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What Are Honeycomb Blinds?

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycombs are a strange little quirk of nature that has inspired human creativity for thousands of years. Those bees are clever little beings, making their homes supremely efficient structures that are simultaneously strong and durable, minimal on resources, and comfortable. No wonder we’ve copied it in so many places.

Interconnected hexagons are used in the aerospace industry (space engineers love the idea of structures that use minimal materials yet retain incredible strength), the architectural industry with some exceptionally fantastic modern buildings, and have been a muse for artists for centuries – some even work with bees to make their sculptures. 

What does this have to do with blinds? Well, it seems we can learn there, too…

What Are Honeycomb Blinds?

Honeycomb blinds take a few cues from those industrious bees, using the unique natural structure and turning it to our advantage with layers of hexagon pleats rather than the flatter slats of traditional Venetian blinds. Honeycomb blinds offer the strength of the hexagon construction, which is good, of course plus the collapsable nature of the design that’s essential for making blinds retractable. But more than that, they provide superior insulation properties.

Honeycomb blinds combine traditional blind technology and bee-led inspiration, providing a luxurious premium quality blind that’s perfect for use in many rooms around the home.

Taking advantage of technology, at the Scottish Shutter Company, we supply and install S:Craft Parma and Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Blinds with their additional smart motorisation system. Subtle and efficient, this optional feature allows your blinds to be opened and closed at the touch of a remote control. 

The Advantages Of Honeycomb Blinds

Premium Insulation

Honeycomb blinds are made from multiple hexagonal pleats, each holding a pocket of air inside. This pocket provides superior insulation, creating a buffer between the inside and outside temperatures. Combined with the material lining, honeycomb blinds provide superior window insulation that works both in the cold months to keep the warm in and the cold out and in the summer to block the hotter air and maintain that cool internal temperature. 

This additional insulation is so impressive that through the simple use of structure technology borrowed from the bees, honeycomb blinds can reduce the heat loss from your home by up to 55%.


If privacy is a concern, honeycomb blinds are an excellent solution. All blinds provide protection from prying eyes, but the seamless connection between each hexagonal slat of the honeycomb blind means no gaps and, thus, no chance of being spied upon.

Light Control

With multiple materials on offer, your honeycomb blinds can be light-filtering, giving a soft warmth to the room, or full-dimout blinds, providing that comforting nearl darkness that aids sleep (and is great for home cinema!).

Honeycomb Blinds

Noise Reduction

That honeycomb pocket comes into its own again regarding noise reduction. Compared to traditional roller blinds that do little to stop the sounds of outside pervading your home, honeycomb blinds provide a superior level of soundproofing, keeping traffic noise and the sounds of passers-by to a minimum. They also help to reduce the harsh room acoustic created by modern interiors with hard floors. 


The structural advantages of honeycomb and the material’s flexibility give honeycomb blinds a longer lifespan than many alternatives.

Child Safe

Soft materials and a lack of finger-eating gaps make honeycomb a far better solution for homes with young children. Not only that, but the sensors on the automatic mechanisms mean that there’s no chance of a problem when raising or lowering the blinds.

Made to Measure

Honeycomb blinds can be custom-fitted to your window width, making them an excellent solution for both large window spaces (up to and over 3m width) and smaller features.

Range of Colour Options

Getting your honeycomb blinds to fit in with your home decor is easy. A wide range of colours means there’s no need to replace the sofa to avoid a clash!

Any Downsides?

We have to admit; despite their many wonderful features, honeycomb blinds aren’t quite perfect. For example, they are:

  • Less precise light control – As the honeycomb blinds form a solid barrier once closed, there are fewer options for light control than you would find with shutters or Venetian blinds. 
  • Distinctive look – Is it a pro? Is it a con? Some may not like the distinctive look of a honeycomb blind, even as others find them delightful.


If you like the soft touch of fabric window coverings but need the superior light control of a blind rather than the inefficiency of a traditional curtain, then honeycomb blinds offer an excellent alternative. This solution feels modern and looks fantastic in every setting – not only that, but it’s incredibly cost-effective.

At the Scottish Shutter Company, we’re big fans of honeycomb blinds, but why not take a look at all your options? Download our comprehensive window-covering brochure today and see how honeycomb blinds can transform your living space.

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