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Shocking 1 Star Luxaflex Reviews

Luxaflex Reviews - The Scottish Shutter Company

Luxaflex Reviews

Negative Luxaflex Reviews are of great concern to Luxaflex and us here at The Scottish Shutter Company.

Some awful reviews appear to be posted by consumers about Luxaflex’s apparent bad service.

However, Luxaflex does not deal directly with consumers, but through a network of resellers. This means that most consumers never have any contact with Luxaflex.

Motorised Pirouette Blind from LuxaflexExactly Who is at Fault Here?

Which poses the question – “who’s bad service is being criticised?”

When a Luxaflex review refers to poor or inadequate service, this is always the supplying dealer’s fault and not Luxaflex.

Reliable and Trustworthy

The facts are that Luxaflex is a very reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. We’ve been one of their strategic suppliers for thirty-four years. We’ve built our business on the reliability and quality of the Luxaflex product and our own technical skills relating to all things Luxaflex.

Each Review is Investigated

The management team at Luxaflex monitors all the online reviews closely and investigates each one. In every case, the real issue is the poor level of service provided by the dealer supplying the Luxaflex product.

However, as the name on the product says Luxaflex – that’s the name that appears in the reviews.

No-Quibble, Five-Year Warranty

Luxaflex WarrantyThe vast majority of Luxaflex products come with a no quibble five-year warranty. When a Luxaflex product is purchased from a reputable authorised dealer such as The Scottish Shutter Company, you can be assured that there will be no issues. At The Scottish Shutter Company – we absolutely guarantee it.

Inexperienced Dealers & Luxaflex Reviews

Most of the destructive review issues arise when smaller, inexperienced blind companies supply a Luxaflex product. If it is measured or fitted incorrectly, it is the supplying dealer’s responsibility to return it to Luxaflex for verification.

Unscrupulous blind companies will try to pass off as a faulty blind their own measuring and fitting mistakes to avoid losing money. In the vast majority of cases, the fault lies with the supplying dealer, who, more often than not, will tell their customer that the responsibility lies with Luxaflex.

The Other Side of the Story

In one case which Luxaflex investigated, it turned out that the dealer in question appeared to have sold the customer a “Luxaflex Duette” product. When in fact what they had supplied was a cheap lookalike from China. Unfortunately, this side of the story never made it to the online review pages.

A Cull of Poor Quality Dealers

Luxaflex is in the process of shutting down the trading accounts of those companies who are found to serve their customers poorly. The number of blind companies authorised to sell Luxaflex product has dropped massively in the last few years.

Enter the Elite Luxaflex Gallery Dealers

This is why Luxaflex has created an elite group of trusted dealers –
Gallery Dealers – there are only thirty-seven throughout the UK. We own and operate the only two in Scotland. We have made a significant investment in Luxaflex and they in us.

When you buy Luxaflex product from a Luxaflex Authorised Gallery Dealer, you are assured that the product and service quality will be second to none. If there is an issue with any product, it will be remedied without question, with the full backing andLuxaflex Reviews - The Scottish Shutter Company support of Luxaflex.

Things Can Go Wrong…🥴

Luxaflex is a manufacturing company, run by humans, and errors can occasionally occur. However, the Gallery Dealer Programme ensures that any challenges are swiftly and efficiently dealt with.

Hunter Douglas

Luxaflex is part of the worlds largest supplier of window blinds – Hunter Douglas – a Dutch multi-national corporation. It’s a publicly listed company, but the Sonnenberg family who founded the company still retains more than 80% of the stock.

It’s more than sixty-years since Joe Hunter and Henry Sonnenberg launched their business venture -the ‘Hunter Douglas Machinery Corporation’. Their original plan was to develop an innovative casting and production process for lightweight aluminium.

They were planning something very new and very different—a product which would completely change window coverings: Aluminium Venetian Blinds.

Hunter Douglas in the UK

The list of Hunder Douglas companies in the UK is growing. There are some familiar, household names in the group:

  • Hillarys Blinds & Shutters
  • Blinds2Go
  • Apollo Window Blinds
  • Stevens (Scotland)
  • Luxaflex (UK)
  • Eclipse Blind Systems
  • Faber Blinds UK
  • Hunter Douglas (Sunflex)
  • Thomas Sanderson

Innovative Products

Fast forward sixty years and Luxaflex has some of the most innovative products in the window shading industry. All of which can be seen in operation in our showrooms.

Luxaflex Reviews
The Scottish Shutter Company – Luxaflex Gallery Dealer

February 2022


David Browne

David Browne

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