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DIY Shutters

DIY Window Shutters from The Scottish Shutter Company

DIY Shutters: Supply-Only Service: A Personal Touch in Every Box

Embrace the DIY Spirit with Our Window Shutters

If you’re hands-on or know a wizard with joinery or home installation skills, our DIY shutter range is your playground. This option is not just about saving costs; it’s about bringing the same high-quality, custom-made plantation shutters from our full-service package into your hands at a more affordable price. While we always champion professional fitting, we also believe in the power of DIY for those who are up for the challenge.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

DIY Shutters - Shaped Gable - Self-Installed by our clients on Orkney 1
DIY Shutters – Shaped Gable Shutters -Self-Installed by our Clients on Orkney

Fear not; we’re not throwing you into the deep end. DIY with us means you’re responsible for measuring and installing, but we’re backing you up with precision-made shutters and frames crafted to your exact specifications. This approach is particularly beneficial if you’re situated in a remote location or looking to outfit just a few windows with our stunning shutters. We’ve successfully guided clients from all corners, including the Orkney Islands, helping them to measure, design, and fit their shutters, sometimes with the help of a local joiner.

Simplified Measuring & Designing Process

To kick things off, send us some photos and rough measurements of your windows. Don’t worry about acrobatics or precarious positions – safety first! These initial details help us determine the feasibility of a DIY approach for your specific windows.

You can reach out to us with your pictures and measurements at: 
Leveraging over thirty years of experience, we’ll design your shutters using our advanced CAD system, ensuring you get a preview with a detailed drawing for your approval before we start crafting your bespoke shutters.

Installation: More Straightforward Than You’d Think

While our professional survey teams take many measurements to ensure perfection, we’ll guide you through what’s essential for your DIY installation. We’re not just shipping you a product; we’re offering a comprehensive service backed by award-winning expertise. We’ll walk you through the measuring process, assist with installation queries, and ensure your shutters are delivered right to your doorstep.

Quoting, Terms, and Warranty

After assessing your needs, we’ll provide a detailed written quotation. If you’re ready to proceed or have any questions, email us at

Our commitment to quality extends to our warranty, assuring you of defect-free materials and workmanship. This warranty is contingent on the correct installation and use of original components. It’s important to note that this warranty doesn’t cover damages from unauthorised repairs, accidents, misuse, or neglect of our instructions. Additionally, we can’t guarantee exact matches to samples or previous orders due to the natural characteristics of wood and paint.

Special Attention for Supply-Only & DIY Clients

Our quality control is rigorous, with an eighteen-point checking system and thorough photographic documentation. This meticulous approach is crucial for accurately addressing any damage claims. Shutters can be easily damaged during installation, so replacements or refunds are contingent on proving any damage occurred before receiving the goods.

Your DIY Adventure with The Scottish Shutter Company

Opting for our supply-only service means you’re not just buying a product but embarking on a unique DIY adventure with a team of seasoned shutter experts ready to support you. Whether you have a question about measuring, a concern during installation, or just want reassurance, we’re here to make your DIY shutter installation a resounding success.
We hope this expanded guide provides you with all the information and confidence you need for your DIY shutter project. Remember, we’re just a call or email away, ready to assist you in transforming your space with our beautiful shutters. Happy DIYing! 🌟🏡🛠️





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