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Impressive Luxaflex Reviews – 4.3/5

Luxaflex Reviews - The Scottish Shutter Company

Luxaflex Reviews

From Concern to Celebration

Once upon a time, Luxaflex reviews on Trustpilot were a cause for concern.

The Scottish Shutter Company and Luxaflex were both disheartened by negative feedback, primarily targeting Luxaflex’s service.

The Plot Thickens…Investigating Luxaflex Reviews

However, the plot thickened when it became clear that Luxaflex, a manufacturer and not a direct retailer, was being held responsible for issues originating from their network of resellers.

Who’s to Blame…

So, who was the real culprit behind the negative reviews? The crux of the matter was clear: the blame lay with the supplying dealers, not Luxaflex. Luxaflex supplies trusted dealers as the manufacturers, and these dealers areWho is to blame Luxaflex Reviews responsible for delivering a satisfactory service to the end consumer. As the brand name on the product, Luxaflex naturally appeared in the reviews, regardless of the service provider’s identity.

Reliable & Trustworthy

Luxaflex has always been a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer, and we at The Scottish Shutter Company have proudly been a strategic supplier for over thirty-five years. Our enduring partnership, built on mutual trust and respect, is a testament to the quality and reliability of Luxaflex products and our own expertise in all things Luxaflex.

Monitoring Luxaflex Reviews

In the past, Luxaflex’s proactive management team carefully monitored and investigated each online review. In every instance, it became apparent that the primary concern was the level of service provided by the dealer rather than the quality of Luxaflex’s products.

No-Quibble, 5-Year Guarantee

5 Year Warranty Luxaflex ReviewsA testament to Luxaflex’s commitment to quality is the no-quibble five-year warranty that comes with most of its products. When a Luxaflex product is bought from a reputable authorised dealer like The Scottish Shutter Company, consumers can be assured of a seamless experience, and we can vouch for it wholeheartedly.

Past issues arose when inexperienced blind companies supplied Luxaflex products. Their measuring and fitting errors were erroneously blamed on Luxaflex, causing unnecessary confusion and damaging the brand’s reputation. In fact, one infamous case involved a dealer misrepresenting a cheaper lookalike product as a genuine Luxaflex Duette, a tale that unfortunately never made it to the review pages.

Decisive Action – Luxaflex Reviews

In response to these incidents, Luxaflex took decisive action by shutting down trading accounts of companies providing poor customer service. This led to a significant decrease in blind companies authorised to sell Luxaflex products.

The Luxaflex Gallery Dealer

Concurrently, Luxaflex introduced an elite group of trusted dealers – the Gallery Dealers. With only thirty-seven across the UK, The Scottish Shutter Company is proud to own and operate the only two in Scotland. Purchasing window shading from a Luxaflex Authorised Gallery Dealer ensures top-notch product and service quality. If an issue arises, it will be swiftly rectified, backed by Luxaflex’s unwavering support.GavinSmart ScottishShutterCo EdinburghShowroom 10

Human errors can occur in any manufacturing company, including Luxaflex. However, the Gallery Dealer Programme ensures these challenges are quickly and efficiently addressed, satisfying your customer experience.

Hunter Douglas

Luxaflex is part of the world’s largest supplier of window blinds – Hunter Douglas, a renowned Dutch multinational corporation. With roots dating back sixty years to the pioneering idea of Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Hunter Douglas now boasts a growing portfolio of brands in the UK, including Luxaflex (UK), Hillarys Blinds & Shutters, Apollo Blinds, Thomas Sanderson and Blinds2Go.

Innovation & Commitment

Today, Luxaflex is known for offering some of the most innovative products in the window shading industry. Their evolution is a testament to their commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

And a Twist in the Tale…

Luxaflex ReviewsIn a thrilling twist to the narrative, Luxaflex’s Trustpilot score now stands at an impressive 4.3, reflecting their commitment to providing superior products and supporting excellent customer service.

Luxaflex on Trustpilot

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