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Fly Screens – When Do You Need Them?

Fly Screens – It’s The Season…

WaspIn Scotland, the season for fly screens typically begins in spring, around mid-April, and continues through to early autumn, typically around late September. This is when insects like flies, mosquitoes, and other pests are more active due to warmer weather. If you have a particularly warm start or end to the season, you might find the need for fly screens extending a little beyond these months. April toFly Screens - When Do You Need Them September is the core period when fly screens are most useful in Scotland.

…and yes, it is normal to get mosquitoes in Scotland. There are several native species of mosquito in Scotland. Some species don’t bite at all, and of those that do, only the females will bite you. Of the world’s 3,000 mosquito species, just one per cent is found in the UK, and 10 are known to occur in Scotland.

Midge – A Special Breed of Insect – needs a special kind of screen

Ah, the Scottish midge! These little blighters might be pint-sized, but they sure know how to spoil a fine day outdoors. Drawn to the carbon dioxide you exhale, they’ll leave you with itchy, red bumps if you’re not careful.Midge Annoying, isn’t it? But before you think of locking yourself indoors, let us introduce you to our Phantom Midge Mesh.

Now for some geeky facts. Our Midge Mesh comes with a 20-20 spec, packing 400 holes per square inch. That’s enough to trap most adult midges, whose average wingspan is about 1.4mm, against the mesh’s 1.25mm holes. And while it’s not foolproof—especially against the little ones or the crawlers—it’s much better than having no defence at all.

You might stumble upon 20-30 midge mesh offered by some online vendors, usually from the Far East.

Frankly, we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s softer and denser, making it more vulnerable to wind and less effective overall. Stick with the 20-20; it strikes a good balance between preserving your view and keeping out the bugs.

Speaking of your view, we know it’s something you treasure.

While a 20-20 mesh might blur that gorgeous Scottish panorama a smidgen, it’s a small price to pay for fewer bites.

Ah, but when do you need to worry about these pesky pests?

Midges are most active during the warmer months—typically from late spring to early autumn.

They especially love the West Coast of Scotland and wooded or damp areas. So, if you’re in these regions or planning a visit, best be prepared.

Another tidbit: Midge Mesh is a bit softer and denser than standard mesh, making it more susceptible to wind conditions. However, here’s the good news—midges can’t handle wind speeds greater than 5-7 mph, so you probably won’t need to roll out the mesh on a windy day.

So, in a nutshell, our Phantom Midge Mesh is your seasonal saviour against these minuscule nuisances, letting you get the most out of the stunning Scottish outdoors. It’s like having a bug-free forcefield around your lovely home! Our midge mesh is available in our manually operated, cassetted screens for smaller windows and in our motorised Power Screens for much larger openings (up to 12 metres).



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