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Heat Saving Tips – How To Prevent Heat Loss In Your Home This Winter

Heat loss

It’s no surprise that preventing heat loss from your home will save you money on your energy bills.

The nights are closing in and temperatures dropping, signalling that winter is coming. Many of you will already feel the chill in your homes and be thinking about when to turn on the central heating.

With the costs of energy bills sky-rocketing it’s more important now than ever to keep the heat inside. To help, we’ve used our expert knowledge to put together a few tips on stopping heat from escaping your home this winter…

Where Does Your Home Lose The Most Heat?

Your home is like a sieve when it comes to heat, and every aspect of the building is prone to heat loss. From the floors to the roof, heat can and will escape at every opportunity if given the chance.

To put heat loss into figures….

Approximately 10% of the heat produced by your boiler gets lost through windows, 15% via floors and draughts, 25% goes up and out of the roof, and 35% disappears through the walls.

Don’t despair though because there are things you can do to reduce these numbers. Keep reading to learn how to reduce your boiler use and keep your home feeling warmer for longer.

The Benefits Of Reducing Heat Loss

Reduced Energy Bills

When you prevent heat loss in your home, your boiler won’t need to work as hard or for so long. Saving you money on fuel and electricity costs.

Increased Comfort

Reducing heat loss will help to make your home a drier, warmer and more comfortable place to live and keep cosy in the winter.

Environmentally Friendly

Preventing heat loss means you’ll reduce your usage of fuels and electricity. This helps to reduce emissions to promote a healthier environment.

Extended Boiler Life

Using your boiler less will slow down its deterioration due to wear and tear associated with use. Keeping it in good working condition for longer.

heat loss

Tips To Reduce Heat Loss In Your Home

To keep your energy bills low, reduce your carbon emissions and feel more comfortable in your home this winter there are a few things you can do to help…


Insulation acts as a blanket around your home. Helping you to keep the cold out and the warmth in for a comfortable living environment.

In fact, a well-insulated house needs very little additional heating to keep it at your desired temperature. Cavity walls, solid walls, floors, lofts, roofs, tanks, pipes and radiators, you can add insulation to them all to prevent heat loss and reduce your energy costs.

Draught Proofing

As one of the cheapest and most effective ways to prevent heat loss from your house, draft proofing is a great option if you’re on a budget.

Draughts occur when there are gaps in the construction of your home, particularly around windows and doors. Blocking the gaps appropriately will prevent cold air from coming into your home and warm air from escaping.

Be careful not to block any essential ventilation outlets such as air bricks, vents or extractor fans though – that can cause bigger problems!

Windows & Doors

Energy-efficient windows and doors help to reduce heat loss and prevent draughts and cold spots in your home.

Double or triple glazing works by trapping a layer of air or inert gas between sheets of glass which prevents heat transfer and acts as a natural insulator to keep heat from escaping your home.

Even with double glazing, some heat loss will still occur, and we understand that replacing your windows and doors won’t be an option available to all of you. An affordable alternative and additional layer of insulation is the use of suitable window coverings…

heat loss

Preventing Heat Loss With Shutters & Blinds

Window shutters and blinds are a highly effective way to reduce the amount of heat lost through your windows and doors. When fitted correctly and fully closed, they can lower heat loss by up to 50%.

Shutters are excellent at keeping the heat in and insulating your home. Our premium, made-to-measure S:Craft wooden shutters possess natural insulating properties, making them an excellent choice to keep the heat in your home.

Blinds fit snugly into your window spaces, forming an insulation layer in front of your glazing to stop heat loss. The Luxaflex Duette blind has a unique honeycomb-like construction which acts as an effective heat loss barrier, keeping your home warm and snug.

heat loss

Don’t Delay, Winter Is Coming!

Following our tips above can help you keep warm in your home when temperatures fall outside this winter.

Installing energy-efficient shutters and blinds to your existing windows is an affordable option that can help to reduce your fuel and energy costs. It pays to be prepared.

To discuss how we can help you insulate your home with our made-to-measure shutter and blinds, and for a free, no-obligation quotation call us today.

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