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Duette Elan Fabric

Duette Elan Fabric Blind

Duette Elan Fabric

The Duette Elan fabric is a premium honeycomb insulation material specifically engineered to provide superior environmental control within residential and commercial settings. This fabric offers effective protection against ultraviolet (UV) bleaching, thereby preserving the integrity and colour of interior furnishings. It is designed to significantly reduce heat gain during summer and minimise heat loss during winter, contributing to energy efficiency and thermal comfort. The Duette Elan fabric also possesses excellent sound insulation properties, enhancing a room’s acoustic environment.

A Unique Fabric

Constructed with a unique translucent honeycomb design, the Duette Elan fabric is not just any fabric—it’s a unique one. It permits the passage of diffused light, ensuring natural illumination while maintaining optimal privacy. The fabric’s unique structure and material composition make it an ideal choice for applications requiring a balance of light control, privacy, and energy efficiency, piquing your interest in its unique features.


  • UV Protection: Provides substantial resistance to ultraviolet bleaching.
  • Thermal Insulation: Reduces heat gain in summer and prevents heat loss in winter.
  • Acoustic Properties: Offers sound insulation benefits.
  • Light Diffusion: Translucent material allows for natural light penetration while ensuring privacy.

The Duette Elan fabric is not just a solution but a versatile one. It is perfectly suited for a wide range of window treatments, offering a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for controlling indoor environmental conditions tailored to your unique needs.

0161 - Papyrus
0161 – Papyrus
0738 - Oyster Grey
0738 – Oyster Grey
3730 - Off Willow Green
3730 – Off Willow Green
2630 - Ether
2630 – Ether
4935 - Chocolate
4935 – Chocolate
4731 - Mushroom
4731 – Mushroom
4440 - Oyster
4440 – Oyster
1332 - Brushed Nickel
1332 – Brushed Nickel
4333 - Talon
4333 – Talon
3623 - Fog Green
3623 – Fog Green
1739 - Legend
1739 – Legend
7131 Raven
7131 Raven
0633 - Dolphin
0633 – Dolphin
0987 - Agate Grey
0987 – Agate Grey
4532 - Elephant
4532 – Elephant
4010 - Tumble Stone
4010 – Tumble Stone
5510 - Mulberry
5510 – Mulberry
2334 - India Ink
2334 – India Ink
1858 - Black
1858 – Black
0000 - Swan
0000 – Swan


In addition, the headrails, base rails, and moving rails can be finished in seven hardware colours.

White Hardware (Standard)
White Hardware (Standard)
Parchment Hardware
Parchment Hardware
Anthracite Grey Hardware
Anthracite Grey Hardware
Silver Grey Hardware
Silver Grey Hardware
Metal Grey Hardware
Metal Grey Hardware
Bronze Brown Hardware
Bronze Brown Hardware
Black Hardware
Black Hardware

Pictures & Videos

You can see examples of Duette Elan Fabric blinds here.


Incorporating the Duette Elan fabric into a property’s design is not just a choice for aesthetic enhancement but a strategic decision towards achieving greater energy efficiency and comfort. The innovative honeycomb structure provides a visually appealing texture and depth to window treatments and functions as an effective barrier against external temperature variations. By creating a buffer zone, the fabric helps stabilise indoor temperatures, reducing reliance on heating and cooling systems and lowering energy costs over time.
The Duette Elan fabric’s ability to diffuse light is a game-changer. It transforms spaces into serene and inviting environments by softly scattering natural light throughout the room. This not only eliminates harsh glares but also provides sufficient brightness, creating a comfortable and productive environment for work or relaxation. Privacy is a top concern in today’s urban settings, and the Duette Elan fabric addresses it perfectly. It allows light to pass through its translucent material, ensuring spaces are well-lit yet shielded from prying eyes. This unique feature makes it an ideal choice for spaces where maintaining privacy without sacrificing natural light is challenging.
The fabric’s sound insulation property further enhances its appeal, particularly in noisy urban areas or spaces where acoustic control is desired. By dampening external noise, the fabric contributes to a quieter, more peaceful interior, ideal for bedrooms, study areas, and offices.
In conclusion, the Duette Elan fabric represents a design, functionality, and sustainability convergence. Its versatile benefits, from UV protection and thermal insulation to light diffusion and sound dampening, make it an exemplary choice for those seeking to improve their living or working environments. By choosing Duette Elan, individuals and professionals alike are investing in a solution that elevates their spaces’ aesthetic appeal and contributes to environmental conservation and energy savings. As such, it stands as a testament to innovation in fabric technology, offering a sophisticated, practical, and eco-friendly option for modern window treatments.


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Duette Elan



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