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Custom Shutter Solutions for Challenging Installations: Sloped Ceilings, Bay Windows, and More…

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It’s not often that you consider your window shape or position. There are a few of us (OK, we
hold up our hand) who will sit relaxing on the sofa gazing up at awkward windows and
thinking, ‘How do you block out the light coming in that?!’, but most people never give it a
moment’s thought.

That is, until you go to cover it. All of a sudden the feature window you love so much becomes
a bit of a headache. Curves? Sloped? In a difficult to reach nook? All of the above?

While interesting and different windows do wonders for adding charm and unique character to
a home, what do you do about them when you want privacy or darkness?

The answer: custom shutters from the Scottish Shutter Company. Let us tell you more…

Rising to the Challenge

The phone rings: ‘Hello, is that the Scottish Shutter Company? I hope you can help, though
I’m not sure you can. We have a few windows in our home that are too challenging.’

Too challenging? Hah! We love a challenge – and we get calls like this all the time.

It’s true; it’s not easy. If it were, then everyone would be doing it. But a challenge doesn’t
mean impossible. It just means you need some extra thought, care, and experience.
Thankfully, we have all three.

We install shutters made to measure, no matter the size or shape of a window. It’s our job and
our joy to get creative with the fitting. Proudly, we’ve become known for getting results when
others won’t even try.
But enough of blowing our own trumpet, what do we actually achieve?

Common Challenges for Custom Shutter Solutions

An ‘awkward’ window is one with an aspect that makes blocking out the daylight hard enough
to put off most people. For many, that encompasses anything that can’t be solved with a
curtain pole and long fabric drape – consider the fun that people get into trying to put curtains
on windows with a sloped top or those on a sloped surface; imagine the joy of trying to get
your curtains to hang efficiently with a circular window.

While a few have tried to devise imaginative solutions for these problems, the end result is
rarely something to be proud of.

There are no window shapes, sizes or types we haven’t seen. Some common awkward
windows include:

– Sloped Ceilings – A vertical window that sits below a sloping ceiling will have a
triangular shape to fill. Our custom shutter solution uses a neat, angled shutter edge.

– Skylights – This is where the window is on the sloped ceiling, which is common in
many loft conversions. A skylight shutter is a perfect way to provide full light control,
blocking out unwanted sunlight in the day and shielding from a bright full moon or
streetlamps at night.

– Gable Windows – Another architectural design that leaves a triangular section, here
sectioning the shutters can provide the solution.

– Bay Windows – Protruding from the front of the house, bay windows are a beautiful
feature for home design but can be problematic to get uniformly covered. Shutters
follow the line of the window, with a range of designs to suit the need. Consider tier-on-
tier shutters, full height, or even a solid panel look in some traditional homes.

– Arched Window—With a curved top, an arch can be a real tease for anyone
attempting curtains or blinds. Shutters provide an elegant solution. Either a fan-shape
can be used to cover the top section or the window can be split into two side-by-side
arched panels.

– Round Window – Like their arched sibling, round windows can be closed off easily with
shutters. Small portholes can have a single-panel shutter, while larger round windows
enjoy a pair of door-like shutters that block or let in light as desired.

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Why Choose a Custom Shutter Solution?

Even forgetting the logistical solution of covering the window, shutters have several other
benefits, making them a favourite window covering that grows in popularity yearly.

– Superior light control—Properly fitted custom shutters are edge-to-edge, which
means no light leaks around the frame's edges. Compare that to curtains, which are
loosely covered, or even blinds, where a little edge light leakage is common. Adjustable
louvres allow you to control the level of outside light coming in for the perfect interior

– Incredible privacy – Of course, if you block the view into your house with a panel of
wood, privacy is guaranteed! But even without taking it to the extreme, shutters offer a
fantastic level of privacy that comes from the distance effect of trying to stare in through
a slatted window covering. From the inside, you get a full view of the garden, but
nosing in from the other side is all but impossible.

– Thermal properties – Looking to cut back on those rising energy bills? Shutters are
top-notch insulators that will save hugely over their lifetime.

– Soundproofing – The peace shutters offer a significant improvement over thinner
blinds or the poor coverage of curtains.

– Waterproof options—Shutters can be installed in wet environments with no fear of
long-term decay, and a range of materials is available.

– Styled to fit – You can make your shutters any colour and choose from multiple styles
to ensure they match the room beautifully.

– Extremely long-lasting—Shutters are an investment that stands the test of time.
Made from strong, solid materials, they are low-maintenance and durable, performing
perfectly for years to come.

– Adds appeal and value to your home – Not only will your comfort be improved by the
shutters, but should you choose to move away, the shutters will be a feature that lures
in prospective buyers.

Considerations When Choosing Your Shutters

Want to know what to think about when making a decision on shutters? Important factors

– Material – You may think of shutters as being wooden, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but
alongside natural hardwoods, shutters are available in MDF for a budget-friendly option
that’s easy to maintain, ABS (a tough, durable polymer) as a completely waterproof and
robust choice for kitchens and bathrooms, and aluminium for extra security.

– Style – Go for full-height shutters, or consider café style with an open top half, full
panel, or tier-on-tier. There’s always a shutter style to suit your home, though
remember that your window's shape and location may limit you.

– Budget – Shutters are not the cheapest window coverings, but when designed and
installed professionally, they offer a long-lasting investment that truly meets your every
need (at least, as much as a window covering can!).

Challenging Us at The Scottish Shutter Company

If you’ve struggled to find a solution for your awkward windows, or if you’re looking to upgrade
the compromise that already exists, why not contact us at SSC? Download a brochure today
to see the options on offer, or call directly to book a consultation.

Picture of David Browne

David Browne

David is Co-Founder and Project Director at the award-winning, Best Family Business 2020 – the Scottish Shutter Company. David has over 35 years’ experience in running and growing small businesses.




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