to impose constraints just so we can prematurely measure for your new blinds and shutters. Your windows need their freedom, too!

We totally get it; you’ll be raring to have your new blinds or shutters as soon as the new windows check in. But trust us, patience pays off. Let us take precise measurements of the “real deal” to ensure a flawless look and finish for your window treatments.

Replacement Windows – Already have blinds or shutters we previously installed?

New sliding sash replacement windows
New sliding sash replacement windows

Planning to bring in new windows? Now that’s where things get exciting!

Do keep us in the loop about the new windows. Will they open the same way as their ancestors, or are you opting for a window revolution this time? Remember, your current blinds and shutters were tailored to your existing windows, and they might not get along with a totally new design.

In such scenarios, we offer our “shutter spa service” – we’ll carefully remove your window treatments before the window replacement and reinstall them afterwards. But do give us a heads up, so we don’t have to break the bad news that your old shades might have a feud with your new windows.

We’ve occasionally gotten panic calls, “Can you remove our shades? The window installers are coming tomorrow!” Unfortunately, we aren’t magicians (although we often wish we were). We’re

New sliding sash replacement windows from the inside
New sliding sash replacement windows from the inside

usually booked six weeks in advance and cover the whole of Scotland. So, timely planning is the secret ingredient here.

The more notice you give us, the more smoothly we can orchestrate removing and reinstalling your window treatments.

Thinking of new windows? Considering new blinds or need your existing ones temporarily removed? Share as much information as possible with us – we thrive on details!

The location of your property, an estimated time of when your existing shades were fitted, pictures of the existing windows, and your dreams for the new ones – all this information helps us immensely.

The Costs

Once we have all this in our hands, we can provide an estimate for our services. Typically, for the Central Belt of Scotland, the costs are:

Removal of Shades: £125 plus increments of £40 per half hour for the time on-site (minimum of half an hour)

Reinstallation of Shades: £125 plus increments of £40 per half hour for the time on-site (minimum of half an hour)

Prices are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the current rate.

For areas outside of the Central Belt – POA.

A small price for a significant transformation!

And don’t worry; we’re here to guide you in choosing the best window types. Your choice might significantly impact the kind of shades you can use or if your existing ones will get along with the new windows.

Sadly, we can only offer this service for the shades measured and installed by us, The Scottish Shutter Company. For other shades, you should seek professional help elsewhere. But hey, there’s always next time, right?

Remember, change is the only constant, even for windows. So let’s navigate this window revolution together and create a home that’s as unique as you are!

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