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The Most Common Problems With Window Blinds

Common Problems With Window Blinds-min

Have you ever experienced problems with window blinds? When you’re investing in your home, even when you’re buying a quality product, you want to be informed on what could go wrong.

Throughout this blog, we have outlined the most common problems with window blinds and what you can do to resolve them… 

Uneven Shade

Shades that roll up unevenly are one of the problems that can occur with window blinds if they’re not fitted properly or if they’ve been misused. 

If you’re struggling with uneven shade you could try the following; 

  • Check that the headrail and installation brackets are level and aligned. 
  • Shim the installation brackets to level the headrail, if necessary.
  • Check to see if there is an obstruction in the shade’s path – If the shade hits an obstacle as it is lowered, it will stop, but the cords in each cord route may become misaligned. 

If your shade is angled or tilted when raised, then this may help:

  • Raise the shade fully
  • Lower the shade to the sill. In some cases, a gentle tug on the bottom rail will get it to drop completely.

If this doesn’t solve the issue works, you may need to adjust your shade by levelling the rail.

Doesn’t Fit The Installation Brackets

Poor installation is just one of the problems with window blinds that you might encounter, especially if you have fitted them yourself or used unskilled fitters. If your window blind doesn’t fit its installation brackets, then you can try the following:

  • Check that the installation brackets are level and aligned. 
  • Shim the installation brackets to level the headrail, if necessary.
  • Be sure the heads of the screws are flush against the installation bracket.
  • Check that the headrail is fully inserted into the installation brackets.

Grubby Blinds

Over time, dirt and debris can cause your window blinds to discolour. The surface can also carry a lot of dust particles, pet dander and other microbes. 

Weekly dusting can go a long way to keeping them clean, but because blinds can accumulate a lot of dust (and a lot of other things like tiny skin particles that really make you want to reach for the vacuum!), a deep clean is recommended every few months will keep them hygienic and looking brilliant.

A thorough deep clean helps to prolong their lifespan, keeps them looking as-new, and prevents problems from occurring with your blinds in the long term.

Luckily, if you have Luxaflex Duette honeycomb shades, these are made of anti-static, dust-resistant fabric which repels dirt and dust. However, a light clean ensures the mechanisms don’t get stuck.

Common Problems With Window Blinds-2-min

Here are the recommended cleaning options available to avoid problems with window blinds: 

  • Dusting – Light dusting with a feather duster.
  • Vacuuming – For deeper cleaning, vacuum gently with a brush attachment (vacuuming is not suitable for Elan fabrics) 
  • Compressed Air/Hair Dryer – Use compressed air or a hair dryer on the cool setting to blow dust and dirt off shades.

You can also spot-clean your blinds. However, you must not spot-clean the following fabrics: Alexa, Elan and India Silk.

If you want to spot clean, then follow these instructions:

  • Prepare a solution of warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Dampen a clean cloth in the solution and wring it out.
  • Dab the spot with the dampened cloth until it is removed. Do not rub the fabric.
  • Allow the shade to completely dry while it is fully lowered.

If you take down the shade to do any cleaning, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

It’s Stuck!

One of the most common problems with window blinds is that they get stuck. They might become hard to raise or lower or won’t go up or down at all. This is usually because the cord is trapped or the fabric gets caught in the bracket. 

If your blind is stuck, you should first ensure that the shade fabric is not caught between the installation bracket and the headrail. 

Next, check that the headrail and installation brackets are level and aligned. And then finally, you should shim the installation brackets to level the headrail, if necessary.

Automation Isn’t Working

When your blinds stop responding to the remote control, this could be due to several issues – but the most likely culprit is the internal electrics. 

However, before you call anyone out, it could be down to your remote control needing new batteries. Ensure you have changed them and rebooted the system before exploring any other avenues.

If your automation is controlled through an app, then you might need to update this on your device. Again, once you have updated, reboot and see if that has worked.

These are the two most straightforward things to check and should be done first before anything else.

However, if your problems with window blinds persist, then it’s likely the internal electrics. You must not attempt to rewire anything yourself; call an expert to have a look, as this may be part of a bigger issue with your cabling at home.

Still Worried About Your Window Blinds?

As you can see, as with any brand or style of blind, problems with window blinds can happen. However, they are often simple to resolve and don’t affect the blinds long-term. And it’s certainly worth noting some of the issues can arise from using inexperienced installers.

The good news is that Luxaflex has introduced an elite group of trusted dealers called Gallery Dealers. And there are only 37 across the whole of the UK, with The Scottish Shutter Company running the only two in Scotland. 

You’re guaranteed excellent products and quality service when you buy and install Luxaflex blinds from a Luxaflex Authorised Gallery Dealer. 

If you want to avoid these common problems with window blinds, your best bet is to use an authorised Gallery Dealer – like us!

Not only can we ensure that your blinds are correctly fitted, but you also get a 5-year guarantee. 

If you are considering window covering options for your home or you’re experiencing problems with window blinds, then get in touch with us here. Our team is happy to offer you their expertise and guidance.

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