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Luxaflex Blinds – Are They Really Worth the Cost?

luxaflex blinds

When it comes to choosing the best window coverings for your unique home, it can feel overwhelming. With so many options available, from style and colour to cost and sustainability – how can you know which one is right for your personal taste and home decor?

You want the best of the best – quality for your investment. You need to know your money is well spent.  

The Luxaflex brand is renowned for premium bespoke window coverings. You no doubt want to know, are they worth it? What do you get for your investment? Will they provide the outcome you expect for the outlay?

Let’s consider what puts Luxaflex blinds in a league of their own…

Custom Made to Fit Seamlessly

No matter how unique, quirky, or challenging your windows or doors are, Luxaflex blinds can meet the mark. They’re custom-made to measure, perfectly fitting each window or door in your beautiful home. You can rest assured your windows or doors will be flawlessly complimented, no matter how awkward their size or shape.

Luxaflex Blinds (2)Premium Style to Suit You and Your Home

If you’re looking for the latest trends in colour and design without compromising quality and performance, Luxaflex blinds are the answer.

Whatever mood you wish to create in your personal space, you’ll struggle to find a more comprehensive range of blinds to perfectly suit. You’ll be spoilt for choice from swathes of fabric choices, textures and colours. Your dream interior is simply a selection away.

Unbeatable Quality That Lasts

You want to be sure your money is well spent. After all, nobody wants to pay premium prices for poor products. Whether you need a sound-proof solution, privacy paired with brightness, or durable insulation, Luxaflex blinds offer the ideal solution to your needs. 

Built to last, you can be confident your investment will last for many years. In fact, we’re so assured of the quality of the Luxaflex range and our fitting expertise that we provide a 5-year “Perfect Fit” guarantee.

Sustainable Efficiency to Protect The Planet and Your Pocket

Luxaflex blinds are made from the finest materials, from recycled aluminium and FSC-certified wood to Cradle to Cradle Certifiedᵀᴹ fabrics. They not only look fantastic but feel fabulous too. 

Plus, you can relax knowing you’ve invested in sustainable products that support our planet, all while beautifully dressing your windows and doors. 

Luxaflex puts innovation at the forefront of its designs to give you superb efficiency. With energy-saving design and materials, you can keep your home at a comfortable and affordable temperature all year.

Comfortable Convenience for Simpler Days

If you’re looking for the little extras in life that make your days that much more pleasant, then look no further than the smart home PowerView Automation system available with Luxaflex blinds. 

This ingenious system allows you to schedule the opening and closing of your blinds on their own. So, no matter your demands or schedule, you can control the view and privacy of your home with the touch of a button.

The Luxaflex range is designed to meet all your needs, whether you’re raising a young family or enjoying your home as a sanctuary away from the bustle of the everyday.

Duette Shades Love Your Home as Much As You

Luxaflex Blinds (2)

If you have a busy home that’s well-loved, you need durable furnishings that take care of your home and your family’s needs.  

The Duette range offers a smart, stylish, and practical solution with impressive energy-saving fabrics. Do you have bright rooms that need some subtle shade? This range perfectly diffuses light. Perhaps you need your space to transition into tranquil darkness for restful nights and cosy days. Consider the LightLock feature, which miraculously absorbs incoming light.  

Duette shades are designed to work hard to help create your most comfortable and efficient living space. Looking for a way to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter so you can relax in comfort, no matter the weather?

Duette shades are designed to do just that; save you money and make your home work for you, all while looking stunningly stylish with a range of exclusive patterns and colours.

Pirouette Shades Protect and Transform Your Space

Luxaflex blinds

If you’re looking for window and door dressings that protect your most precious possessions, look no further than the Pirouette shades.

The Pirouette range is simply sophisticated, with clean lines and modern fabrics. You can be sure your home will look effortlessly sleek and smart with a choice of silks, linens, and satins. Do you have bright rooms that need protection from intense sunlight? These shades can be made with the revolutionary ClearView fabric from Luxaflex, which block 81% – 99% of harmful UV rays whether you have your vanes open or closed.

Maybe you’re looking for a stylish window solution that doesn’t compromise safety for the most precious people in your life. Luxaflex blinds lead the way with their ingenious design technology; the EasyRise endless cord system ensures your little ones are kept safe from potentially hazardous cords. You can learn more about child safety around blinds in our blog post here…   

Silhouette Shades for Sophisticated Solitude

luxaflex blinds

Your home ought to be where you can get away, the spot that welcomes you back with peace and comfort after a busy day.  

You can rely on Silhouette shades to enhance your personal space with beautiful gossamer-light sheers that softens light without compromising your view. You can settle back into your own space while still enjoying your outlook and surroundings thanks to the fabric bands, which can be adjusted to suit your need for privacy.

With an expansive range of designs, fabrics, and colours, you can rely on Luxaflex blinds to match any room or decor you have in mind.  

Cheap, Fast or Good?

When you’re looking for the perfect window or door dressing to complement your style and needs, you may be tempted by cheap or quick off-the-shelf options. We understand that sometimes you want the simplest choice without stress or fuss. If you can save some money in the process, even better.

Yet quality trumps speed every time; after all, as the well-known adage goes, “Buy cheap, buy twice”. Cheaper options may seem easier and kinder to your bank balance at first, but they rarely give you the standard you expect. Nor do they last the test of time, especially in a well-loved home.

Low-cost alternatives break and tire more easily since they’re made from cheaper synthetic materials. Ready-made blinds and shades typically have a limited range of style and colour options, too, so you’re more likely to struggle to find the perfect match for your space and inevitably waste more time in the long run. 

So, Are Luxaflex Blinds Really Worth The Cost?

Luxaflex Blinds (2)

The truth is that Luxaflex blinds are more than worth the cost. At first glance, the price might steer you to seek cheaper alternatives. But if you wish to add spectacular finishes to your home that look exceptional, feel luxurious and offer you a superior experience, it pays to spend more.  

Simply put, they’re an investment into your home, privacy, solitude, and peace of mind. You really can’t put a price on that.

At The Scottish Shutter Company, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice and exceptional service. We’re a family-run business you can trust to help you make the right choice based on your needs and preferences. Together we can discuss all your requirements, and our specialist knowledge can guide you to make the perfect selection; without stress or overwhelm.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out how we can help and for a no-pressure quote.

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