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Can You Fit Shutters To Gable Windows?

Complex Gable Window Shutters Designed by the Scottish Shutter Company


You have gable windows – and they probably look stunning. They’re practical and let in a ton of light, give you a fantastic view of the sky, and offer advantages such as improved headspace and a “real” feeling vertical window if they’re in a loft conversion.

But how do you cover them? Curtains are an impossibility, and few blind styles can even be considered. Do window shutters offer a good alternative?

The answer is emphatically, “Yes!” – window shutters are a fantastic option for gable windows.

Is that it? Article over? Nothing more to say? Of course not! Here at the Scottish Shutter Company, we love to share our expertise – here’s the low-down on gable window shutters.

The Challenges of Gable Windows

It’s not just about the pointy top, though that’s a significant issue, especially if you are a curtain pole! Gable windows present the following challenges:

  • An awkward shape – The aforementioned pointy top, plus more. Some gable windows can be quite unique, with an extended width of sloping shape.
  • Being on show – That slope comes from the roof shape, meaning gable windows are always elevated and on show. You don’t want people just peering in from across the street, and any covering you do use wants to look as good from the outside as it does from within.
  • Managing heat and ventilation – Especially true for loft conversions, gable windows often need to be considered when looking at internal airflow, and failing to do so can lead to all sorts of problems, from energy efficiency to condensation and pervasive mould.
  • High top – Many gable windows have a top peak that’s very hard to reach.

But do you know what shrugs off all of these problems? You’ve guessed it – gable window shutters!

Can You Fit Shutters To Gable Windows?

Why Gable Window Shutters Work So Well

Even when we’re not talking about gable windows, shutters are made to measure, so dealing with unusual shapes is par for the course. In fact, when compared to some of the complex shapes shutters we have fitted, a gable window is easy. Slopes, you say?! Window shutters laugh at such things, much to the chagrin of the poor curtain as it collects up at the bottom of the sloped pole, wondering what can be done!

Shutters look beautiful from either side, so there’s no real “back” to worry about when we’re talking aesthetics. They could be described as majestic in a gable setting, evoking that fairy-tale palace look.

Shutters come in different materials, including those that are perfectly suited for wetter environments, meaning they are excellent for kitchens and bathrooms – a particular consideration for loft conversion gables.

Finally, they’re easy to manage, simple to clean and easy to control, without having to climb on a chair every day.

The Benefits of Shutters

The benefits of shutters are well known, and that’s no different for gable window shutters. Consider the following:

Superior Light Control

The ability to adjust the louvres to allow light as you need and operate different sections of the window shutters independently provides complete control.

Shutters can take the room from dim to bright and open to the glorious sunlight. Nothing else offers such a level of light control, whether in the middle of the day or the last warm glow of the evening.

Complete Privacy

If the sunlight isn’t getting in, then neither is the poking sight of nosy neighbours or passersby. More than that, though, louvre control means it’s possible to let the light in wonderfully still while making unwanted observation impossible.

Energy Efficiency

In the winter, shutters provide a fantastic barrier to the cold, keeping those fuel bills down while maintaining essential inner warmth.

In the heat of summer, windows can be opened and the shutters adjusted to keep everything cool.

They really are the best of both worlds.

A Desirable Home Look

Shutters look great. When properly installed, the sleek finish of quality shutters is second to none, giving your gable windows a superior modern aesthetic that complements any internal decor.

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What Should You Consider Before Getting Shutters For Gable Windows?

Before rushing off and ordering your shutters, there are a few things to consider when looking at gable window shutters:

  • The size of your window will impact cost, so needs to be thought about well in advance.
  • The key function – What are your main considerations? Light control? Ventilation? Privacy? This may well affect the material you end up opting for.
  • The room’s needs – Bathrooms need waterproof shutters.
  • Maintenance and cleaning – Shutters are very low maintenance, but you will need to dust the high louvres every so often.
  • Where to get them – Gable window shutters require expertise to measure and fit. Don’t rush off and order cheap online shutters that will turn up and need to be installed yourself; instead, speak to an expert.

Gable Window Shutters from the Scottish Shutter Company

At the Scottish Shutter Company, we offer a complete service from a survey and measurement of your gable windows through to final installation and ongoing aftercare service. With the very finest shutters available, our premium gable window shutter installations will give your home the perfect finish. Download a brochure today to be inspired.

David Browne

David Browne

David is Co-Founder and Project Director at the award-winning, Best Family Business 2020 – the Scottish Shutter Company. David has over 35 years’ experience in running and growing small businesses.




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