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Professional Wiring Details for up to 16 Luxaflex PowerView Blinds

Luxaflex PowerView Pebble

Powering PowerView Motorised Blinds without using Batteries.

Our Luxaflex PowerView motorised blinds can be powered by a centrally placed transformer and power cables distributed from the central location to each blind.


Luxaflex PowerView Power Supply
Luxaflex PowerView Power Supply

The PS18/300 transformer will distribute an 18-volt DC supply to each blind headrail. All power cables should present themselves at the blind end at the right-hand side of the blind headrail (inside looking out).

The PS 18/300 is a compact and powerful 300 watts regulated 18V DC power supply to connect up to 16 PowerView DC motors. The output has over-current, short-circuit and over-voltage protection. The removable front lid allows for easy access to the four connection terminals. The transformer’s dimensions are 225mm wide x 195mm tall x 51mm deep. Sufficient space needs to be allowed for around the transformer for access and airflow.

Multiple transformers can be used if the total number of blinds exceeds sixteen, or if the distribution cable exceeds the maximum permitted length. In such cases, the additional transformer(s) can be sited nearer the blinds.


The PV18 transformer is a smaller unit and capable of powering up to five blinds.

PV18 Transformer
PV18 Transformer

4-Core Cable

PowerView blinds do not require a four-core cable. This is a throwback to earlier motorised blinds where the reversing of the motor was done by a mechanical switch.

CAT Cabling

PowerView blinds do not require CAT twisted pair cabling which is used for computer networks.

0.75mm2 Twin Flex 😉

The ultra-modern design of PowerView means that cabling requirements are a lot easier.

The design and installation of cabling from each of the transformers to the respective blinds should be carried out by qualified wiring installers, using 0.75mm2 twin flex. Wiring installers should observe minimum cable paths, and no cable can exceed twenty-five metres in length. Wiring installers must take care in planning cable routes to observe this maximum specification. Cable tails at both ends should be included in the overall cable length and routing calculations.

Scottish Shutter Company will supply and fit the transformers and connect the cable tails to the transformer’s appropriate connector blocks. Wiring installers must label all cables with their respective blind number. Wiring installers should leave cable tails sufficiently long to

Luxaflex PowerView Wiring Diagram
Luxaflex PowerView Wiring Diagram

allow for neat cable paths from the transformer.

At the blind end, the cable tails will be terminated by Scottish Shutter Company using a proprietary female jack adaptor. This termination will allow the blind motors to be plugged in to provide power to the blind. These jack adapters will also allow a simple and easy way to isolate each blind if required.

PowerView Hub

The Hub connects to your home WiFi router and is the centralised brain of the entire system, storing the customised settings, activating schedules and providing a central point of contact for all PowerView window coverings in your home. The repeater is a small signal enhancer that discreetly plugs into any mains socket in your home to extend signal range so PowerView can work throughout your home, regardless of its size.

PowerView blinds should have at least one Hub (and possibly some repeaters). The PowerView Hub integrates PowerView features with some of the most popular systems on the market. Each home automation control system has a unique path to integration.

Smart Home Systems

PowerView window shadings can connect to the top home automation systems such as Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

PowerView Compatibility

Click here to access the specific usage guidelines and requirements to allow you to integrate your PowerView system with compatible home automation systems.


Works with Apple Home Kit


Works with Google Assistant


Works with Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Apple HomeKit

Google Assistant












The Scottish Shutter Company – January 2021

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