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Could Motorised Blinds Make Your Home More Accessible?

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Wondering if motorised blinds will make a difference in your home? Looking for stylish ways to add convenience to your daily routine? Are you considering blinds but finding them too difficult to operate? It’s true; most blinds are not designed to be disability friendly. 

It can be arduous searching for window dressings that will look incredible and suit your high standards and be effortless to operate. Curtains can be heavy and easily tangled or caught; regular blinds often use lengthy cords that need to be pulled precisely to adjust them accurately.  

If your home life is punctuated with annoying difficulties like these, it’s understandable to feel frustrated that there aren’t enough considerations for accessible window coverings. 

 That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for accessible blinds and shutters that may be useful…

Motorised Blinds For An Accessible Home

Motorised blinds are the accessible answer to otherwise difficult-to-use or dangerous corded blinds. Using high-end technology, your chosen blinds can open, close, and perform any other features without even touching them. You would simply access the blind via remote control or a smartphone app. 

This way, you can adjust your blind at the touch of a button or even through voice command – so controlling your environment is simple.

Without physical strain or feeling like you need to avoid the task of closing and opening your blinds, a motorised system can successfully and quietly do the work for you. As well as the benefits of convenience and the personal freedom to create the space you want, motorised blinds cut out the risk of extra-long, hazardous cords getting in your way.

Blind cords are a known hazard to children and pets but pose a significant risk to disabled people, as the long cord may get caught on aids or become entangled.

Fortunately, motorised blinds are a lot less expensive than they used to be and are a popular feature in modern properties. We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home where they feel safe. 

With motorised blinds, you can enjoy the blind style, design, and effect you want, without the hassle of operating them.

Electric & Smart Shutters Give You More Control

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 Did you know shutters can be motorised too?

You can get the gorgeous, timeless style that shutters offer without the fuss of adjusting them yourself. Some shutter designs may be cumbersome, and it can be difficult to fully open or close if your shutters span a considerable distance. 

You can pick the style and material of shutters you most want to add to your home, and they can be motorised. From stylish plantation shutters to cafe-style shutters that elevate the atmosphere of any room, you can have both high-quality shutters and easy operation. 

As well as simply being motorised, your blinds and shutters can also be smart. Our new range of PowerMotion smart shutters are at the cutting edge of home technology and give you all the convenience of automation.

Use the PowerMotion Hub to control, automate and check on your shutters and blinds from your smartphone or remote for convenient adjusting. Easily program your smart shutters throughout your house to open, close and move louvres at certain times of the day, so your home is always perfectly lit and protected without worry.

Total Light Control With Your Motorised Blinds & Shutters

Sometimes being in control of the amount of light that enters a room can make all the difference to those with particular sensitivities. Hypersensitivity to light is something that those with autism and epilepsy can struggle with, and being able to prevent reactions to light is key to creating a comfortable home.

With your motorised blinds or shutters, you can ensure blinds are closed before entering a room or that they automatically close and open at your preferred times. 

Alternatively, you may want more control over how much light enters your living room, bedroom, or playroom. There’s a solution that means you don’t block the sun entirely so that you can still enjoy natural daylight in a more subtle and subdued way.

motorised blindsTwo-tiered shutters have been designed to give you maximum light control. The independent top and bottom panels allow ultimate adjustability. The design mimics plantation shutters, but you can select whether one or both panels allow light through. You can make the most of this classic shutter style while ensuring your space is lit precisely as you need it to be. 

Similar shutter styles like cafe-style give you more options for light control, while solid panel shutters or room darkening blinds will be the most effective at cancelling as much light as possible when needed.

Want To Add Style And Function To Your Disability-Friendly Home?

If you like the sound of remote-controlled smart shutters and safe, motorised blinds, then it may be time to consider adding them to your home for enhanced accessibility. 

We know the value of feeling like your home is a perfect fit for your lifestyle and routine, so give us a call to arrange a home visit or showroom appointment here. Take the first step toward finding your very own beautifully accessible motorised blinds or shutters.

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