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How To Reduce Glare In Your Home

reduce glare

Want to reduce glare in your home? It can be a real challenge. Many homes have windows that make the room they occupy unusable at certain times of day. It can drastically affect the ambience and actual functionality of your living spaces.

You’re not alone, though, as plenty of homeowners, especially those working remotely, have experienced the frustration of blinding glare from the sun during certain points in the day.

That’s why we’ll go through the various options and ideas you can use to effectively reduce glare in your home.

Why Glare Is A Problem

Glare in your home is annoying, but glare intrusion goes beyond squinting and headaches. If you’re at home trying to work from your home office or maybe getting in some relaxation while you watch TV, you might come to dread certain times of day,

With sunlight intensely intruding on your daily life, it makes even normal activities feel like a trial. You may not be able to work at your desk during the late afternoon, and have to totally draw curtains if you want any hope of being able to hold a video meeting from home. 

Or in the early evening in summer, when the sun can be blindingly bright, it can mean avoiding some much-needed downtime in your living room. Glare can certainly change the way we use our own hard-earned living spaces.

That’s not to mention that prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to the fading of furniture and artwork, tarnishing your interior decor. Similarly, parents might find that bedtime routines are disrupted by children unable to sleep while the sun still shines brightly through their curtains. 

Recognising how glare is negatively affecting your life is the first step to finding the best solution to reduce it.


Let’s talk about curtains first. Curtains are a classic choice for managing sunlight since some curtains can be lined with blackout material for better light-blocking. However, there are a few obvious drawbacks to using curtains to control glare.

First of all, drawing curtains, especially blackout curtains, means blocking out light altogether. This creates a gloomy atmosphere when you might still want to enjoy the daylight – just not be blinded by it. 

Gaps or poorly fitted curtains will also allow light to seep in, making them ineffective. Plus, curtain fabric is highly liable to fade over time, meaning regular replacements. Of course, curtains are a simple and affordable solution to blocking the sun, but they certainly aren’t the best way to reduce glare.


Blinds offer a more versatile alternative to curtains. Your choices are usually Roman and roller blinds, similar to curtains, as they can be closed to block out the light almost completely. Your room will be darker, and glare will be gone, but now you have a dark room that needs to be lit, resulting in a less attractive space during the daytime.

Venetian and vertical blinds offer a bit more flexibility, as they come equipped with adjustable louvres. You can angle these louvres to allow more control over light entry, but your view of the outside world is still obstructed. Beyond the functional aspects of blinds, they give you a world of options regarding styles and colours. They can be a great way to gain privacy control and a little more light control for various rooms in your home.

But it’s important to note their limitations – especially if you go for cheaper brands that are not made-to-measure for your windows. This could result in a poor fit and even poorer light control.

Luxaflex Blinds (2)


Shutters rise to the top as one of the most comprehensive solutions to reduce glare in your home. They combine style with ultimate functionality, giving you superior light control. Shutters allow you to angle louvres to block sun glare while still maintaining the visibility you want during the daytime. 

Tier on tier shutters, in particular, provide the extra advantage of allowing you to be selective about which shutter level is needed. So you can precisely block out the evening or morning glare while still benefiting from the brightness of the day. 

As well as glare reduction, shutters can give you soundproofing, better insulation for heat control and energy efficiency, and customised elegance and style. There are very few window problems that shutters cannot solve. They will add value and curb appeal to your home and make it all the more enjoyable to spend time in your living spaces, no matter the time of day or the height of the sun!


Want something that goes beyond the usual methods to reduce glare? MicroLouvres are an innovative option that uses external shading. These micro-sized louvres protect against glare, allowing you to enjoy the views while safeguarding your interior and ambience from harsh sunlight.

They are widely used by the likes of museums, who use this tech to protect artefacts from the damaging effects of prolonged sunlight. They can also keep your living spaces cooler even in direct sunlight, simultaneously improving your home’s energy efficiency. 

Plus, MicroLouvres offer a little something extra – security. This additional layer enhances your window security, giving your home extra protection. This advanced option won’t just reduce glare in your property; it’s certain to add significant value to your home by offering a comprehensive set of benefits. 

So, if you have valuable decor or gorgeous views you want to preserve while still reducing glare, MicroLouvres could be the solution you’re looking for.

Micro Louvres

Say Goodbye To Glare For Good…

Glare in your home can change how you use your rooms, but we have plenty of solutions, so we know you’ll find the right one for you! Ready to transform your home and finally reduce glare that has been causing annoyance for far too long? Dive deeper into your options by downloading our comprehensive brochure. You’ll find a diverse range of options tailored to meet your unique needs. 

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