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How Do You Clean Shutters? 🧽

How Do You Clean Shutters?


This is a question that we get asked a lot.

IMG 6253 2The easiest way to answer this question is to describe how we clean our window shutters at home.

Most of the time, it’s just lightly settled dust on the louvre you’re trying to remove.

If that’s the case, then all that’s required is a microfibre duster.

The ones we use you can buy on Amazon.

They’re called:

Feather Duster, Dusters for Cleaning Extendable Telescoping Extension Pole 30 to 100 Inches, Long Handled Duster Reusable Bendable Washable Lightweight Dusters

Last time we checked, they were £17.99 on Amazon Prime with over 2,300 ratings.

This feather duster kit has a 2.5m telescopic pole, a bendable microfiber duster head, a crevice brush, two flat brush dust cloths, and a chenille duster head.

Dusting Kit for Cleaning Plantation Shutters

It’s a diverse cleaning kit that can handle different cleaning situations.

The fluffy microfiber and soft rubber on the top ensure that delicate surfaces will not be scratched during the dusting process.

The extendable pole is made of stainless steel and can extend up to 2.5 metres.

The microfiber feather duster head is flexible and can be bent to any angle.

The duster becomes electrostatically charged as you use it, quickly attracting dust, pollen, and hairs.

The duster’s head is detachable, just slide the top of the microfiber from the duster core, and it can be hand washed.

So, it’s not just for your shutters.

But what if your shutters need more than just a gentle wipe with a duster?

This was a question that taxed us for a few years.

How best to clean grease, insect stains and other blemishes on our shutters?

The solution (forgive the pun) came to us while cleaning our windows.

If you’re like us, we’ve tried all sorts of ways to clean the glass in our windows. We’ve tried all the proprietary window cleaners you can buy in the supermarket.

We’ve tried methylated spirit and crumpled-up pieces of The Times (we thought the Times might be better than The Sun).

However, all of the methods still left streaks on the glass to one degree or another. Particularly when the sun struck the glass.

Then we came across Ungers Liquid.How to Clean Shutters with Unger's Liquid

This is a unique pH-neutral window cleaning soap concentrate used by professional window cleaners to give a low-foam streak-free gleaming finish. It, too, is available on Amazon at around £6.99 for a one-litre bottle. It’s a concentrate, so you dilute it with water. The dilution ratio is 1:100. You get 100 litres of window soap. It’s unbelievably economical.

Unger’s Liquid effortlessly removes dirt and grease with streak-free results, providing superior cleaning power. It’s a classic choice for professional window cleaners.

The solution provides enough slip to allow an easy glide over the glass with a window squeegee. And just enough suds to see where you’ve washed. It enables you to wipe them off easily and quickly for faster cleaning.

It is incredibly economical thanks to the mixing ratio of 1:100.

With one 1 litre bottle of UNGER’s Liquid, you can mix up to 100 litres of cleaning fluid. You simply add the liquid concentrate to the water and start cleaning.

The window-cleaning soap is also pH-neutral. So not only is it easy to rinse, but it’s also kind to your skin and won’t cause irritation. This is what makes it safe to use on your fine shutters. The bottle is equipped with a secure, child-proof safety lid to prevent leakage and prevent children from opening.

That’s how we clean our windows. So, we tried cleaning our shutters with the same solution to see how they fared.

We didn’t want to soak our shutters in Unger’s solution as we do with the glass. So we popped a new cleaning-up cloth in the Unger’s liquid and wrung out the cloth so it was just damp. Then we gave the shutter a good wipe and saw the marks glide away. We finished the panels and louvres with a wipe with a good chamois leather. And the results were amazing. The shutter panels were gleaming just like the glass.

IMG 4727 2 Dusting Plantation ShuttersSo that’s how we clean our shutters.




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