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The Awesome Formosa Max Awning

With an Extendable, Powered Valance

The Ultimate Awning - New for 2024

For Patios, Balconies & Outside Areas

Introducing the Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning with Powered Valance

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor living space while providing protection from the ever-changing British weather, the Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning with Powered Valance stands out as a top-of-the-line shading solution. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a sunny day without getting scorched or create an inviting outdoor space even when the rain pours down, this innovative awning has you covered, quite literally!

Stylish and Functional Design

Luxaflex, synonymous with premium window shading solutions, has brought its expertise to the outdoor realm with the Formosa Max Awning. This awning doesn’t just serve a practical purpose; it also adds a touch of style to your home’s exterior. The sleek and modern design complements various architectural styles, making it a versatile addition to any domestic setting.

The Powered Valance is a game-changer in the world of awnings. It allows you to control the shade and the view according to your preferences. With the touch of a button, you can extend or retract the valance to provide the right coverage, ensuring you have the ideal balance of light and shade.

Weather-Resistant Materials for the UK Climate

The unpredictable British climate demands outdoor shading solutions that can withstand various conditions. The Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning is built with durability in mind. Its materials are engineered to endure rain, wind, and the occasional sunshine, ensuring that your investment remains in top condition for years.

UV Protection and Sun Control

In the UK, we often experience fleeting moments of intense sunlight, and the Formosa Max Awning helps you make the most of these opportunities. The UV-resistant fabric provides protection from harmful sun rays, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about sunburn or glare. The Powered Valance is a crucial addition for controlling sunlight – you can adjust it to shade your eyes while still enjoying the view of your garden.

Customized to Fit Your Space

One size doesn’t fit all, and Luxaflex understands that. The Formosa Max Awning is customizable to fit your unique outdoor area. Our shading experts can work with you to ensure that the awning perfectly complements your home’s architecture and meets your requirements. The Formosa Max Awning can be tailored to suit your preferences from size to fabric colour and style.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning comes with a straightforward installation process handled by our expert team. The awning’s ease of use continues after installation and is designed for minimal maintenance. The quality materials ensure longevity, and the awning’s construction is designed to remain low-maintenance, allowing you to enjoy it without the hassle of constant upkeep.

A Greener Choice

Luxaflex is committed to sustainability, and the Formosa Max Awning reflects this ethos. It is designed with energy efficiency in mind, allowing you to reduce your home’s energy consumption. Providing shade to your indoor spaces helps maintain a comfortable temperature, reducing the need for artificial cooling systems, especially during the warmer months. This means a more comfortable living space and a smaller carbon footprint.

Expert Advice and Assistance

As a leading supplier of shading solutions in Scotland, The Scottish Shutter Company is proud to introduce to you the Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning. We have extensive experience in providing high-quality shading solutions, and we understand the unique needs of the UK market. Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. We offer showroom visits by appointment to ensure you receive dedicated and personalized attention, allowing you to see the Formosa Max Awning up close and explore its features.

The Formosa Max with Powered Valance can be seen at our Edinburgh showroom.

If you cannot visit our showrooms in Dundee or Edinburgh, we also offer home visits and virtual consultations via video. This means that, regardless of your location in Scotland, you can access our expertise and explore the Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning without leaving the comfort of your home.

Why Choose Luxaflex and The Scottish Shutter Company?

Luxaflex is a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of window shading solutions. As the exclusive owner and operator of the only two Luxaflex Gallery Showrooms in Scotland, The Scottish Shutter Company is your trusted source for Luxaflex products. Our 37-year partnership with Luxaflex ensures you receive the latest and most outstanding shading solutions, like the Formosa Max Awning, directly from the manufacturer.

…and so…

The Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning with Powered Valance is the perfect solution to elevate your outdoor living experience in the UK. Its stylish design, durability, and the ability to control sunlight and rain make it a standout choice. At The Scottish Shutter Company, we’re here to assist you in exploring this exceptional shading solution. Whether you opt for a showroom visit or a virtual consultation, our experts are ready to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Refrain from letting the ever-changing British weather dictate your outdoor plans. Embrace the Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning and transform your outdoor space into a comfortable and stylish oasis.

To arrange an appointment or learn more, call us at 0800 086 2989.

We look forward to helping you enhance your outdoor living space in 2024 with the Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning.

Luxaflex blinds at The Scottish Shutter Company

Why Choose An Outdoor Awning?

Customised Shade To Suit You

Our outdoor awnings offer intuitively designed sun protection, giving you a functional space. Whether you want to bring a hint of shade to a seating area or total coverage to a terrace, an outdoor awning is an ideal solution.

Automatic Wind Sensor Protection

All our awnings come with an automatic wind sensor. When the wind seems too high, it will retract inside its durable, powder-coated metal cassette to protect your awning and its fixings.

Sophisticated Lighting For Brighter Evenings

Why end your fun early just because it’s getting dark? Our awnings come with LED lights fitted into the arms, adding extra atmosphere to your evening and creating a sophisticated lighting effect. 

Effortless Design That Suits Any Garden

When you’ve put so much time into making your home beautiful, you need an outdoor awning that will match your style. Realise your vision for your patio, balcony or poolside with an awning that works seamlessly with your architecture and garden design.

The Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning: Unbeatable Quality & Design From £8,278.

The Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning is an incredible awning solution that does so much more than offer some shade. As standard, your Luxaflex Awning includes arm and front rail lighting, a (vibration) wind sensor and a unique waterproof fabric created specifically to provide unbeatable solar ray protection. Enjoy your outdoor area like never before with total protection from the sun and light weather.

To help you make an infomed choice about our luxury awnings, please read this document produced by the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) which defines the key characteristics of folding arm awnings.

Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning with Power Valance

Spreader Plates

Additional mounting brackets, such as spreader plates, bungalow brackets, gutter brackets and pipe brackets, may be required for successful mounting to your property; these brackets are available as optional extras. We can discuss these with you, if necessary, when we come and visit your home.

Our brackets are:

  • Subjected to rigorous testing and a thorough quality control programme which has resulted in the awarding of EU certification.
  • Exposed to climatic testing to guarantee longevity
  • Mild steel brackets powder coated after bead blasting and coated with a patented zinc coating
  • Supplied with the bracket fixings to fix your awning bracket securely to the spreader plate.


LED Arm Lights: Garden Awnings from The Scottish Shutter Company

Luxaflex Formosa Max with Powered Valance Motorised Awning -What you get:

Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning with Powered Valance - What It Costs

Our awnings are measured and fitted with expert care and attention, and their cost reflects that.

Pricing applies to installation in Central Scotland areas. Price upon request for other areas.

Luxaflex Formosa Max with Powered Valance

max Width (mm)Proj. (mm)Price (£)
All prices include accurate site measure, delivery, installation and VAT.
Load-spreading fixing plates may also be required depending on where your awning is to be fitted. Load spreading brackets are typically £300 to £600 per pair and are individually designed and custom-made for your awning.
Additional exterior electrical work may be required to be carried out by your electrician.

Awning Power Supply

Our awnings are powered by a Somfy 240-volt, double-insulated motor fitted inside the fabric tube. The motor can be at the right or the left. A 13-amp, 2-gang switched weatherproof socket should be installed by your electrician. (We can provide location instructions).

We strongly recommend that you use a registered electrician to install this socket.

Registered electricians in Scotland work to the UK national safety standard (BS 7671) and will give you a safety certificate to confirm that their work has been designed, inspected, and tested in line with that standard.

We Don't Do Shop Awnings

Shop awnings typically require local planning permission and may come under road traffic regulations as well. You have to bear in mind that the general public may be affected by your awning.
If you plan to add a logo or text to the awning, local outside advertising laws may also apply as you are, in effect, advertising to the public.
Applying for permission through your local authority can be time-consuming. This is probably why some shop awnings are fitted without the necessary approvals.

For these reasons, we ceased offering shop awnings a few years ago.

Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 09.32.13
Best Family Business - 2020 - The Scottish Shutter Company

High-Quality Outdoor Awnings From Scotland’s Leading Blind & Shutter Company

As Scotland’s top family-run shutter, blind and awning company, we have been delivering state-of-the-art solutions for luxury homes since 1987. We give you the information you need to make an informed decision without pushy salespeople. Just reliable communication, expert advice and phenomenal awnings.


You can see pics and videos of some of our Awning installations in our Gallery by clicking here. 


Our 5 Year “Perfect Fit” Promise

When you choose our family-run business, you’ll get the highest quality workmanship and a long-lasting awning solution designed perfectly for your outdoor space, no matter the size or shape.

If you have a problem, we’ll solve it. So you know you’re in safe hands and your investment is protected for many years to come.


Is My Wall Strong Enough For An Awning?

Not all walls are strong enough for an awning to be fitted. On average outdoor awnings can weigh around 80kg (the same as a baby elephant) and this weight hangs on the wall fixings used. Once your awning is extended this load increases, putting a huge strain on your wall.

As you can see, it’s incredibly important to have one of our experts decide if your wall can withstand this weight and ongoing stress.

If you’re unsure we can quickly determine whether your wall is strong enough for an awning. Please send the following to our awning experts here and we can give you our suggestions:

  • Photos of the intended location including the wall
  • An idea of the width of awning you would like
  • How far you would like the awning to extend outwards


Please see the pricing table above for costs.

Do You Fit Shop Awnings?

We don’t fit shop awnings. These types of awnings often require planning permission and an awareness of road traffic regulations and advertising laws. As these processes can be time-consuming and require specialist commercial knowledge, we have chosen to focus on our luxury home awnings.

Can I DIY Fit My Own Awning

If you’re considering a DIY fitting of any awning, please reconsider. Fitting should be left to the professionals, as we carefully and expertly survey your supporting wall beforehand to ensure it will be strong enough. Not only that, an awning must be fitted properly, as an extended awning puts a huge load onto the mountings and fixings. An improperly fitted awning can cause tremendous damage to your home and even injury or death.

Do You Offer Larger Awnings?

Yes, we can provide larger awnings to suit special situations. For example, if you wish to cover an extended length of wall with one streamline awning. We have other Luxaflex models available depending on your needs, so please get in touch to discuss larger awnings.

What Power is Required for an Awning?

Our awnings are powered by a Somfy 240-volt, double insulated motor, which is fitted inside the fabric tube. The motor can be at the right or the left. A 13-amp, 2-gang switched weatherproof socket should be installed by your electrician. (We can provide location instructions).

We strongly recommend that you use a registered electrician to install this socket.

Registered electricians in Scotland work to the UK national safety standard (BS 7671) and will give you a safety certificate to confirm that their work has been designed, inspected, and tested in line with that standard.

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