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Luxaflex Duette Room Darkening Fabric – Elan Duotone RD

Luxaflex Duette

Luxaflex Duette Fabric

Luxaflex Duette Fabric has been insulating and protecting rooms for over thirty-five years.
This fantastic window shading fabric can help your rooms from overheating in the summer and losing heat in the winter. In addition, the unique honeycomb structure acts as a sound barrier on your windows. The fabric helps reduce the effects of external noise and softens the room acoustic. Modern interiors often have hard floors, hard walls, and glass. The Duette fabric helps absorb sound and makes the room sound “softer.”

Luxaflex Elan Duotone Room Darkening Fabric

There are twenty-one colourways in the ElanRD collection. Duo-Tone means that the back of the blind presents white to the outside world.

The Luxaflex Duette Elan RD Fabric Range:

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IMG 6225


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