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Refinishing Shutters 🧑‍🎨

Refinishing Shutters

Refinishing Shutters

We are occasionally asked if refinishing shutters is possible.

How Most Shutters are Finished

Window Shutters from The Scottish Shutter CompanyFirst, it’s essential to understand how your Scottish Shutter Company shutters are finished during manufacturing.

Most shutter manufacturers assemble all the components on a shutter panel and then add a final painted finish.

This can cause some challenges with runs in the paint and an uneven finish. The build-up of the paint layers can also cause the louvres to stick. It’s very difficult to spray paint an assembled panel. But this technique is used by a lot of shutter companies to help reduce the cost of manufacturing and finishing.

We Do It Differently.

All our shutters (apart from our Antigua range) have each individual component painted or stained BEFORE assembly. This ensures an even finish throughout the shutter panel.

Fine Furniture

Whether it’s a painted finish or a wood stain, seven individual coats are applied. This is what gives our shutter panels a look of fine furniture.

Refinish if You Must

If you feel it is necessary to refinish your shutters, then a sprayed finish is preferable to a brush-painted finish. The louvres have a very small gap between their ends and the vertical stiles toWood stain shutters from The Scottish Shutter Company which they are attached. Any build-up of paint on either the end of the louvre and the stile may cause the louvres to stick when operated.

Of course, spraying an assembled shutter panel is the very technique that we avoid when your shutters were originally finished at the factory.

If you Have Antigua…

If your shutters are from our Antigua range, then the original finish is not a paint but an extruded polypropylene coating. This would make refinishing very difficult.

We are unable to recommend any refinishing companies. Care must be taken in the selection of a refinisher to ensure that they understand that the louvres still need to move freely after refinishing.

Be aware that refinishing shutters will invalidate your warranty.


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January 2021
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