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Curtains Vs Blinds Vs Shutters – How Do They Compare?

Curtains Vs Blinds Vs Shutters (5)

You know you need a window covering, but how do you know which is best? Should you choose curtains, blinds or shutters for the best value, appearance, and quality? Which window dressing will work best for your room? The answer is simple – you need to know the pros and cons of all three options to make a confident decision.

At the Scottish Shutter Company, we are experts in the benefits of shutters and blinds, but we also know your choice comes down to your individual room, space, and vision. Every home is different and the best thing for one may not be right for another. 

That’s why we’ve put together the benefits and drawbacks of each window dressing option to make your decision a little more informed.

Are Curtains Right for You?

Curtains Vs Blinds Vs Shutters

Curtains have been the classic window covering for centuries and for good reason. They’re a simple solution to covering your windows.

The Pros of Curtains

  • Curtains are the most popular option if you simply want to dress your windows in a way that has been used in households throughout history. You can pick up a set of basic curtains that are a ‘one-size-fits-all’ design from around £20 in most furniture stores.


  • You can choose the colour or fabric that suits your room with minimal effort, as curtains can be cheaply manufactured in almost any design. From blackout curtains to lace curtains, you can easily update or change your decor.

The Cons of Curtains

  • Curtains are not easily adapted to awkwardly shaped or very small windows. If you have a peculiar window, you might have already experienced how difficult it is to get a curtain that fits and can be drawn easily.


  • Fabric curtains are not suitable for certain rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, or mudrooms. Curtains are highly likely to absorb moisture in the air and quickly become damaged or stained.


  • This is the most difficult window dressing option to clean. If you get a spill on one of your curtains, you’ll need to either treat the spot with special detergents or put the entire curtain into the wash. Very inconvenient!
  • Curtains don’t always offer total light blocking, as light can creep in around the edges.
  • While some people like the look of draped curtains when they are open, others can find they get in the way, especially if there’s furniture in front of a window.

Are Blinds Right for You?

Curtains Vs Blinds Vs Shutters (2)

Blinds are a stylish way to cover your windows, coming in an impressive range of designs that give you more control over light and privacy in your room.

The Pros of BlindsCurtains Vs Blinds Vs Shutters (2)

  • Off-the-shelf blinds are possibly the cheapest option out there. You can find basic roller blinds for as little as £7. This price point is attractive to people who simply want to add some privacy to a room – fast.


  • There is an enormous selection available when it comes to fabrics, designs, and finishes for your blinds. Some blinds are even designed to diffuse the light entering a room in a controlled way, allowing you to create more usable, soft lighting without sacrificing privacy or insulation benefits. Trust us, there’s a blind out there for every style and need!


The Cons of Blinds

  • Even modern window blinds can be liable to damage. Small wooden or material slats are weak individually, so if children, pets, or daily life gets to your blinds, they can require repairing more often than curtains or shutters.


  • Corded blinds pose a real risk of strangulation and harm to young children and pets in the home. You can reduce potential by using fixtures and attachments that hold the cord out of reach or even swap out a cord for a solid wand.

  • Blinds require fittings to be added to your window frame or wall. If not done by a professional, there’s a risk of damage to your home that may require an expensive repair.


Are Shutters Right for You?

Curtains Vs Blinds Vs Shutters (4)

Shutters offer a timeless design while adding value to your home. This practical option has become a firm favourite in many modern households.

The Pros of ShuttersCurtains Vs Blinds Vs Shutters (4)

  • Shutters are the ultimate window covering solution because they are more than just a window dressing. They’re a long-lasting feature that brings value to your property. Did you know you can increase the kerb appeal of your home just by adding shutters?


  • Shutters provide the most reliable temperature control when compared to curtains and blinds. This is because they are fixed to the window frame or the surrounding wall, leaving fewer gaps for heat to escape or enter through. 


  • If style is your primary concern, then shutters should be your go-to. Shutters offer a timeless look, whatever design you choose – and there is a huge range of design options to satisfy your decorative desires.

The Cons of Shutters

  • Shutters are a permanent addition to your room, making it a big decision to have them fitted in the first place. They are designed to last through the years, so you won’t get the opportunity to swap them out if you don’t love the style you picked or fancy a change.


  • Shutters are the most durable and visually impressive option, but bespoke shutters should not be DIY-fitted. For the best, most reliable fit your shutters should always be fitted by an expert who knows how to overcome potential issues with fixings.


Curtains Vs Blinds Vs Shutters – Which Should You Choose?

With all your options laid out in front of you, you can now make a choice based on your unique space. Whether you choose blinds, curtains, or shutters, make sure you’re picking the window dressing you’ll still love in years to come.

After all, a window dressing can make or break the style and atmosphere of a room. So, if you’d like a little more expert advice get in touch with our team here to book a free home appointment or to visit our showroom. 

Take the first step toward making your home vision a reality!

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