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Family Business Of The Year – FINALISTS

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We’ve got big news.

The Scottish Shutter Company are delighted to let you know that we were finalists in the Best Family Business Of the Year category of the National Entrepreneur Awards.

It’s super exciting! We were amongst stiff competition and honoured to be featured alongside some incredible companies. Let us tell you more about it all.

What Are The National Entrepreneur Awards?

The incredible work of entrepreneurs often goes unnoticed. We’re just so busy learning and growing and focussing on all of the exciting things in the pipeline – and raving about our wins isn’t easy!

And that’s where the National Entrepreneur Awards comes in. In its 10th year, the event actively promotes the magic of entrepreneurship and empowers individuals to take the leap and follow their hearts. So many people have big business dreams just waiting to come to life; the National Entrepreneur Awards shines a light on all things entrepreneurship, championing the outstanding work entrepreneurial companies are doing.

The competition is UK-wide and entrants to the awards are proactive entrepreneurs who are making their business dreams become a reality. Entrants can apply for up to 2 categories to promote themselves and the businesses they’ve built, and competition is strong.

This year, there were 8 awards, including Best Marketing Campaign, Most Impressive Growth and Best Customer Service, and the winners were announced on the evening of Monday, 2nd October, at the National Entrepreneurs Convention at the ICC, Birmingham. 

Why Family Businesses Matter…

Family businesses aren’t just something you see in TV drama series. In fact, they make up the majority of the businesses in the UK, estimated to hold a massive 85% of UK businesses in 2020, and only on the rise.

Family businesses contribute heavily to UK GDP, employ millions, and pay billions in tax receipts. They put plenty back into their local community and give the country’s economy a much-needed boost.

Those are the hard facts, and they are incredibly important. 

But so, too, are the softer reasons why family businesses matter. Family businesses are born of love and hard work and hold stories for grandchildren. They matter because the togetherness of family members working towards a common goal is a powerful thing. Family businesses have a clear purpose from generation to generation because of the concept of legacy, and they transmit family values directly into the company. 

Family businesses are hard-working, innovative, resilient, committed to excellence, and deeply rooted in their community.

The Scottish Shutter Company: Scotland’s Best Family Business

The Scottish Shutter Company began as a small business based out of rented premises in Dundee in 1987. Today, we’re the leading independent shutter and blind company in Scotland, with a seven-figure turnover and a 100% 5-star review rating. 

It hasn’t been easy, and running a family business throws down as many challenges as any other. From critical accounting errors to pandemics to severe health issues within the family, we’ve seen it all. But through each hardship, we’ve found even broader levels of strength and unison, and we are so proud to be of service to the wonderful people of the place we love. 

The Honour Of Being A Finalist

Entrepreneurial companies rarely stand up and shout about the great things they do, and it’s about time they did. 

We are beaming! The recognition of being selected as a finalist is incredible.

The Scottish Shutter Company are so proud of our achievements, but we wouldn’t be where we are without our fantastic team. Every single person behind the Scottish Shutter Company works together to provide unbeatable customer service, and that is the beating heart of our operation. 

Anyone who gets in contact with us, whether virtually or in person, receives our full and undivided attention. Every interaction with our community is the very best of us, and that is down to the SSC team’s kindness and sheer hard work. 

It’s An Honour… 

Entrepreneurs rock, especially entrepreneurial family businesses. 

The 10th Annual National Entrepreneur Awards took place on 2nd October, and although we didn’t scoop the trophy, it’s an honour to have made it this far and been recognised for our hard work.

Want to know more about what we do? After ideas and inspiration for transforming your home? Download a brochure from us. 

Picture of David Browne

David Browne

David is Co-Founder and Project Director at the award-winning, Best Family Business 2020 – the Scottish Shutter Company. David has over 35 years’ experience in running and growing small businesses.




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