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MicroLouvre®: Everything You Need To Know

Micro Louvres

Energy-saving cellular Duette blinds, intelligent EveMotion blinds that talk to other smart devices in your home… The world of window coverings is vast, and the development of new technology is coming thick and fast. 

Want better heat control, light control, ventilation and privacy?

Introducing MicroLouvre®, the high-performing metal fabric (yep, you heard that right), that has been decades in the making. Innovation in recent years has seen demand increase, and the technology is now taking the window world by storm. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Micro Louvres: What Are They?

Unbelievably, micro louvres have been around since the 1930s. As you can probably gather from the name, the term describes extremely thin and light louvres – just 1.5mm thick – that are woven together to form a powerfully high-performing metal fabric. 

Every metre of the UK-manufactured metal fabric holds up to 700 of these super slender bronze micro louvres. The micro detail of hundreds of working parts means that MicroLouvre® fabric is an incredible product that can be used in many applications, offering superb light diffusion and control, efficient air ventilation and filtration and protection from heat and glare.

MicroLouvre® technology delivers the ultimate shade and heat protection, saving you money on air-con, whilst delivering full visibility looking outward. That’s right; you can soak up the sun, open your windows for a pleasant summer breeze and keep an eye on the kids playing in the garden without being seen from outside. The benefits are plenty, and MicroLouvre® fabric outperforms every other shading system by a mile.

And if it couldn’t get any better, MicroLouvre fabric is 100% recyclable AND long-lasting, with many still standing strong after 60 years. 

How Can MicroLouvre® Technology Work For My House?

Micro LouvresIt all sounds a bit fancy, doesn’t it? So how does the supreme innovation of micro louvres translate to a domestic home or workplace?

Well, we’re about to tell you. Hold onto your hats!

To enjoy the plethora of benefits that micro louvres bring to daily life, made-to-measure screens of MicroLouvre® fabric are installed onto the outside of your windows. Because the woven metal fabric is so lightweight – despite being able to withstand extreme weather conditions – it can be efficiently and easily fitted anywhere, even directly onto the glass. 

MicroLouvre® fabric has an open area of 80%, meaning that on top of experiencing unbeatable solar shading and glare deflection, you can still enjoy the view. 

What Are The Benefits?

We don’t really feel the need to preface this bit. Let’s launch straight in, shall we?

Impressive Ventilation

Opening windows to circulate fresh air is important in any building, but this often compromises privacy and solar shading. MicroLouvre® fabric screens covering your windows give a barely-there appearance but enable you to go about your day in private, and opening the micro louvres lets the room cool as air passes through.

Long Lifespan

When was the last time an enhancement to your home came with at least 60 years of guaranteed life in prime condition? And not only is MicroLouvre® fabric ridiculously durable and able to withstand hurricanes, but it also requires no maintenance whatsoever. No upkeep. Nothing.

Unbeatable Heat Block

Stay as cool as a cucumber with MicroLouvre® technology. The magical high-performance material absorbs up to 92% of solar radiation and deflects it away from your home or office. This can reduce your air-con usage by up to 70% because the building is cooled naturally.

Directional Privacy

Enjoy the view without worrying about who might be looking in. The way that micro louvres work – there’s maths and angles involved – means that you can see what’s outside, but anyone looking in can hardly make out a silhouette. This is called directional privacy, and it’s pretty magic.

Superb Safety

MicroLouvre® screens are 100% fire-proof and non-combustible, giving you complete peace of mind that your investment will keep your home and family safe. 

Micro Louvres

Are Micro Louvres Right For You?

You might be wondering whether the brilliant bronze screens offering all of these benefits will work for your property. When you’re looking to enhance your home and increase its value, you want to make sure you’re on the right path.

Adding MicroLouvre® screens to street-level windows will transform the vibe of your space from free-for-all to complete privacy in an instant. The hundreds of micro louvres per square metre ensure that any window sitting in the sun, making that room feel like a greenhouse, can instead efficiently deflect the sun’s rays and remain calm and cool all year round.

And it’s not just domestic environments that can benefit from MicroLouvre® technology. Does your office suffer from that certain time-of-the-day screen glare? Do you need to maintain high privacy levels but want to be able to rest your eyes and look out of the window? Consider micro louvres and what they might be able to do for you. 

Our advice? Come and see MicroLouvre® screens in the flesh at our showrooms. We can also visit you in the comfort of your own home, bringing samples and a lot of expert advice.

Micro Louvres Enhance Any Home 

MicroLouvre® fabric is completely unobtrusive, provides expert shading without compromising on privacy or style and is undeniably clever. You’ll quickly see how beneficial they are for your home!

Whether it’s a home visit or a trip to the showroom, arrange an appointment to find out how MicroLouvre® technology can transform your property.

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