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Tackling Moisture and Mould: Why Luxury Shutters are Ideal for Scotland’s Climate

The diverse beauty and charm of Scottish homes make Scotland a wonderful place to live. From centuries-old traditional stone houses to state-of-the-art high-rise city apartments, every style of home adds to the rich tapestry of our special part of the world. But that’s not to say living in Scotland doesn’t come without its challenges – take the weather for example. Moisture can be a frequent issue for lots of Scottish homeowners In fact, a recent report found that 14,000 homes were battling with persistent mould.

This blog looks at how you can keep moisture and mould to a minimum and why shutters are the ideal choice of window covering for Scotland’s climate.

The Hazards of the Scottish Climate

When warm indoor air meets the icy surfaces of your home moisture can easily build up, with damp, cold weather, cooking and bathing being three of the most common reasons. It’s often this excess moisture which causes mould to grow, especially when you need to keep your windows and doors closed to keep the cold out and the heat in. It’s really no wonder that so many Scottish homes struggle with mould issues.

And the problem with mould…

It affects your health by increasing the risk of allergies and respiratory problems, smells terrible and can cause damage to your property that can affect its structural integrity and ruin your furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Preventing and removing mould isn’t easy. Mould spores grow quickly and in large numbers, embedding themself deep in the structure of their chosen home. That’s why it’s important to choose items for your home that will help you prevent the buildup of excess moisture from the get-go – such as installing moisture-proof shutters instead of moisture-loving curtains.

Tackling Mould In Your Home

Before you invest in some new shutters for your windows, there are other things you can do to help reduce the buildup of moisture in your home.

Here are our top 5 suggestions…

1. Increase Ventilation

Opening windows and doors is a great way to reduce moisture within your home, but it’s not always possible when it’s blowing a gale or raining cats and dogs. Instead, consider installing extractor fans in your bathroom and kitchen as an all-weather solution. Whichever way you choose to increase ventilation, it will promote the circulation of fresh air to help prevent condensation and mould.

2. Reduce Indoor Humidity

Investing in a dehumidifier can help you keep your home free from mould, especially during the winter months. They work by drawing in humid air and passing it over cool coils to condense the moisture, which is collected in a container. The drier air gets reheated and released back into the room, helping to reduce humidity and prevent mould and dampness.

3. Identify and Address Leaks

Fixing your leaky pipes, taps and roof will stop water entering your home where it shouldn’t. Leaks introduce excess moisture into your internal spaces, and more moisture equals more mould issues. Taking action to repair the leaks reduces the amount of extra moisture and contributes to a dry and healthy environment free from mould.

4. Promote Airflow

Reducing still air in your home allows moisture to escape before it settles on surfaces, causing them to become damp and mouldy. Rearranging furniture to avoid blocking vents and radiators will help air circulate throughout your home, carrying moisture out and decreasing humidity levels.

5. Dry Clothes Properly

We all need dry laundry, and if you don’t have a tumble dryer, hanging your wet clothes around the house can be the only solution to get them dry. This is often a primary cause of excessive condensation and mould, but if it’s your only option, what else can you do? Choosing a single room to hang everything, ensuring it’s well ventilated and closing the door is a brilliant solution that allows items to dry in a space where moisture can easily escape without compromising the comfort of the rest of your home.

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The Window Problem

One particular issue we hear about all the time is mould getting onto curtains and blinds. It’s a common problem, especially for most Northern homes, and once mould takes hold of your fabrics, it’s almost impossible to get rid of. That’s where shutters come into play!

Made from quality, moisture-resistant materials, such as treated wood, PVC or aluminium, our custom-made, luxury shutters offer a stylish and practical solution for tacking moisture and mould issues throughout your home. And for very damp environments (kitchens, utility rooms and shower rooms or bathrooms) we have a range of 100% waterproof shutter options.

Beyond the benefits of natural light control, increased privacy and aesthetic appeals, the key features of shutters that benefit moisture control include

  • Improved ventilation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Mould and mildew resistance

Not to mention that made-to-measure shutters fit effortlessly to any shape, size and style of window, meaning that even the most tricky of windows such as porthole, triangular or bay can benefit from their moisture control properties.

Beyond Mould Control

At the Scottish Shutter Company, we can’t help but shout about all the amazing benefits that shutters can provide for you and your home. It’s not just our jobs. It’s a passion, and here’s why:

  • Light Control: Shutters allow you to have precise control over the amount of natural light entering a room.
  • Privacy: Shutters offer a barrier against prying eyes whilst still enabling airflow and light infiltration.
  • Soundproofing: Shutters can help to dampen external noise pollution and absorb internal sounds.
  • Thermal: Shutters provide a layer of insulation to your window panes that helps to regulate indoor temperatures.
  • Aesthetics: Shutters add a touch of elegance and sophistication throughout your home.
  • Style: Shutters come in a wide range of materials, colours and styles to make a statement or blend with your interiors.
  • Safety: Shutters can enhance the safety of your home with child and pet safety features, plus some models offer a lockable design for increased security.

Child and Pet Safety First

Let’s Team Up to Tackle Moisture and Mould in Your Home Together

Tackling the challenge of moisture and mould in your Scottish home doesn’t have to be a one-sided match. Following our five suggestions above for reducing moisture and safeguarding your windows with our range of moisture-resistant shutters can help you stay on the winning team for years to come.

Take the first step today and download our brochure here…

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