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Do Honeycomb Blinds Save Money On Your Heating Bills?

Honeycomb Blinds

Do honeycomb blinds save money on your heating bills? Why yes, they do.

There – that was easy! Phew. Fastest article we’ve ever written.

Seriously though, what are honeycomb blinds? Can they really be an answer to rising heating bills? And will they make your home look like a beehive? At the Scottish Shutter Company, we actually have the answers to these deeper questions if you’d like to read on.

Seems we still have a little more to write.

What Are Honeycomb Blinds?

Honeycomb blinds have been specifically designed to reduce heat loss through your window and help reduce that awful heating bill cost we are all suffering. With fuel costs at a high (and never likely to drop), saving on energy bills is a must. Relatively speaking, honeycomb blinds represent a reasonably low-cost solution to this complicated and ongoing problem.

Taking some inspiration from bees, honeycomb blinds are structured around a hexagon shape. An interesting polygon, the hexagon naturally tessellates, providing both strength and a flexible structure that translates well to the mechanism of blinds. 

Rather than flat slats that we’re all used to with Venetian blinds or the similarly-flat covering of a roller blind, honeycomb blinds create a pocket of insulating air inside their honeycomb shape, while retaining the essential ability to collapse up and out of the way. It’s this insulating pocket that provides the extra thermal barrier to help with the heating bills.

Not only that, but they look great.

With honeycomb blinds, heating costs can be reduced by up to 35% when compared to a naked window. Plus, in the summer, the pocket of insulation works the other way, blocking too much heat from coming through the window. If your house needs air conditioning to keep cool, then honeycomb blinds are a decent investment to lower those running costs too!

What About Light Control?

Of course, your blinds aren’t just there to keep the heat in – they need to control the amount of light coming into your room.

Honeycomb blinds are great for that, too. There are three main fabric types for honeycomb blinds, giving you the options you need to suit your exact needs:

  • Room darkening – With the hexagonal structure, honeycomb blinds provide a double-layer of fabric-based light blocking if you are keen to keep the sun out. While they are not suitable for the heavyweight fabric used for 100% blackout blinds, the level of light control offered significantly reduces the light in the room, providing near-total darkness where needed.
  • Transparent – For those keen to let in light while blocking inquisitive eyes from passers-by, the sheer finish of transparent honeycomb blinds allows impressive levels of light through, cutting glare but not overall brightness.
  • Translucent – The perfect middle ground, translucent blinds diffuse the light to provide a soft, naturally-lit indoor space. With a range of fabrics, it’s possible to get exactly the right level of light control to accentuate and complement your rooms.

Like other blinds, honeycomb blinds can be raised and positioned as you need. This is great when you need privacy and don’t want to block your own view, as the blinds can be adjusted to block the line of vision from passers-by without ruining your experience.

Honeycomb blinds also provide a level of soundproofing, with the insulating pocket dampening noises as well as blocking heat loss. They’re great at keeping out unwanted street noise, while also making sure your TV is less of a bother to neighbours.

Parma Honeycomb Blinds in a Kitchen

My Windows Aren’t a Standard Size. Can I Have Honeycomb Blinds?

Honeycomb blinds are made to measure and can be custom-fitted to most windows. They are excellent for conservatories, patio doors, skylight lantern windows, and more. Gable windows, bay windows and box bay windows are also all suitable for a honeycomb blind covering.

Not only that, but honeycomb blinds can be augmented with smart-home motorised controls, allowing you to raise and lower your blinds through voice control or on a regular schedule – a perfect addition if the windows are in hard-to-reach areas.

Manually-operated honeycomb blinds can be fitted to windows up to three metres (3m) wide, while the motorised versions can stretch to four metre (4m) spaces.

Remember, however, that the proper fitting of your honeycomb blinds is essential if your window space is large or the shape complicated – getting a professional installation is recommended in all cases.

Is There a Best Option for Saving on Heating Bills?

Choosing the right fabric for your honeycomb blinds will make a difference. At the Scottish Shutter Company, we recommend Architella fabric. It’s the gold standard of honeycomb blinds with its double cell structure, rated A** for both heat reduction and insulation properties.

When it comes to saving money on your heating bills, you really can’t go wrong with honeycomb blinds. There is a massive range of colours to match your personal taste, and the design is a positive talking point among your friends and family. With a lifetime of 5-7 years, the investment you make in honeycomb blinds today is going to be easily recouped in the energy bill savings over the years. 

To find out more, why not download our latest brochure? It covers a variety of blinds and shutters, giving you more details on honeycomb blinds as well as any other suitable alternatives – get one here today.

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